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70 High School of Athens. 2012-2013. In our school we have worked on the following programes :. The French Eating Habits at the Steps of Deipnosofistes The German Eating Habits at the Steps of Deipnosofistes.

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70 High School of Athens

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70 High School of Athens


In our school we have worked on the following programes:

  • The French Eating Habits at the Steps of Deipnosofistes

  • The German Eating Habits at the Steps of Deipnosofistes

The “Deipnosofistes” of Athenaeus, a Greek from Egypt, lived during the 3rd century, A.D.

The “Deipnosofistes” is a piece of work that consists of 15 books, through which the narrator, Athenaeus, quotes the conversations which took place during the time of a very famous dinner in Rome. It is a valuable tool about what has to do with the literature and the life in antiquity. This work is also a good source, which refers to the symposiums, the dishes served there and the spectacles that were suggested. It is a real book about gastronomy which includes information related to the customs of the table (dining), food, menu and wine.

Greek Dishes

French Dishes

German Dishes

During our meetings we occupied ourselves with the nutrition in Ancient Greece and compared it with the French and German nutrition.

We discovered that the Ancient Greeks used to eat pulses, vegetables, fish, a little meat, bread, fruit, honey, not many sweets, cheese and yoghurt and drank wine with water

Following, we were informed on the French and German

eating habits of teenagers.

  • The Eating Habits a Teenager should follow:

  • We should eat five meals per day

  • We should avoid sugary drinks, industrialized snacks, rich in sugar,

  • salt and fats

  • Say yes to whole grain cereals rich in fiber, vitamins B, E and magnesium.

  • We should eat four or five fruits everyday and plenty of vegetables, raw or

  • boiled

  • We should drink milk, especially goat milk

  • We should prefer non-fat meat, chicken and fish

  • Say yes to dry nuts and dried fruits

  • We should always take breakfast

  • We should buy from the school canteen something healthy, if there is any ,

  • or bring something we have already prepared at home.

Finally, we noticed that the Europeans today tend to follow

the Mediterranean Diet which is very close to the nutrition

of Ancient Greeks

  • The Mediterranean Diet

  • Olive Oil

  • Fish

  • Fruits

  • Fresh vegetables

And pay particular attention to the value of breakfast

Greek breakfast

French Breakfast



Chocolate croissant




Pancakes (crepes)

German Breakfast

  • Bread

  • Cereals

  • Jam or Honey

  • Fruit

  • Yoghurt

  • Butter

  • Egg

If, “what we eat is what we are”, is valid, we

should be very careful with our nutrition,

as this is what will give us

good health which will either heal us

or sicken us !!

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