Cross paradigm interoperability implementation guide for immunizations
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Cross-Paradigm Interoperability Implementation Guide for Immunizations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cross-Paradigm Interoperability Implementation Guide for Immunizations. Service Oriented Architecture Project Scope Statement January 2012. Project Scope.

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Cross paradigm interoperability implementation guide for immunizations

Cross-Paradigm Interoperability Implementation Guide for Immunizations

Service Oriented Architecture Project Scope Statement

January 2012

Project scope
Project Scope Immunizations

“This implementation guide will explore the Service-Aware Interoperability Framework (SAIF) methodology to show how various HL7, IHE and OMG immunization-related artifacts can be deployed to satisfy immunization interoperability use cases. “

Tasks Immunizations

  • Steering Division x and TSC approval

  • Determine best way to work across groups

    • HL7

    • OMG

    • IHE

    • SAIF Architecture Program

    • S&I Framework

  • Determine approach

    • What artifacts to use

    • What form the document takes

  • “Venn Diagrams” – overlap among artifacts

Project wiki page
Project wiki page Immunizations

Cds and x paradigm
CDS and X-Paradigm Immunizations

  • Common Information Model

    • CCD

    • CareRecord message

    • vMR

    • FHIR – Fast Health Information Resources (“fire”)

    • EHR FM information model

    • IZ DAM

  • Arden, GELLO and Drools

    • Examples

      • Arden x

      • GELLO x

      • Drools?

Cds notes
CDS notes Immunizations

  • Is the assumption that SOA is the vehicle

    • Set forth assumptions

    • Will this discuss GELLO or ARDEN rules and import them?

Saif arch prog notes
SAIF Arch Prog Notes Immunizations

  • Is FHIR intended to serve as a Common Information Model in a SOA/SAIF contest to which multiple other HL7 and non-HL7 artifacts can be mapped?

    • Yes

    • Devil is in the details

  • Look at the conformance statements in SAIF CD

    • These are aimed at what the SAIF implementation guide should do, not something following the SAIF IG

Some ideas
Some Ideas Immunizations

  • Look at the conformance statements in SAIF CD

  • Create a mapping including FHIR and including Rob S’s list of data elements and mapping other artifacts into it. I.e. map everything to FHIR common data model.

  • Examine “use case“ artifacts to see what use cases can be implemented within the scope of the project

  • Revisit IXS, RLUS and DSS. Make list of needed PSMs. Map services to PSMs

  • Should lend itself to a tool

  • Be part of MnM BOF for EA – see Patrick

  • Be part of Out of cycle meeting to work on artifacts for SAIF IG - TBD

Soa ideas
SOA Ideas Immunizations

  • Can break into 2 parts,

    • high level – scoping, approach, requirements

    • Technical framework – SAIF IG

  • Avoid dependencies on unfinished specs

  • Context in services is established thru service contract (in layers)

What the project is
What the project is Immunizations

  • A roadmap to establishing interoperability among a multiplicity of systems speaking different (immunization) standards

  • Lends itself to tooling

  • Provide a standards guide that addresses multiple “hops” in the communication path

  • Be implementable and testable

  • Allows domain experts to trace use cases to implementation

What the project is not
What the project is not Immunizations

  • Does not change existing specs

  • Does not recommend one spec over another

  • Exception: may change or recommend service tech specs

    • S&I does gap analysis

    • Prefer not to recommend

Straw man outline
Straw man Immunizationsoutline

  • Standards to include - examples

    • HL7 V2 IZ IGs

    • IHE Immunization Content/XDS/XCA

    • IXS, RLUS, DSS,

    • CTS2….tbd

  • Common Information Model

Fri q1 ideas
Fri Q1 ideas Immunizations

  • Project Scope – “explore” vs “show” also remove “methodology”

  • JD will assist organizing next OMG tech mtg

    • A way to gain visibility to OMG working drafts

    • New mechanism for HL7 members – research

  • Include webexes at OMG, HL7 and IHE

    • SAIF Arch Prog Out-of-cycle

    • Coordinate with S&I Framework

      • Make community initiative, not PH – Ken

    • Coordinate with Aus PCEHR project

  • Roles and control

Fri q1 ideas cont
Fri Q1 ideas cont Immunizations

  • hDATA may provide data model

    • Talk to Gerry and Lloyd

  • The issue of synchronous vs. asynchronous transactions is out of scope and implementation decision

  • Clearly state that the expected result is to add PSMs to existing tech specs and tweak tech specs

  • What formalism? SoaML? SOA ref arch framework?