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Paul. Activity 1. Paul said . “ I started going back into lessons ‘ cos I found I needed ( qualifications) to get on the course that I wanted to.”. Key features about Paul. . He enjoyed outdoor activity more than work in the classroom, particularly when it came to English and Maths.

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Activity 1

Paul said
Paul said

  • “I started going back into lessons ‘cos I found I needed (qualifications) to get on the course that I wanted to.”

Key features about paul
Key features about Paul.

  • He enjoyed outdoor activity more than work in the classroom, particularly when it came to English and Maths.

  • However as he got older he discovered he was going to need some qualifications to pursue his preferred career choice – which was in the uniformed services.

Task 1
Task 1

  • In your groups come with up with a list of day to day tasks or routines that are likely to be part of that job. For example if Paul was in the army he would probably have to:

  • get up at a specific time

  • follow set routines for preparing his uniform, tidying his living area, cleaning his equipment

  • practice drill and exercise routines

  • learn to work with others

  • take responsibility for specific tasks etc.

Choose from
Choose from:

  • Member of a boy/girl band

  • Cosmetic surgeon

  • Running a pub

  • On board crew for an airline

  • Fitness instructor at a leisure centre

  • Nanny in a celebrity family

  • Dancer in musical

  • Morning TV presenter

    Feedback to the rest of the group

  • Look again at the lists and identify:

  • i) what sort of training a person would have needed to do before they started the job

  • ii) what sort of on-going training a person might need to keep the job.

  • Feedback to the group.

Case study
Case Study

Imagine that Paul had chosen sport rather than the uniformed services, as a career.

  • Look at the Case Study ‘Paul the professional footballer’.

    Work in pairs answering the questions on the Case Study.

  • As a whole class group discuss the answers


  • Suppose Paul had continued truanting from school – how might that have affected his application to join a football academy for a professional club?

  • Discuss this. Focus on not only what truanting might have looked like on Paul’s school record but what this might suggest about him to future employers. For example how would a truanting comment on his report affect his hope to enter the uniformed services?

Review and reflection
Review and reflection

  • “A statement I’d like to read about myself in my school record is . . .”