chinese cuisine of beijing
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Chinese Cuisine of Beijing

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Chinese Cuisine of Beijing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chinese Cuisine of Beijing. Qu Youyang Liu Xueqing Zhang Ziyi Liao Ruochen Liu ying. Four of The Most Famous Food Here. Peking (Beijing) Hot Pot (Beijing Huoguo):. Peking (Beijing) Roast Duck: Beijing Roast Duck (also called Peking Roast Duck ) .

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chinese cuisine of beijing

Chinese Cuisine of Beijing

Qu Youyang Liu Xueqing

Zhang Ziyi Liao Ruochen

Liu ying

Some old Beijing local snacks you musn\'t miss when you travel there!This is Lv Da Gun 驴打滚Soybean Paste Cake 
This is Ai Wo Wo (艾窝窝), a Muslim food.
  • Almond, sesame, greengage and surgar packaged with boiled sticky rice 
This is Jiang Si Pai Cha (姜丝排叉)
  • Fried ginger slices, sweet with fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus 
this is nai you zha gao fried flour oaste mixed with cream vanilla and surgar water
This is Nai You Zha Gao (奶油炸糕)Fried flour oaste mixed with cream, vanilla and surgar water 

DaShiLaner is one of the most famous food street in Beijing.It is located in the center of Beijing,nearby the QianMen,and it’s an important part of the south Axis road.There are more than 60 shops distributed inside this street.


This street has more than 500 years’ history ,and it has been repaired 3 times.It is said that when its most prosperous time,a thief was caught the instant he escaped from the shop becausethere were too many customers filled the street that he couldn’t move quickly.Now we can still find most of Beijing’s old and famous shops here.


YueShengZhai(يوه شينغ تشاي ) is one of the BeiJing’s most famous Muslim restaurants.It is found by a Muslim whose first name is Ma.This restaurant is famous for its beef and mutton flavored by special sauces.Its raw materials used lamb is taken from its self-feeding sheep,and the sauce is modulated very meticulously—its ingredients included amomum、cinnamon、cloves、 aniseed and salt,etc.YueShengZhai’s lamb with sauces is not only delicious but also good for people’s stomach and spleen.It is said that CIXI was very fond of it.


DuYiChu is famous for a kind of feature snack called ShaoMai.ShaoMai is a kind of food looks like white pomegranate ,and it has the advantages of both dumplings and GuoTie.Its name means”only this one”.There is a story says the emperor QianLong went to here in a informal dress on the day after the spring day.He was fond of the food here,and he said”there are no restaurants opening but yours”,so he named this restaurant”Duyichu”. The ShaoMai’s skin is thin and there are at last 24 folds around it.And the fillings of ShaoMai will be changed by the seasons’change.


LiuBiJu is famous for its particular pickles.It was found by three brothers from ShanXI.In traditional Chinese life,firewood、rice、oil、salt、sauce、vinegar、tea were the seven most important things for common people.LiuBiJu sells all the above things but tea,so it named itself”six necessary things for life. ”Here’s pickles taste delicious、crisp and soft,suits eating as side dishes.


TianXingJu is known in its ChaoGan.The key ingredients of ChaoGan is chitterlings, supplemented by garlic,green onion 、ginger and Miso.The taste of the soup is also delicious.ChaoGan is one of the most famous foods in Beijing.When you pick up the bowl filled with ChaoGan,the fragrant is attractive.


RuiBinLou is located in Doorframe HuTong inside DaShiLaner.It is a famous restaurant,which be known for a kind of snack called “DaLian fire.””DaLian” means a thing wrapped in people’s waists which used for carrying money in old days.The DaLian fire is fried with oil til its two sides become golden.The fillings of it includes pork、shrimp、green onions and parsley,etc,and a special soup stock.


Almost everyone likes food, especially that you can eat and walk at the same time.

One of the most famous street food is in Wang Fu Jing.

You are supposed to have good time here.


As the lights go on at dusk, the street is decorated beautifully, a long line of red lights flicker and the people cry out to make customerby their food.

there are so many things to drink
There are so many things to drink

Colorful drinks that are bubbling

The Coco water

silver mushroom] soup

there are also so many things to eat
There are also so many things to eat

The oyster,

All kinds of meat , friut and noodle

and so many lovely desserts
And so many lovely desserts

Many of them have already existed for a long time, for example ,the sugar blowing artist use consummate skill to blow many kinds of sugar figures, and the BeiJing sugar-coated berry is loved by many people ,they are a part of our history.

something you don t dare to eat
something you don’t dare to eat
  • They must leave a deep impression on you. sea stars which are fried, they have a bitter taste. These frightening things attract many foreigners who has the courage to try.


silkworm pupa

The scorpion


As we all know ,different cultures have different street food .they make our lives more interesting, they are the places which are filled with happy, random, and local flavours.

Although the food is sell in the street ,some of them have a long history. You can know much about Beijing through the food in front you.

street food will always be surprising and interesting to the visitors

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