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W&M Law School. Registered Student Organization Orientation 2012 - 2013. Useful Contacts. Within Law School Outside Law School. Useful Contacts Within the Law School. Seeking advice or participation? Dean Douglas Cassi Fritzius Vice Dean Combs Associate Dean Jackson. Dean Douglas.

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W m law school

W&M Law School

Registered Student Organization Orientation

2012 - 2013

Useful contacts
Useful Contacts

  • Within Law School

  • Outside Law School

Useful contacts within the law school
Useful ContactsWithin the Law School

  • Seeking advice or participation?

    • Dean Douglas

      • Cassi Fritzius

    • Vice Dean Combs

    • Associate Dean Jackson

Useful contacts within the law school1
Useful Contacts within the Law School

  • Need help with...?

    • Associate Dean Hardy

    • Director Nancy Beach

    • Jaime Welch-Donahue

    • Whit [email protected]

    • Terri Lorincz

      • Susan Lynch

      • Lou Pulley

    • Gloria Todd

    • Lee Tankle

      • Sean Radomski, Kevin Elliker, Alden Hinds

Useful contacts outside the law school
Useful Contacts Outside the Law School

  • Assistant Vice President Mark Constantine

  • Anita Hamlin

Office of student affairs
Office of Student Affairs

Assistant Vice President Constantine

Anita Hamline


  • Organization E-mail

  • Organization Hanging File

  • Forms

Our facility
Our Facility

  • Almost all Law School rooms/spaces can be used for student activities with these provisos:

    • The Faculty Room is reserved at all times for Faculty events

    • Alcohol may not be served until after 4:00 pm

      • and only with TIPS-trained students at the event

      • and only on the patio unless an exception is granted

      • and only with advanced permission

  • All reservations will be confirmed.

  • Any a/v needs, contact [email protected]

Our facility1
Our Facility

  • Furniture

    • May not be moved in the lobby

      • Except to move reception tables near the front doors

      • Except to set up catering or reception tables

      • The exits may not be blocked at any time

        • Ie, tables may not be placed in front of the front doors or patio doors

  • The facility must be returned to its normal arrangement at the conclusion of the event

Advertising events
Advertising Events

  • Fliers may be posted

    • Only in the Student Lounge

    • Not on doors, walls, in restrooms

  • Message board (lobby plasma) only displays events on Master Calendar


  • MyLaw Announcements

  • Twice Weekly SBA

  • The Marshall-Wythe Press

  • Local newspaper

Susan lynch accounting
Susan Lynch, Accounting

  • Located in room 104 in the Administrative Suite


  • All organizations must have

    • An organization budget

    • An event budget

  • Request funding by

    • Submitting proposal to SBA

    • SBA will pursue additional funding if approved

    • Or suggest options for additional funding

    • Do not go directly to the Dean

Frequently used vendors
Frequently Used Vendors

  • Pizza Hut

  • Papa John’s

  • Sal’s

  • Florimonte’s

  • The Cheese Shop

  • Opus 9

Check requests
Check Requests

  • Submit to Accounting no later than two weeks prior to need.

Travel guidelines
Travel Guidelines

  • All travel must be pre-approved

  • Flight and train reservations can be made through Accounting

  • Driving requires a Student Driver Authorization Form

  • Van driving requires completion of a van safety course

  • All travel is subject to state per diem rates

Travel reimbursements
Travel Reimbursements

  • Can only be made to individuals

  • Requires completion of the Funding Request and Reimbursement Form

  • Are limited to state per diems and student travel guidelines

  • Are made (at the earliest) three weeks following submission

  • Always requires original receipts and a copy of the credit card (if used for payment)

  • Generally, meals are not covered

Expense reimbursements
Expense Reimbursements


  • Student name, W&M ID number, current address

  • Name of event and date

  • Itemized original receipt (and credit card receipt)

  • Copy of credit card (if used for purchase)

  • Meal reimbursements are subject to state guidelines and requires a list of attendees

Common pitfalls
Common pitfalls

  • Mail

    • Stu Orgs must pay for postage

    • Express mail must be approved in advance

      • through Accounting

      • or, if a journal, Appropriate Support Staff

  • Purchasing

    • Limitations on what we can reimburse.

    • Always seek advanced approval for the purchase

    • We reimburse individuals only (not organizations)

Common pitfalls1
Common Pitfalls

  • Funding

    • Not budgeting for the event

    • Not seeking funding sources early

    • Not submitting itemized receipts

    • Not submitting receipts within 15 days after the event

    • Requesting reimbursement to the organization (not individual)

    • Going to the Dean before...

      • Preparing a budget for the event AND

      • Seeking funding through the SBA

Common pitfalls2
Common Pitfalls

  • Planning an event without checking the Dean’s calendar (if you wish the Dean to attend)

  • Planning an event without confirming date through Gloria Todd

  • Not returning the facility to normal condition following the event

  • Not obtaining travel authorization prior to the travel

Student bar association
Student Bar Association

  • Lee Tankle, President

  • Sean Radomski, Vice President

  • Alden Hinds, Treasurer

  • Kevin Elliker, Secretary