the heroes of the trojan war
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The Heroes of the Trojan War

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The Heroes of the Trojan War - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Heroes of the Trojan War. Part Four Edith Hamilton. The Judgment of Paris. Evil goddess of Discord, Eris, not popular with the gods. At the marriage of King P eleus and the sea nymph Thetis, she threw a golden apple into the banquet hall, marked For The Fairest.

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the heroes of the trojan war

The Heroes of the Trojan War

Part Four

Edith Hamilton

the judgment of paris
The Judgment of Paris
  • Evil goddess of Discord, Eris, not popular with the gods.
  • At the marriage of King Peleus and the sea nymph Thetis, she threw a golden apple into the banquet hall, marked For The Fairest.
  • The choice of who would get the apple was narrowed down to Aphrodite, Hera, and Athena
  • Zeus was asked to choose, wisely he refused to.
  • Zeus told the goddesses to go to the Prince of Troy, Paris to decide.
  • Priam, Paris’ father, was told Paris would be the downfall of his kingdom, so he placed Paris on a hilltop as a shepherd boy to keep him out of trouble.
  • He chose Aphrodite, who promised him the fairest woman in the world would be his.
the trojan war
The Trojan War
  • Helen- daughter of Zeus and Leda
  • Tyndareus, her mother’s husband, chose Menelaus as her husband, and made him King of Sparta too.
  • Aphrodite led Paris to Helen.
  • When Menelaus left to go to Crete, Helen and Paris had an affair and ran away back to Troy together.
the trojan war1
The Trojan War
  • Menelaus called upon all of Greece to go and get Helen back.
  • Odysseus- King of the island of Ithaca, pretended to be mad so he would not have to go tot war, but was foiled by the messenger and was sent to war.
  • Achilles- kept back by his mother, dressed in woman’s clothes to disguise himself, was found by Odysseus.

The Greek army all met up at Aulis ( place of dangerous and treacherous winds and currents).

  • In order for Artemis to calm the winds, the commander and chief of the army, Agamemnon, would have to sacrifice his daughter.
the trojan war arrival at troy
The Trojan War Arrival at Troy
  • First man ashore was Protesilaus.
  • Oracle had said the first man to reach shore in Troy would die.
  • Protesilaus died and was honored by the army for his brave deed.

Hector- eldest son of Priam and Paris’ older brother.

  • Knew he would escape the war with his life, just like Achilles.
  • Agamemnon and Achilles started to feud against each other, of course over a woman.
  • Agamemnon had held captive the daughter of Apollo’s priest, Chryseis.
  • When her father came to beg for her release, Agamemnon refused.
  • Apollo heard and answered the priests’ prayers and sent sickness and death down on the Greek army.
  • When Chryseis had left, Agamemnon sent two of his soldiers to Achilles’ tent to take away his maiden, Briseis.
  • Achilles swore Agamemnon would pay for his wrongdoings.

Achilles’ mother, Thetis, went to Zeus begging him to end the war.

  • He was reluctant, but Hera was so annoying that he had a child with Thetis.
  • Zeus was going to end the war in the favor of the Trojans, so when he was rude to Hera she devised a plan to help the Greeks win.

Achilles was left behind in his tent, and the Greeks attacked the great wall.

  • The armies fought and finally divided up and standing the middle was Paris and Menelaus.
  • When Paris got in trouble, Aphrodite swept him up and he vanished.
  • Athena now interfered and persuaded a Trojan soldier to shoot an arrow at Menelaus and wounded him.

Diomedes was the hero now since Achilles was left behind.

  • Diomedes led the Greek army against the Trojans, and with the courage from Hera and the help from Athena, was able to throw a spear into the body of Ares, making the battle fair again.
  • Zeus stood by the Trojans and gave them strength to make the Greeks retreat to their beach

Agamemnon sent gifts to Achilles apologizing but it was no use.

  • Hera saw the troubled Greeks and Zeus sitting up on Mount Ida in Troy and decided to enchant Zeus and distract him from helping the Trojans long enough for the Greeks to get back into this war.
  • Sent Iris to tell Poseidon to retreat from battle and once again the war was against the Greeks.

Patroclus, one of Achilles’ beloved friends, put on his armor and went to war pretending to be Achilles.

  • Hector ended up killing him and put on Achilles’ armor.
  • A soldier came back and told Achilles what had happened and went to battle with Athena at his side.

Being tricked by Athena, Hector finally found his doom.

  • Achilles tied his body to his chariot and drug the body back to camp.
  • Zeus became angry and told Priam to go get his son’s body.
  • He brought Hector’s body back to Troy and gave him a proper funeral pyre.
gods who sided with the greeks
Gods who sided with the Greeks:
  • Hephaestus
  • Athena
  • Hera
  • Poseidon
gods who sided with the trojans
Gods who sided with the Trojans:
  • Aphrodite
  • Apollo
  • Ares
  • Artemis
  • Hermes
who is odysseus
Who is Odysseus
  • Odysseus King of Ithaca
  • Husband to Penelope
  • Father of Telemachus
  • Son of Laertes and Anticlea

Known for his swift resourcefulness in the face of adversity

  • Odysseus is one of the first Greek mythic heroes renowned for his brain as well as his muscle
  • Weakness was lustfulness
  • Odysseus enjoys women

Most famous the 10 eventful years he took to return home after the Trojan-War

  • Received constant help from the Gods
  • Athena disguised him, Zeus freed him, Hermes gave him the herb to resist magic.
  • Also battled against Poseidon, Odysseus blinded Poseidon\'s son.
the beginning
  • Achilles kills Memnon and this makes the Trojans fall back
  • Paris then kills Achilles
  • Apollo helps
the beginning1
  • Achilles kills Memnon and this makes the Trojans fall back
  • Paris then kills Achilles
  • Apollo helps
the death of achilles
  • Thetis and the River of Styx
the armour
  • Achilles armor
  • Should be given to Odysseus or Ajax
  • Odysseus was chosen
  • Ajax kills himself
the capture
  • Trojan Prophet Helenus
  • States that Troy can only be beaten by the bow and arrows of Hercules
the plan
  • The sacred image of Athena
  • Odysseus creates a plan
  • Sinon stays behind and talks to the Trojans as if he was a traitor
the attack
  • The hollow horse
  • At night the Greeks show themselves
  • Hectors son is killed
from troy to italy
From Troy to Italy
  • Aeneas was the son of Venus and Archises
  • Fought for the Trojans
  • Bested only by Hector
  • Escaped from Troy with his mother’s help after the Greeks captured it
  • Many Trojan troops escaped with him in search of new home
from troy to italy1
From Troy to Italy
  • Aeneas had a dream telling him his destiny was for he and his men to settle in Italy (Hesperia)
  • They left from the island of Crete
  • First faced and defeated the Harpies
  • Then they met Andromache, Hector’s wife, and her husband, Helenus, the Trojan prophet
from troy to italy2
From Troy to Italy
  • Helenus told Aeneas to land on the west coast of Italy to avoid the Greeks and the beasts known as Scylla and Charybdis
  • They left and sailed southwest towards Sicily and ran into many cyclopes’, including Polyphemus
  • Were able to escape thanks to the help of one of Odysseus’ men that was stranded in Sicily
from troy to italy3
From Troy to Italy
  • Struck by horrific storm summoned by Juno to stop Aeneas from settling Rome
  • Neptune helped Aeneas because Juno upset him by going behind his back and creating such a storm
  • Aeneas landed in Carthage, a city founded by a woman named Dido
troy to italy
Troy to Italy
  • Venus sent Cupid to make Dido fall in love with Aeneas to help him in whatever way he needed
  • Jupiter was displeased with Aeneas’ time spent in Carthage so Mercury was sent to tell him to continue on with his journey
  • Dido killed herself in response to Aeneas’ departure
the descent into the lower world
The Descent into the Lower World
  • Aeneas found the cave of Sibyl of Cumae after Helenus told him to do so
  • Sibyl of Cumae was a woman of deep wisdom that could foresee the future
  • She said she would guide him through the underworld and take him to his father for advice
  • First he had to find a golden bough so he could enter Hades
the descent into the lower world1
The Descent into the Lower World
  • Charon the ferryman let them enter the underworld after Aeneas presented the golden bough
  • Passed the Fields of Mourning where Aeneas saw Dido who did not look or answer him
  • Sibyl and Aeneas arrived at Elysian Fields where they found his father, Archises
the descent into the lower world2
The Descent into the Lower World
  • Archises led Aeneas to Lethe, the river of forgetfulness, where he showed Aeneas the future Romans and told him how to establish his home in Italy
  • Sibyl and Aeneas returned to earth and the Trojans set sail for the coast of Italy
the war in italy
The War in Italy
  • The Latin’s and Rutulians were the most powerful people in Hesperia
  • Aeneas was set to marry Lavinia, the daughter of the Latium King, but Juno stepped in to stop the marriage
  • Juno summoned Alecto, one of the Furies from Hades to cause chaos for Aeneas
  • Alecto caused Lavinia’s mother to oppose the marriage
the war in italy1
The War in Italy
  • Then Alecto told the King of the Rutulians that Lavinia was soon to be married, knowing this would upset him because he planned to marry her
  • Alecto’s third plan was tricking Aeneas’ son, Ascanius, into killing a stag that was highly regarded by all the Latin people
  • The Latins and Rutulians joined forces to fight Aeneas and the other Trojans
the war in italy2
The War in Italy
  • The Trojan camp was being heavily attacked while Aeneas was away gaining forces
  • If it had not been for Nisus and Euryalus, the Trojans would have died and Aeneas would never have gained power
  • Nisus and Euryalus left during the night and silently killed more than half of the Latin and Rutulian warriors
the war in italy3
The War in Italy
  • Nisus and Euryalus were able to fend off the invading soldiers long enough for Aeneas and his men to return, but not before the two men died
  • The reinforcements proved to be too much for the Latin\'s and Rutulian’s and Aeneas defeated Turnus, the King of Rutulium, to become ruler
  • Aeneas married Lavinia and founded the Roman race