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Can You Sell Your Cereal?

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Can You Sell Your Cereal? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Can You Sell Your Cereal?. Cereal Ingredients. Milled corn, sugar, raisins, toasted almonds, malt flavor, contains 2% or less of salt. BHT added to packaging for freshness. Corn Cereal F lakes. Raisins. Sliced toasted Almonds. Standard.

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cereal ingredients
Cereal Ingredients
  • Milled corn, sugar, raisins, toasted almonds, malt flavor, contains 2% or less of salt. BHT added to packaging for freshness.
  • SSEMI4 The student will explain the organization and role of business and analyze the four types of market structures in the U.S. economy.
  • Students will create and "sell" their own cereal product after observing cereal commercials and box covers. They will become familiar with the type of language used to sell products, as well as the marketing techniques used for creating visual images on cereal boxes and in commercials.
  • For homework, students will observe cereal boxes and cereal commercials. Then, in class in small groups (3-4), they will brainstorm things that the boxes and commercials have in common.

Students should look for things on the box that would make people want to buy that cereal. They should also discuss the audience for which the box is intended. If the selling feature is that it is healthy like Total, the audience is for adults concerned with meeting all of their suggested daily nutrition. Students may want to come up with several examples.

  • Create your own cereal concept, design a cereal box, and come up with a 1-minute commercial to sell your product.
  • To make the box, simply cover an actual cereal box with white butcher paper and attach with tape or glue, or use a plain shirt gift box. You should include all of the features of a normal cereal box (see last slide).
  • The commercial should be presented to the class in order to "sell" the product. Video or live in class both acceptable.
assessment 1 writing assignment
Assessment 1—Writing Assignment

A secret ballot will be taken in class to determine which product/commercial was best.

After judging, students should write a 3-5 paragraph review of the activity that includes the following:

  • Which product "sold" best? Discuss why.
  • Write about your product: what features about it would make it "sell-able" and why?
  • Address the winning product and discuss why you think it was so successful.

4. Do you understand the concept of advertising?

5. What are the reasons you gave in your paper for making your product "sell-able?"

6. Are the cereal boxes convincing? What do you think you could have done better?

7. Do you like your product?

sell your cereal rubric
Sell your Cereal Rubric
  • Were all elements of a real cereal box present (see last slide). 50 points possible; -5 pts for each missing element
  • Was the cereal box done professionally? 50 points possible; -5 for each error or mistake
  • Was the commercial professional and convincing? 50 points; -5 pts for each obvious error or mistake
  • Writing assessment. 50 points possible. Was each question answered? -5 pts for each missing answer.
  • Grades will be given individually based on the preceding rubric. Note that the first three elements are group grades, but the writing assessment will be graded on an individual basis. Therefore, your grade may not be the same as others in your group.
required cereal box components
Required Cereal Box Components
  • Front: name, picture, company logo, net weight
  • Left side: nutritional information and ingredient list
  • Right Side: information about the cereal and/or company
  • Back: Your choice of recipes, games, slogans, facts, etc. Use at least three different things.