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W elcome to all of the students . intruduc ing : Marshal A lam J ushaf . As s ist a nt T eacher. Ikoratia A bdul A ziz T alukder G irls S chool. l esson : C lass: seven. S ubject: Eanglish 2nd paper. Lesson: kind s of tense. Object to lesson :-

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Welcome to all of the students.

intruducing:Marshal Alam Jushaf.Assistant Teacher.Ikoratia Abdul Aziz Talukder Girls School.


Class: seven.

Subject: Eanglish 2nd paper.

Lesson: kinds of tense

Object to lesson:-

1.They will discripe about the tense. 2.The students will concept kinds

of the tense. 3.They learn about the future tense.

Anytime working the verb has finished

Means of the tense.

At first tense is classified of three.

1. present Tense.2. Past tanse .

3. Future tense.

Anything works or, do anything next day ,tomorrow, and next Week we are meaning of future tense.

The future tense is classified four.

Example of future tense:-

I shall go to Dhaka tomorrow .

We will go to Netrakona next Friday.

Group next Week we are meaning of future tense work :

A Group-what is future tense?

B Group- Write a structure of the continous.

E next Week we are meaning of future tensevaluation:

What is present perfect tense?

How many Kinds of future indefinite tense.

H next Week we are meaning of future tenseome work:

What is the meaning of Future tense?

N next Week we are meaning of future tenseo more today

Good By

Thank You.