Exploding ants
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Exploding Ants. Day 3. Concept talk. How do animals adapt to survive?. Partner Share. Animals can use mimicry to avoid becoming the prey of bigger and stronger animals. How can animals use the defense of mimicry?

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Exploding Ants

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Exploding ants

Exploding Ants

Day 3

Concept talk

Concept talk

How do animals adapt to survive?

Partner share

Partner Share

  • Animals can use mimicry to avoid becoming the prey of bigger and stronger animals. How can animals use the defense of mimicry?

  • Think about some animals that use camouflage to protect themselves. How can camouflage work as a defense?

Amazing words

Amazing Words

Spiny-covered in sharp points or thorns

The spiny porcupine uses its quills to keep predators away.

Survival-the act of staying alive

Survival for some animals is dependent on camouflage.




  • Critical- necessary

  • It is critical to eat every day.

  • Enables- makes it possible for

  • Studying for the test enables me to get a good grade.

    Teach your partner these words.



  • Scarce- not plentiful

  • Owls are scare in my neighborhood.

  • Specialize- adapt to an environment

  • Polar bears specialize in hunting seals.

  • Teach your partner these words.



  • Sterile- clean

  • He kept the bandage sterile before he put it on the wound.

  • Mucus- thick substance made in the body

  • This cold has my chest filled with mucus.

    Teach your partner these words.

Exploding ants1

Exploding Ants

  • These ants really do explode, here's why.

  • Do you want to see a real one?

  • Kapow!

Owl pellets

Owl Pellets

  • What are owl pellets really like?

  • owl pellets

  • And of course, someone made a song about them…

  • The owl pellet song!



  • Homophones:

  • Make sure you know which word goes with which definition

  • Tied-tide

  • Pale-pail

  • Aloud-allowed

  • Course-coarse

Possessive pronouns

Possessive Pronouns

  • Let’s play a game!

  • Possessive Pronoun Millionaire

Daily fix it

Daily Fix it

Lets take a look at our Daily Fix it



  • Persuasive writing;

  • Introductory paragraph-your position

  • Each paragraph should focus on your evidence

  • Describe and then prove the opposing views key points wrong

  • Restate and reinforce the thesis and supporting evidence



  • Your topic is:

  • Kids should be allowed to vote.

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