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Income / Education

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Income / Education. OGT Prep Week of January 28, 2013 Ms. Lynch. Let’s get started!. Do you have a job? If yes, do you know what minimum wage is? If yes, how many hours do you work? Do you know how many hours a full time employee works each year? Real example….

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income education

Income / Education

OGT Prep

Week of January 28, 2013

Ms. Lynch

let s get started
Let’s get started!
  • Do you have a job?
  • If yes, do you know what minimum wage is?
  • If yes, how many hours do you work?
  • Do you know how many hours a full time employee works each year?
  • Real example…
learning objectives
Learning Objectives
  • Use problem solving skills to calculate and compare hourly rates and annual income.
  • Project annual income given varied scenarios.
  • Calculate mean and range to compare annual incomes.
  • Conduct research to estimate the annual income for two professions (job titles) in a career field of interest.
learning objectives1
Learning Objectives
  • Select one of the professions and research the educational requirements for the profession.
  • Research to identify one institution that offers the required program of study.
  • Work with a peer to practice collaboration.
  • Reflect on learning.

Hourly Rate: A fixed _________of money paid an employee for an _______ of work ($/hour)

  • Annual Income: The _______amount of money paid to an employee for one __________(Annual Income = 2080 hours X Hourly Rate)
  • Employee: a _______________that works for someone else in return for ______________
  • Post-Secondary Education: _____________ and/or education that occurs after high school _______________
  • Source:

Professions: a type of ______that requires special education, training, or ___________

  • Degree Requirements: something that is _______________or must be done to obtain a degree (certificate, license, etc.)
  • Problem-solving: the process or act of __________a solution to an _____________ (or problem)
  • Approach: to begin to ________ with or think about something

Logic: a proper or _____________ way of thinking about or understanding ________________

  • Solution: an _________________for something that is difficult to _________________
  • Explanation: the act or ________________ of making something clear or _____________to understand
  • Data: facts or _________________used usually to calculate, _______________, or plan something

Compare / Contrast: to look at (two or more things) closely in order to see what is ____________ or different about them or in order to decide which one is _______________

  • Project: a task or problem in school that requires ___________ work over a period of ____________
  • Mean, Median and Mode: Mean is the _______________; Mode is the _________frequent; ______________ is the value in the middle.
  • Maximum: the ____________________ number or amount that is possible or allowed

Minimum: the _______________ number or amount that is possible or allowed

  • Range: a series of numbers that includes the highest and lowest possible amounts (Range = ____________ – ______________)
  • Collaboration: to __________ with another person or group in order to ______________ or do something
real life calculations
Real Life Calculations
  • Annual Income =

(2080 hours / year) ($ / hour)

  • Ohio Minimum Wage = $7.85 / hour
google searches
Google Searches
  • Example: Ceramic Engineer
  • Search Terms:
    • Ceramic Engineer, Salary, Education Requirements
      • Result 1: Ceramic Engineer
    • Ceramic Engineering Programs + US
      • Result 2:
quick write
Quick Write
  • What did I learn today?
career fields from ode
Career Fields (from ODE)
  • Agricultural and environmental systems
  • Arts and communications
  • Business and administrative services
  • Construction technologies
  • Education and training
  • Engineering and science technologies
  • Finance
  • Government and public administration
  • Health science
  • Hospitality and tourism
  • Human services
  • Information technology
  • Law and public safety
  • Manufacturing technologies
  • Marketing
  • Transportation systems
end of lesson reflection
End of Lesson Reflection
  • What did you learn?
  • Can you give an example of “every day” math?