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Dyn 3. Ankhwa the Shipbuilder, Dynasty 3. Relief of Akhty-hotep Limestone, 36 1/8 x 23 11/16 in. (91.8 x 60.2 cm) Early Old Kingdom, late Dynasty 3– early Dynasty 4, circa 2650–2600 B.C. From Saqqara. Pose of Akhty-hotep. Pose. Redit/Redjit, Dyn 3. Turin 3065 . Dynasty 4. Senefru.

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Dyn 3

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Dyn 3 l.jpg

Dyn 3

Ankhwa the shipbuilder dynasty 3 l.jpg

Ankhwa the Shipbuilder, Dynasty 3

Slide4 l.jpg

Relief of Akhty-hotepLimestone, 36 1/8 x 23 11/16 in. (91.8 x 60.2 cm)Early Old Kingdom, late Dynasty 3–early Dynasty 4, circa 2650–2600 B.C.From Saqqara

Pose of akhty hotep l.jpg

Pose of Akhty-hotep

Slide6 l.jpg


Redit redjit dyn 3 turin 3065 l.jpg

Redit/Redjit, Dyn 3. Turin 3065

Dynasty 4 l.jpg

Dynasty 4

Senefru l.jpg


Khufu cairo l.jpg

Khufu, Cairo

Rahotep and nofret dyn 4 l.jpg

Rahotep and Nofret Dyn 4

Ank haf l.jpg


Djedefre l.jpg


Shepseskaf 4d bmfa l.jpg


Seneb family dyn 4 l.jpg

Seneb & Family, Dyn 4

Khafre dynasty iv l.jpg

Khafre (Dynasty IV)

Khafre l.jpg


Yet more kafre l.jpg

Yet more Kafre

Khafre sphinx l.jpg

Khafre Sphinx

Menkaure mid dyn iv l.jpg

Menkaure: Mid Dyn. IV

Memi sabu 4d artchive l.jpg


Hemiunu l.jpg


Nofer l.jpg


Prince l.jpg

Prince (?)

Scribe l.jpg


Limestone relief slab tomb of rehotep l.jpg

Limestone relief slab – tomb of Rehotep

Relief of archers l.jpg

Relief of Archers

Geese wall painting from meidum mastaba l.jpg

Geese wall painting from Meidum Mastaba.

Dyn 5 l.jpg

Dyn 5

Ni ka re l.jpg


Raherka meresankh l.jpg

Raherka + Meresankh

Slide60 l.jpg


Scribe61 l.jpg


Scribe62 l.jpg


Itush l.jpg


Judge mehu l.jpg

Judge Mehu

Ka aper l.jpg


Khun m hotep l.jpg


Ptah khenuwi and wife 5d bmfa l.jpg


Statue of demedji hennutsen early dyn 5 l.jpg

Statue of Demedji + Hennutsen (early Dyn 5)

Nenkheftka multiple views l.jpg

Nenkheftka. Multiple views.

Limestone false door british museum l.jpg

Limestone false door (British Museum)

Nynofretmin brit m l.jpg

Nynofretmin (Brit. M.)

Sarcophagus with serekh design brit m l.jpg

Sarcophagus with serekh design (Brit. M.)

Limestone relief from tomb of werirenptah l.jpg

Limestone relief from tomb of Werirenptah.

Nykara family brooklyn l.jpg

Nykara + Family. (Brooklyn)

Katep hetepheres brit m l.jpg

Katep + Hetepheres (Brit. M)

Tomb of perneb l.jpg

Tomb of Perneb

Abusir papyri l.jpg

Abusir Papyri (?)

Unis pyramid complex end dyn v l.jpg

Unis Pyramid complex (end Dyn V)

Dynasty 6 l.jpg

Dynasty 6

Ankes meryreii holding pepy ii brooklyn l.jpg

Ankes-meryreII holding Pepy II (Brooklyn)

Pepi i l.jpg

Pepi I

Statue of tjeti multiple views brit m l.jpg

Statue of Tjeti. Multiple views. (Brit. M.)

Ebony statue of meryrahashtef brit m l.jpg

Ebony statue of Meryrahashtef. (Brit. M.)

Servant model brit m l.jpg

Servant model. (Brit M)

Egyptian religion l.jpg


Creation, the Gods and the Afterlife

Terms thanks to webster s new collegiate dictionary 1975 l.jpg

Terms (Thanks to Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, 1975)

  • Egyptology: The study of Ancient Egypt

  • Goddess: n. A female god

  • Deity/deities (pl): n. A god or goddess

  • Polytheism: n. Belief in or worship of multiple gods

  • Henotheism: n. Worship of one god without denying existence of other gods

  • Transcendent: (3) adj. lying beyond the limits of the universe or material existence

Step pyramid of djoser l.jpg

Step Pyramid of Djoser

The egyptian blue lotus l.jpg

The Egyptian Blue Lotus

Botanical Classification: Nymphaea caerulea

Creator god emerging from lotus l.jpg

Creator God Emerging from Lotus

Seth slaying apophis l.jpg

Seth Slaying Apophis

Two gods depicted as rams l.jpg

Two Gods Depicted as Rams

Amun as Ram

Re With Ram Head

Multiple forms of hathor l.jpg

Multiple Forms of Hathor

Hathor with Cow ears

Hathor As Cow

Humanoid Hathor

Two feline associated deities l.jpg

Two Feline Associated Deities

Bastet as Cat-headed


Bastet as Cat

Sekhmet as Lion-Headed


The pyramids at giza l.jpg

The Pyramids at Giza

Mummy in mummy case l.jpg

Mummy in Mummy Case

The weighing of the heart l.jpg

The Weighing of the Heart

Offering scene l.jpg

Offering Scene

Offering bearer figure l.jpg

Offering Bearer Figure

Carrying Loaves of Bread (?)

and a Goose

Funerary model of estate and workers l.jpg

Funerary Model of Estate and Workers

Shabtis l.jpg


Scenes of daily life l.jpg

“Scenes of Daily Life”

Partial bibliography l.jpg

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Partial Bibliography

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