The three amigos
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The Three Amigos. A Twisted Version of the Three Little Pigs. By The Cubes Spring 2002.

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The Three Amigos

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The Three Amigos

A Twisted Version of the Three Little Pigs


The Cubes

Spring 2002

The Amigos have lived their ‘almost’ tenured life in the nice village of Virtual Ambiguity. Their host, Ma and Pa SacaState, thought it was time that the three padres set out to find new pedagogical terrains.

The first amigo, Mikem, was in a hurry to find fame and fortune. He quickly scooted to the suburbs of Laguna and started building a straw house in a quiet cul-de-sac. As he was settling in, there was a tap-tap-tap at his door.

As, Mikem peeked out he could see that it was the evil wolf, R. PeaWolf.

R. PeaWolf, growled, “Little Amigo, Little Amigo, let me in!”

Mikem responded, “Not by the wisdom of Dewey!”

“Then I’ll blurt out unknown words and whirl your house down!” said PeaWolf.

So Peawolf whirled some unknown words and easily distributed Mikem’s straw house. Mikem quickly jumped on his skateboard and rolled away.

Just as she was tidying up, she heard a tap-tap-tap at her door. She intuitively knew it was PeaWolf.

Now the second Amigo, lil” Mary Ah, had been pondering her move as she jetted off to LaLaville, south of her cohorts. After much contemplation and spiritual delving, she thought her new habitat should be construed of Norwegian Twigs. It was such a quaint little site.

She heard his confusing verbiage growl out, “Little Amigo, Little Amigo, let me in!”

Lil’ Mary Ah, resounded in the same verbiage as PeaWolf with, “Not by the wisdom of Dewey.

“Then I’ll blurt out unknown words and whirl your house down!” said PeaWolf.

PeaWolf started whirling words unknown to most creatures.

It took him a number of whirls, but he finally distributed the house of sticks. Lil’ Mary Ah ran away after she threw some of her own verbose language at PeaWolf.

The third Amigo, MacBruce, and his sidekick, Hildahun, decided to head to the foothills to build their remote sanctuary. They were more organized and planned their new institution. They built a strong, yet data-fied building of brick.

Amigo, MacBruce and Hildahun put on some 8-track tunes, when Mikem and Lil’ Mary Ah came rushing in. They told of their plight with R. PeaWolf.

Shortly afterwards, the foursome heard a tap-tap-tap at the door.

Again, Mr. PeaWolf threatened to distribute the brick dwelling if they wouldn’t let him in. But all the whirling and whirling and whirling of unknown words could not distribute the solid fortress. The foursome threw every dissertation they wrote and Mr. R. PeaWolf ran away and never was seen again. There were stories that the tribe of “Quads” had some run-ins with PeaWolf, but nothing substantial.

The Amigos of course lived happily ever after!

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