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Npe election 2009
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NPE Election 2009. Results Process. Scanned Results Slips. Results slips must be scanned and the images must be available on the system to enable parties to perform comparative analysis against the captured results and facilitate end-to-end transparency.

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NPE Election 2009

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Npe election 2009

NPE Election 2009

Results process

Results Process

Scanned results slips

Scanned Results Slips

  • Results slips must be scanned and the images must be available on the system to enable parties to perform comparative analysis against the captured results and facilitate end-to-end transparency.

  • Results Slips will be scanned at the capturing centre as indicated on the process flow.

Results system

Results System

Capturing restrictions and validations, inter alia:

  • Only numerical values, limited to a pre-defined number of digits, are allowed in the capture fields.

  • The save button is disabled until double capturing complete.

  • Validate that the all fields are captured and correspond for the 1st and 2nd capture.

  • Validate that the total votes cast is equal to the votes cast for parties plus spoilt votes.

  • Validate whether the voting district and/or ballot type is expected to give a result.

  • Validate the auditor access code i.e. does such a code exist and that the auditor has rights to audit the voting district.

Management of key processes

Management of Key Processes

  • Exceptions and Edit Windows

  • Built in Checks will flag results and an exception will be automatically raised and result will not be final until exception resolved

  • Exceptions include:

  • High Voter Turnout exceeding Registered Voters

  • High Variance in Party votes between Nat and Prov

  • High Variance in total votes cast between Nat and Prov

  • High number of Section 24A applications against total votes casts

Edit windows

Edit Windows

  • Where an error has been made, a request for an edit window for a specific VD must be logged on the system

  • PEO will consider request and if satisfied with grounds for edit, will forward request to ROC.

  • The request considered at ROC and if approved, user will be advised that edit window has been created and corrected result must be captured within specified edit window period

Npe results system

NPE Results System

Editable report for parties

Editable Report forParties

  • Results information must be available in downloadable, electronic format.

  • Clarity on the required format to be provided by parties (CSV and Excel for editing; pdf for viewing)

  • The following results fields will be provided (per election type) for each voting district:

    • Province

    • Municipality

    • Voting district (VD) number

    • Voting station name

    • Registered number of voters in VD

    • Valid votes for each party

    • Spoilt votes

    • Time & date stamp at which published and downloaded

Use of vs name and vd number

Use of VS Name and VD number

  • Functionality to enable parties to search for results using a voting station (VS) name and not only a voting district (VD) number.

  • Parties also requested that reports display both the VD number and VS name.

Most recent list of results received per vd

Most recent list of results received per VD

  • Parties requested functionality to list VDs in the order in which results are completed so that they can easily focus on latest available results i.e. an option to list the most recent results per province or municipality.

  • Three methods will be employed based on the published date:

    • Most recent 100 results ( low activity period).

    • Most recent results per time period e.g. 15 min intervals ( peak activity period).

    • Single result for specific VS or VD.

Issue tracking

Issue tracking

  • Parties will have the ability to log and track their own issues through unique logon facility for each party at national and provincial level.

  • Planned status levels are:

    • Logged

    • In progress

    • Resolved, with an option to view the resolution

Results system auditing

Results system auditing

  • External Auditing by Independent Auditor as well as requested by a party

  • Training and Dry Run to be performed to stress test.

Declaration of results

Declaration of results

  • Section 57 of the Electoral Act, 73 of 1998

  • The Commission must determine and declare the results within seven (7) days, but not before 21:00 on the second day after voting or before all objections received in terms of section 55 have been dealt with.

  • The result may be declared if all voting station results have not been received if:

    • waiting will unreasonably delay the declaration;

    • and the outstanding results are not likely to materially affect the overall result.

Npe election 2009

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