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SNACK SHACK. Snack Shack is a sole proprietorship Snack Shack will serve the ff: Fruit shakes Coffee Pastries Nearby Competitors: Hotels/Inns Bahiya Restaurant Mahdox Surf Shop Liquor Bar. Vision & Mission of Snack Shack. Vision

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Snack Shack is a sole proprietorship

Snack Shack will serve the ff:

Fruit shakes



Nearby Competitors:


Bahiya Restaurant

Mahdox Surf Shop

Liquor Bar

Vision & Mission of Snack Shack


“To introduce to our local and foreign customers the great varieties of fruit shakes, coffees and pastries the Philippines has to offer and be popular by serving them one of our own Filipino style pastries and popular varieties of coffee from the Philippines.”

Vision & Mission of Snack Shack


Make its best effort to create a unique place where customers can socialize with each other in a comfortable and relaxing environment while enjoying the best brewed coffee or espresso, fruit shakes and pastries in town.

We will help our customers relieve their daily stresses by providing piece of mind through great ambience, convenient location, friendly customer service, and products of consistently high quality.

Snack Shack will invest its profits to increase the employee’s satisfaction while providing stable return to its shareholders.

Business Logo

Business Location

ProvinceofAurora, Baler

Baler Sabang Beach

This area is good for surfing!

EXACT BusinessLocation

Right in-front Aliya Surf Camp

Product & Services

Snack Shack will offer Coffee,Fruit Shakes and Pastries.

**Snack Shack menu will be shown on the next slides.**


  • Barako

  • Robusta

  • Arabica


  • Ice Cream Coconut

  • Juicy Mango

  • Sun Sweetened Strawberry

  • Chocó Banana


  • Pandesal

  • Ensaymada

  • Mamon

  • Pianono

  • Spanish Bread

Competitive Advantages

Snack Shack would be the very first snack bar offering great varieties of beverages and pastries within the area of Sabang Beach Aurora Baler, Quezon.

Snack Shack would be the only snack bar catering fruit shakes, brewed coffees and freshly baked pastries which provides greater value for money because it is very affordable and satisfying.

The products of Snack Shack shall be of great quality and healthier compared to other snacks.


The proprietor is new and doesn’t have any experience yet to this kind of industry.

Organization & Management

Organizational Chart

Management & Personnel Facility

  • Manager/Cashier

    • Responsible for the all the daily operations of the establishment.

    • She/he is also in charge of the receiving and disbursing of money involving small amounts.

    • Usually involves use of electronic scanners, cash registers, or related equipment.

    • Often involved in processing credit or debit card transactions and validating checks.

Management & Personnel Facility

  • Barista

    • The barista is responsible for making the coffee and smoothies behind the bar and by serving it to them over the counter.

Management & Personnel Facility

  • Helper

    • The helper is responsible for making sure dishes, pots and pans are cleaned on a daily basis.

    • They are also required to take out the trash and make sure it is secured inside the Dumpsters.

    • Garbage cans should be supplied with new garbage bags.

Management & Personnel Facility

  • Helper

    • Required to sweep floors, mop and make sure the dish-washing area is neat, organized and clean.

    • They should make sure no food scraps are left on the cabinets, sinks, tables or dish-washing equipment, and that all food areas should be wiped everyday and sanitized

Marketing strategies: 4Ps

  • Product

    • Our fruits for making our fruit shakes would come from different regions in the Philippines.

    • Our coffee beans such as Barako, Robusta and Arabica would come from Batangas and Cavite.

    • Lastly, our pastries will all be sourced out by our supplier, Sweet Tease Pastries.

Marketing strategies: 4Ps

  • Price(All prices have been rounded off to the exact amount.)

Marketing strategies: 4Ps

  • Place (Rent)

    • Our chosen location would be in-front of Aliya Surf Camp at Sabang beach, one of the most famous surf camps in Baler.

    • Modern tropical style nipa hut w/ a sun deck lounge which provides the blissful view of Sabang Beach.

      • LAND AREA – 150 Sq.m

      • FLOOR AREA – 100 Sq.m

  • P8,000/monthly = 1 month deposit, 2 months advance

  • Floor Plan

    LAND Area = 150 Sq.m

    FLOOR Area = 100 Sq.m

    Marketing strategies: 4Ps

    • Promotions

      (Low-cost ways)

      • Facebook

      • Twitter

      • Posters

      • Flyers

    Financials: Assets

    TOTAL =


    Financials: Assets

    TOTAL =

    TOTAL =




    TOTAL =

    Financials: Expenses

    TOTAL =

    TOTAL =

    Financials: Expenses

    TOTAL Expense =

    Average Units Sold Daily

    TOTAL =


    How to get the Average Units sold daily of Years 2, 3 & 4?

    * Per/ Product *

    10 % = 1.1

    Average Unit Sold Daily of Year 1

    X 1.1

    =Average Unit Sold of Year 2

    Average Unit Sold Daily of Year 2

    X 1.1

    =Average Unit Sold of Year 3

    Average Unit Sold Daily of Year 3

    X 1.1

    =Average Unit Sold of Year 4

    Average Unit Sold Daily of Year 4

    X 1.1

    =Average Unit Sold of Year

    Total Annual Sales



    + 361,350.00

    Year 1 =

    Total Annual Sales



    + 397,485.00

    Year 2 =

    Total Annual Sales



    + 476,982.00

    Year 3 =

    Total Annual Sales



    + 572,378.40

    Year 4 =

    Total Annual Sales



    + 686,854.08

    Year 5 =

    How to get the Annual Sales?

    Average Units Sold Daily

    x Selling Price/Unit

    x 365 days

    = Total Annual Sales

    * Per/Product *

    Total Annual Cost of Goods Sold



    + 180675.00

    YEAR 1 =

    Total Annual Cost of Goods Sold



    + 198742.50

    YEAR 2 =

    Total Annual Cost of Goods Sold



    + 238491.00

    YEAR 3 =

    Total Annual Cost of Goods Sold



    + 286189.20

    YEAR 4 =

    Total Annual Cost of Goods Sold



    + 343427.04

    YEAR 5 =

    How to get the Total Annual COST of Goods Sold?


    xAverage units sold daily

    x 365 days

    = Total Annual Cost of Goods Sold

    * Per/Product *

    Project Income Statement

    How to Get the Gross Profit from Sale?

    Sum of these 3 is equal to Total Cost of Sales.

    Sum of these 3 is equal to Total Sales.

    Total Sales

    - Total Cost of Sales

    = Gross Profit from Sales

    How to get the Net Income Before Tax?

    Gross Profit from Sales

    - Total Expenses

    = Net Income Before Tax

    Profit to Networth

    = 13.9

    * 13.19 for every peso of investments there is an income of 13.19 *

    Net Income 131,865.88

    Networth 1,000,000.00

    Return to Assets

    = 0.116503097

    * 0.116503097 for every 1 peso of assets invested in the business there is .11 centavos earned. *

    Net income 131,865.88

    Total Assets 1,131,865.88

    Payback Period

    = 3.314934892

    3.314934892 x 12 months = 39.7792187

    * I would take 40 months to recover the investments *

    Capital 1,000,000.00

    Ave. Net Income 301,665.05

    Payback Period: Yearly





    = 301,665.05

    Cannot be computed as the business is very solvent and has no liabilities

    Balance Sheet

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