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Agenda. BackgroundSanitary TowelsProject requirements. Background. Project Structure. Why are we joining hands?. To use the combined force of Lions

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1. Lions/ Rotary/HEART District Project Committee Sanitary Towels Project

2. Agenda Background Sanitary Towels Project requirements

3. Background Project Structure

4. Why are we joining hands? To use the combined force of Lions & Rotary to have a greater positive impact on the communities that we serve Provide sanitary towels to needy teenage girls Use a single database of existing and potential recipients Partner with HEART

5. Who is behind all of this… DG Ln D.K. Shah – Joint Chairman AG Rtn Joe Otin – Joint Chairman PP Francis Asiema – Treasurer Lydiah Njoroge– Committee Secretary PP Elizabeth Kimkung' – Joint Chair Rtn. Vickie Winkler– HEART Executive Director Ln Christine Mumbi- Lions Coordinator

6. Under the watchful eyes… Senior Project Advisors PID Ln Manoj Shah DG Rtn Kaushik Manek PID Ln S.P. Amin PDG Ln S.R. Ndegwa

7. Have received blessings from RI President Wilf Wilkinson and Lion PIP Ashok Metha

8. Started from a little know issue… GCN provided research First discussions 2 years ago Joint committee meeting 20th Feb 2007 4 promotional events Raising consciousness

9. Take a closer look at the issue… Girl attendance & performance in school is badly affected by lack of sanitary wear Absent for at least 4 days a month, or 36 learning days per year; 2 weeks every term In 4 years, she looses 24 out of 144 weeks Lowers self esteem, a target for ridicule

10. Serious consequences indeed… 800,000 girls affected Threat to gender equity in education Kenya may not meet MDG of education for all, gender parity by 2015

11. We’ve set ambitious goals… 100,000 girls Raising consciousness about their plight Bringing this onto the Government agenda

12. We’ve met suitable partners… Suppliers provide 12 pkts of sanitary towels and 4 pairs of underwear at KSH 400 which covers one girl for ONE YEAR! MARKET COMPARISON: 1pkt of sanitary towels retails @ ksh70 to ksh75; 1(basic) pair of underwear retails @ksh35 TOTAL= 840+ 272= 1,112 for one Year Project savings: ksh.712

13. Definite steps to solve the problem… 38,425 recipients so far Official launch was on 12th October 2007 Lions & Rotary Clubs support Well wishers support HEART (NGO) have donated 3,000 underwear

14. Its an uphill task… Ksh. 49,500,000 to meet the target Seeking funds from Lions & Rotary sources Lions & Rotary donations Lions International Grants Rotary International Grants Establish in all Countries in the district (East Africa)

15. What we are searching for… Sanitary towels Ksh. 40,000,000 BUT………A LITTLLE goes a long way

16. HOW YOU CAN HELP….. A LITTLE goes a long way… Ksh 400 caters for 1 girl for 1 Year Adopting-A-SCHOOL from our 165,000 Database Influencing your organisation/ company to make a donation Individual contribution to the project

17. Faces of Hope…….

18. Faces of Hope…….


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