Of your salary entitlements
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of your salary entitlements. what is salary packaging?. Rather than paying for some of your expenses in your ‘after-tax’ income, you choose to pay for some of your expenses in your ‘pre-tax income’ . Tax is then payable on the amount left after these expenses are paid.

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of your salary entitlements

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of your salary entitlements

what is salary packaging?

  • Rather than paying for some of your expenses in your ‘after-tax’ income, you choose to pay for some of your expenses in your ‘pre-tax income’.

  • Tax is then payable on the amount left after these expenses are paid.

why package your salary?

  • You can reduce your taxable income.

  • You can potentially pay less tax.

  • The result – more money for you.

how much extra will salary packaging deliver?

  • On a salary of $35,000 p.a. our clients achieve an average saving equivalent to an 8% pay rise based upon this salary level.

sound to good to be true?

  • Salary Packaging certainly does sound too good to be true, but it is a legitimate form of tax effective remuneration that is provided by 73% of Australian organisations to their employees.

is it legal?

  • Salary packaging is a legal practice and is endorsed by the tax department; the Federal Government offers salary packaging to their employees.

how much will be saved by packaging $9,095?

Annual Savings Savings


$20,000 $1,265 $ 48

$25,000 $1,265 $ 48

$30,000 $2,016 $ 77

$35,000 - $70,000 $2,672 $102

Examples include Remunerator fees

what expenses can be packaged?

  • Home Mortgage

  • Rent

  • Health Insurance

  • Utility Expenses

  • School Fees / HECS

  • Child, Aged & Disability Care

  • General Insurance

  • Credit Card Repayments

  • Personal Loan

  • Private Travel

$9,095 limit applies to the above items

Maximum $350 per fortnight

Total taxable income $ 35,000

Income tax payable $ 6,375

You take home $ 28,625

Then you pay for:

Mortgage/Rent/Utilities/Expenses/Personal Loan etc.$ 9,095

Cash remaining $19,530

sample income with no salary packaging

You earn (gross) $35,000

Then you package:

Mortgage/Rent/Utilities/Expenses/Personal Loan etc.$ 9,095

Administration Fees $ 282

Total taxable income $ 25,623

Income tax payable $ 3,421

You take home $ 22,202

Cash remaining $22,202

sample income with salary packaging

You earn (gross) $35,000

sample income with salary packaging

  • On an income of $35,000 p.a., you would be in front by $2,672 each year with salary packaging!

  • That’s $102 extra cash every fortnight!

what else can be packaged?

  • Lap tops

  • PDA’s

These items can be packaged in addition to the $9,095

See us to find out more

how you can take full advantage with Remunerator

  • We help you maximize your salary entitlement

  • We can pay your expenses directly

  • We deliver you more money each fortnight

  • One on one personal assistance

  • Access to the right information and support

where to from here?

  • Complete the form provided for a no obligation meeting with your Remunerator Representative.

  • Go home and tell your family you just got the equivalent of an 8% pay rise*. (*Based on $35,000 p.a. salary)

  • We will contact you in the next 3 working days to confirm an appointment at your work site. To assist us in ensuring you maximize your entitlement it is important that you bring:

    • Pay slip

    • Proof of major expenses, such as rental or loan agreement

of your salary entitlements

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