Heat Pumps for Care Homes
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Heat Pumps for Care Homes. Dimplex Renewables: Complete Renewable Solutions for Commercial Buildings. Heating via air or ground Source heat pump Low temperature Smartrad heating/cooling emitters Unvented hot water / thermal energy storage

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Dimplex renewables complete renewable solutions for commercial buildings
Dimplex Renewables: Complete Renewable Solutions for Commercial Buildings

  • Heating via air or ground Source heat pump

  • Low temperature Smartrad heating/cooling emitters

  • Unvented hot water / thermal energy storage

  • Hot water from a combination of solar thermal and heat pump

  • Energy efficient ventilation and air handling

  • Electrical consumption offset by solar pv













New build
New Build

  • Heat Pumps increasingly specified to help meet latest building regulations

  • Can demonstrate good levels of CO2 saving over gas and other fuels

  • CO2 savings also an important factor in achieving high BREEAM scores for projects with sustainability targets

Co 2 emissions saving
CO2 Emissions Saving

Annual CO2 emissions for space heating per kWh

Note, both boilers and heat pumps will be less efficient that below for water heating

* Assumes new A rated boiler

Older boilers (needing replacement) will be less efficient

Heat pumps assumed to be running with Smartrads/UFH

Running cost savings
Running Cost Savings

  • Running costs are reduced using a heatpump against oil or gas systems

  • The running cost reduction will more than pay for the heatpump installation cost over the first few years of running

  • The RHI further reduces the payback time, and increases return on investment.

    Comparative running costs at Jan 2014

  • Running cost pence / kWhr

What is a heatpump
What is a heatpump?

A heatpump is a machine designed to remove heat from the environment, and use it to heat buildings, or water.

This heat can be sourced from outside air, or below ground

The unit is an alternative to a boiler or can supplement a boiler depending on the heating system used.

Can i use a heatpump in an existing building
Can I use a heatpump in an existing building?

  • A heatpump will work with any LTHW heating system.

  • Under floor systems are particularly suitable due to their low operating temperatures.

  • Existing radiator systems can be reused but will probably need upgrading or used in a Bivalent system

  • Buildings should be upgraded as far as practical from an insulation and draught proof point of view

Our sample care home
Our Sample Care Home

  • 60 bedroom Care Home in County Roscommon.

  • The building heating system has been monitored over a year giving real time heat consumption of 160,000 kWhrs.

  • The heating system is Bivalent using an Oil Boiler, an LA60TU heatpump, and Low surface temperature radiators.

  • The building returned a running cost lower than shown in the following calculations.

The solutions costs and benefits
The solutions, costs, and benefits

  • We will assume that this is an existing building, fitted with an Oil boiler and will look at the two most likely scenarios. Firstly assuming it was fitted with under floor heating from new Secondly assuming that it was fitted with LST radiators from new.

  • In both cases we will assume that the existing heating system is fully functional.

  • The following Calculations show the cost implications and benefits of installing a heatpump in this building.

  • Obviously assumptions and generalizations have been made in these figures but we have endeavoured to keep them as accurate as possible.

Underfloor heating solutions costs and benefits
Underfloor HeatingSolutions, Costs, and Benefits

Installation cost
Installation Cost

* The above represents indicative pricing for an average system, jobs need to be looked at on an individual basis.

The renewable heat incentive rhi
The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

  • Proposed Payment from Government

  • Heat Produced from Renewable Technologies

  • Proposed at 2.5p/ kWhr for 20 years

  • In the case of a heatpump the payment will be on the entire output minus the electricity consumed

Bivalent system with lst radiators solutions costs and benefits
Bivalent System with LST RadiatorsSolutions, Costs, and Benefits

Bivalent system with lst radiators
Bivalent system with LST radiators

  • A bivalent system retains the existing boiler but uses the heatpump as the primary heat source.

  • A system using radiators will demand high circulation temperatures in cold weather

  • The controls automatically switch the heatpump off and the boiler on when conditions dictate.

  • In U.K. and Ireland the heatpump will supply around 80% of demand

  • Boiler is retained for DHW production if required.

Installation cost bivalent system
Installation Cost Bivalent System

* The above represents indicative pricing for an average system, jobs need to be looked at on an individual basis.