Marketing and Communications Technical Assistance for Colorado School-Based Health Centers
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Marketing and Communications Technical Assistance for Colorado School-Based Health Centers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Marketing and Communications Technical Assistance for Colorado School-Based Health Centers . Presented By: Maggie Spain, The Bawmann Group Haidith Ramirez, Roaring Fork School Health Centers Norma Portnoy , Kids First Health Care May 1, 2014 . FINANCIAL DISCLOSURES.

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Presentation Transcript

Marketing and Communications Technical Assistance for Colorado School-Based Health Centers

Presented By:

Maggie Spain, The Bawmann Group

Haidith Ramirez, Roaring Fork School Health Centers

Norma Portnoy, Kids First Health Care

May 1, 2014

FINANCIAL DISCLOSURES Colorado School-Based Health Centers

There are no relevant financial relationships with any

commercial interests to disclose.

OVERVIEW OF PROJECT Colorado School-Based Health Centers

  • TBG was hired by The Colorado Health Foundation in May 2013 to provide marketing and communications technical assistance to SBHC’s. Worked with five SBHC’s over nine months.

    • Kids First Health Care (Formerly Community Health Services)

    • Roaring Fork School Health Centers

    • Centennial High School Health & Wellness Center

    • Kids Clinic at Crawford and Laredo elementary schools

    • Kids Care Clinic at Avon Elementary School

PROJECT GOAL Colorado School-Based Health Centers

  • Help each SBHC develop a strong brand foundation in order to:

    • Effectively and concisely communicate services

    • Increase utilization

    • Build referral relationships

    • Create strong relationships with schools/school district

    • Provide funding sustainability

PROJECT OVERVIEW Colorado School-Based Health Centers

  • Each SBHC was required to complete a marketing plan to receive grant funding.

  • TBG met with the SBHC’s to set project priorities, timelines and develop a realistic scope of work.

  • Site visits were included to help TBG gather relevant discovery.

  • Project rooted in quantitative and qualitative research and collaboration.

PROJECT OVERVIEW Colorado School-Based Health Centers

  • Feedback from SBHC, staff, students, parents and school representatives played a large role in materials developed.

  • Many materials were created in a template format to allow SBHC’s to update in the future.

  • Brand development was the number one priority for the SBHC’s.

EXAMPLES Colorado School-Based Health Centers

LESSONS LEARNED Colorado School-Based Health Centers

  • Timing of initiating marketing and communications projects is

  • critical (October – April ideal).

  • Funding fluctuates and different grants can impact SBHC

  • marketing and communications.

  • Important to create template materials that can be updated by

  • SBHC’s on their own.

  • Value in having strong relationships with school districts.

  • Engage students and school staff in activities to create buy-in.

ROARING FORK Colorado School-Based Health Centers


  • Identified Needs:

    • Refresh logo and develop a tag line.

    • Consistent brand messaging.

    • Family/Community outreach plan.

    • Elevator speech for youth group “Latinas Arriba”.

  • Achieved Solutions:

    • New image/tag line and marketing tools (banner, flyer, etc.)

    • Effective brand messaging customized for different target audiences (students, parents, school/district staff, community partners and potential funders.

    • Structured year-long family outreach plan.

KIDS FIRST HEALTH CARE Colorado School-Based Health Centers


better communicate the scope of health care services the agency provides.

  • Objectives

  • Encourage students to use clinic services.

  • Motivate parents to utilize the SBHCs as the medical homes for their children.

  • Inform school staff and administrators of the benefits of SBHCs to student performance and motivate them to refer students to the SBHCS for needed services.

  • Increase awareness and support of SBHCs among the broader community.

OUR NEEDS Colorado School-Based Health Centers

  • New name.

  • New logo.

  • New image.

  • New signage.

  • New marketing materials and strategies.

QUESTIONS TO ASK Colorado School-Based Health Centers


  • What perception does the brand convey?

  • Does it convey the core messages you want to express?

  • Does it elicit the gut feeling you want?

  • Does it establish trust and build credibility?

  • Does it convey your agency values?

  • Does it clearly communicate your organization’s mission?

TRUST Colorado School-Based Health Centers

  • Trust in the skills and experience of the marketing firm

  • professionals.

  • Trust in your lay skills and opinions – don’t underestimate your

  • ability.

KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE Colorado School-Based Health Centers

  • Students.

  • Parents.

  • School staff.

  • Community at-large.

  • Funders.

  • Partners.

  • Volunteers.

RE-BRANDING MAY REQUIRE Colorado School-Based Health Centers

  • Patience.

  • Understanding.

  • Adaptability.

TIME Colorado School-Based Health Centers

  • Take adequate time to plan the rebrand. You want it to be right

  • because you’ll live with it for a long time.

  • There’s never enough time or the right time. However, select the

  • best time possible.

  • Don’t let lack of time keep you from rebranding.

  • Allow more time than you anticipate if you’ll use input from

  • others. Re-branding can’t be rushed.

STAFF INPUT Colorado School-Based Health Centers

  • Involve staff who represent different disciplines.

  • Get input from your staff “on the ground” about ways to roll out

  • the name.

  • Convene a committee to help rate the logos and consult during the

  • rebranding process. Remember, you can’t involve every employee

  • in the process. Committee can include:

    • board member,

    • executive staff,

    • management,

    • operations and,

    • support staff.

CREATING A SBHC MARKETING PLAN Colorado School-Based Health Centers

  • Begin by developing a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis.

  • Your Community Advisory Committee can assist in examining where your SBHC is now (strengths & weaknesses) and where you want to be in the future (opportunities & threats).

  • Use EMR data to determine who you are serving and who you want to serve. How can you best reach them?

  • Set realistic and quantifiable goals. Where do you want to be in six months? One year? Five years?

LOW-COST MARKETING IDEAS Colorado School-Based Health Centers

  • Identified within the strategies of advertising, media relations, web/social media, community outreach and brand collateral to help prioritize.

ADVERTISING Colorado School-Based Health Centers

  • Ads in school newspapers or newsletters.

  • Banners displayed on school grounds or sports venues.

  • Morning announcements.

MEDIA RELATIONS Colorado School-Based Health Centers

  • Media talking points.

  • Regular health columns in school or community newspapers.

  • Interviews by youth ambassadors on high school television programs.

  • Placement of stories in local media (feature stories, health columns, letters to the editor).

WEB/SOCIAL MEDIA Colorado School-Based Health Centers

  • The Internet offers your SBHC both owned and paid

  • marketing opportunities.

  • Website development or refresh.

  • Video production and creation of YouTube channel.

  • Social media campaigns.

SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES Colorado School-Based Health Centers

  • Focus should be on quality of engagement, not volume of

  • likes or followers.

  • Facebook and Instagram contests.

  • YouTube videos developed by SBHC youth ambassadors.

  • Facebook and Pinterest to reach moms.

  • LinkedIn to attract business and community leaders.

BRAND COLLATERAL Colorado School-Based Health Centers

  • Consistency in look and style.

  • Select photos that are representative of those you serve.

  • Creation of two key branded marketing materials for regular distribution.

  • Importance of having a direct call to action.

QUESTIONS? Colorado School-Based Health Centers

CONTACT INFORMATION Colorado School-Based Health Centers

Maggie Spain

The Bawmann Group

303.320.7790, [email protected]