Asbestos: A Breath of Fresh Air?
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Asbestos: A Breath of Fresh Air?. Steve May A H Allen Limited. Introduction. A H Allen Limited Since 1865 Based Sheffield, now Hessle in East Yorks National and international coverage Business – asbestos, health and safety, occupational hygiene, noise, fire, training

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Asbestos: A Breath of Fresh Air?

Steve MayA H Allen Limited


  • A H Allen Limited

  • Since 1865

  • Based Sheffield, now Hessle in East Yorks

  • National and international coverage

  • Business – asbestos, health and safety, occupational hygiene, noise, fire, training

  • Asbestos role (whole cycle)

    • Surveys

    • Consultancy, recommendations, policies

    • Training

    • Air testing and inspections

    • Removal and remedial works project management

    • Reinstatement and building improvement

Building maintenance work
Building & Maintenance Work

  • When planning or organising work likely to disturb the fabric of the building or affect plant, anticipate possible ACMs

  • Plan the work to avoid disturbing ACMs

  • Check the Asbestos Register

  • If in doubt, assume it’s asbestos until it’s checked out (survey, sampling, advice)

  • Follow information within your asbestos policy and procedures

  • Control work activities – method statements etc


  • Asbestos Prohibitions Regulations

  • Asbestos Licensing Regulations

  • Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations (incl. duty to manage)

  • Hazardous Waste Regulations

  • Carriage of Dangerous Goods etc Regs

Changes around the corner
Changes Around the Corner…

  • CAW, ASLIC and Prohibitions Regs into one set of Regulations

  • Tightening of controls, control limits

  • Changes to licensing requirements

  • Counting rules

  • Accreditation for clearances

Then to the practicalities
Then to the Practicalities…..

  • Plan in any necessary removal or protection work, costs, and time delay

  • Use an approved consultant and contractor – selection and competence

  • Ensure staff have had asbestos awareness training

  • Be aware that ACMs can be found unexpectedly or become damaged

  • Report suspect materials or damaged asbestos materials immediately

Example case
Example Case

  • Stockport MBC and G & J Seddon

  • Prohibition Notices September 2005

  • Refurbishment of council properties

  • Including replacement of barge boards, damaged AIB soffits

  • Work stopped until surveys carried out and safe systems set up

  • Effects: exposure to dust, poor PR, contractual problems, financial losses, inconvenience etc

Asbestos surveys
Asbestos Surveys

  • Scope and limitations:

    • Type 2 survey: comprehensive sampling strategy, but no destruction. Survey limitations: non-accessible areas, health or safety risks

    • Type 3 survey: more invasive, pre-demolition or refurbishment. When area is vacated.

  • Survey Report and Register

  • Competence, experience, UKAS-accreditation

  • Type 3 survey demands additional skills

  • Unusual examples e.g. asbestos in demolition waste, blocks

Asbestos remedial work removal encapsulation protection
Asbestos Remedial Work(Removal, Encapsulation, Protection)

  • Appoint asbestos project manager

  • Specification and Scope of Works

  • Planning and organising: services, hazards, effect on activities in the area

  • Asbestos removal subject to CDM?

  • Air testing and clearances

  • Waste disposal

  • Reinstatement

Client and designer lessons
Client and Designer Lessons

  • Type 2 survey only: not fit for purpose

  • Failure to flag up in the design information that asbestos risks existed

  • Contractors exposed to dust

  • Delay, un-budgetted cost, civil claims

Next steps to consider
Next Steps to Consider

  • Asbestos awareness training is both necessary and beneficial

  • Reliance on the contractor or maintenance worker to pick up the presence of asbestos containing materials is missing the point

  • Be aware of survey and surveyor limitations

  • Consider the activities and processes involved in implementing your work and the effects upon ACMs

  • The costs involved with failure are often significant

Sources of further information
Sources of Further Information

  • Conference notes

  • HSE leaflets, guidance and booklets

  • HSE web site:

  • Take advice

    • Your advisers

    • Us!


      • 01482-644632

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