Review on the partnership between the world bank and japan international cooperation agency jica
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Review on the Partnership Between The World Bank and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Review on the Partnership Between The World Bank and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). April 4, 2002 Koji Yamada, Trust Fund Strategy and Donor Relations Unit (TFS), The World Bank. Background. The Bank and JICA have had annual consultations for the last 12 years.

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Review on the Partnership Between The World Bank and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

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Review on the Partnership Between The World Bank and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

April 4, 2002

Koji Yamada, Trust Fund Strategy and Donor Relations Unit (TFS), The World Bank


  • The Bank and JICA have had annual consultations for the last 12 years.

  • Reduction of Japanese bilateral ODA budget. Need for more effective aid.

  • Bank’s shift toward poverty reduction and capacity building

  • Need for redefinition and strengthening of the Bank-JICA partnership

Objectives of the Presentation

  • To Review the past Bank-JICA collaboration and collect lessons learned

  • To share the knowledge on the mode of the partnership among the Bank staff and between the Bank and JICA

  • To promote a common understanding on the future direction of the partnership

  • To promote the development of a short-term action plan and define the role of each actor

World Bank

Financial resources mobilization

Consultations with various development partners in the client country

Policy advice; Impact on the whole sector and whole economy

Dialogue with policy makers and opinion leaders

Global networks of human resources


Entry point for Japanese financial resources through the bilateral ODA channel

Posting Japanese human resources in the line ministries or institutions in the client country

Capacity building targeting middle-level technicians and field workers of the client government

Broad domestic network inside Japan

Comparative Advantage: Institution Building vs. Individual Capacity Building

Case 1: Project Design for Cofinancing Infrastructure Development

  • More than 40 Bank lending projects were all or partly designed by JICA studies in 1990s.


  • Basic & Primary Education (Nepal)

  • Jamna Multipurpose Bridge (Bangladesh)

  • Primary School Construction in Northern Mountain Area (Vietnam)

JICA Studies

(Feasibility Study)

(Basic Design Study)

Japanese Bilateral Grant/Loan

Bank Lending

Parallel Cofinancing

Case 2: Knowledge Sharing

  • JICA co-hosted two regional workshops with WBI in FY00; Community Health (Ghana), Integrated Watershed Management (Philippines).

  • CDS Tokyo Conference (FY00)

  • GDN Tokyo Conference (FY01)

  • “Learning Across Borders” Workshop Series for Japanese and Asian/Pacific NGOs (FY01)

  • Contents development for GDLN and J-Net (FY02)

  • “Symposium on Aid Effectiveness and Knowledge Intensive Assistance” (Nov. 2002)

Case 3: Cofinancing for Joint Activities

  • Trust Fund: GDLN Center in Jordan (FY01)

  • Financial Contribution: Peru Country Innovation Day (FY01)

  • Joint Workshops in Ghana and the Philippines (FY00)



Joint Activities

Procurement, Events


Case 4: Financing for Complementary Projects/Programs

  • “Unconscious” Parallel Cofinancing: Equipment for Archaeological Activities in Honduras (FY00)

  • Financing for Un-awarded Proposals for Development Marketplace (FY02)

  • Dispatch of Volunteers to CGIAR Research Centers

Bank Program

JICA Program

Or Bilateral Grant

Lessons Learned

  • Need for both sides to understand more on the project cycle, schedule and business style of each other

  • Need for Japanese bilateral partners to understand more on the Japanese Trust Funds channeled through the Bank mechanism

  • Easy identification of the focal points on both sides

  • Quick response to the queries from each other

  • Effective actions of JICA USA Office as intermediary

Future Direction 1: Program Design and Future Collaboration


  • Transport, Primary Education (Vietnam), Rural Electrification (Malawi)

  • “Sector Program Grant” for Common Basket (Africa)

  • Health & Population Sector Program (Bangladesh)

  • Regional Development for the Phnom Penh – Sihanoukville Growth Corridor (Cambodia)

Participation in CDF/PRSP Process

Coordination on the designing of sector program and regional development plan

Policy Dialogues

Cofinancing (Bilateral Grant/Loan/TC+Bank Lending)

Future Direction 2: Joint Preparation for the Bank Projects


  • South-South Cooperation programs

  • Policy Advisor

  • Trainers’ training, study tours

  • Technical Experts, Volunteers

  • Training outside the client country







Lending Projects

Cofinancing Opportunities

Future Direction 3: Strengthening Bank’s CDD Approach

JICA can provide…

  • Advice on designing of the activities at field level.

  • Advice on the capacity enhancement on designing and construction process and quality management for community infrastructures


Social Fund




Local NGOs

Local Consultants

Community Development Activities

Future Direction 4: Increasing Options for JICA Experts

  • Understanding the Bank’s grant programs enables more flexible project identification and preparation by JICA Experts and Country Offices.

  • In-country networks of JICA Country Offices help the Bank to utilize the contributions from the GOJ.

JICA Programs

JICA Experts / Country Offices

PHRD, JSDF, PRSP TF, GEF, Cities Alliance, etc.

Future Direction 5:Addressing the Common Issues in Japan

  • Capacity Building of Japanese NGOs: “Learning Across Borders 2” (under preparation)

  • Awareness on ICT among the development partners in Japan: Conference on ICT and Gender in Rural Development (under preparation)

  • Capacity Building of the Japanese Consultants in the Social Sector

  • Partnership with the Private Sector in Japan



Development Partners in Japan


Research Institutes

Private Sector

Proposed Actions for FY02/03

  • More intensive dialogues in the country level

  • Information dissemination on the Bank’s lending and non-lending programs to JICA

  • Information dissemination on the JICA programs to the Bank

  • Help desk for the application to the Bank’s grant program (JICA USA)

  • Linking the existing JICA programs to the Bank’s CDD approach

  • Development of proposals for the Japan-Bank Partnership Program

  • WBI-JICA detailed discussion is underway.

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