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Mge pollution free electric power for an energy thirsty world
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MGE Pollution Free Electric Power for An Energy Thirsty World. December, 2008. The Energy Production Problem. Natural Resource Intensive Dwindling supplies Predicted oil reserve in 50-100 years is zero Significant contributor to greenhouse gasses Significant environmental disruption

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MGE Pollution Free Electric Power for An Energy Thirsty World

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Mge pollution free electric power for an energy thirsty world

MGEPollution Free Electric Power forAn Energy Thirsty World

December, 2008

The energy production problem

The Energy Production Problem

  • Natural Resource Intensive

    • Dwindling supplies

      • Predicted oil reserve in 50-100 years is zero

  • Significant contributor to greenhouse gasses

  • Significant environmental disruption

    • noise, water pollution, etc…

  • Consumer price tied to price of fossil fuels

    • Predicted fuel cost increase 0-5 years is over 250%

    • Price for using coal likely to increase as US explores cap and trade system

  • Reliance on foreign producers not friendly to US and the West

    • Huge transfer of wealth & economic influence

    • Provides support for states that shelter terrorists & other unfriendly interests

  • Subject to disruption

    • Natural disasters

    • Embargos

The energy production solution

The Energy Production Solution


Mission Statement:MGE is dedicated to producing pollution free electric power and reducing the global dependency on fossil fuels.

MGE (MGE) has developed a proprietary power generation technology that can be scaled from the size of a home generator to commercial power plant. MGE’s circuit design captures power from the generator’s magnetic field much more efficiently than any other technology. This means that it is now possible to build a power generator that uses significantly less fuel, or no fuel at all when coupled with solar or wind power or other alternative sources of power.

MGE’s technology has been fully developed, prototyped and has a US Patent. It is the only MagLev technology for power generation that can be demonstrated through a working prototype.

The energy production solution cont

The Energy Production Solution (cont)

Natural Resource Conservation

Power is produced with 333% efficiency in current prototype (and up to 600% efficiency when fully developed) compared to any other technology

Reduces the amount of fossil fuel needed by up to 84% depending upon configuration

Can be configured to run continuously without the need for any fossil fuels by combining with wind or solar

Reduce or completely eliminate greenhouse gas emissions – depending on configuration

Little or no environmental disruption

noise, water pollution, etc…

Consumer price can be completely untied from fossil fuels

Eliminates price spikes due to fuel price increases

Limited or no cap and trade / Kyoto considerations

No reliance on foreign producers

Provides economic and strategic advantages to US and West

Not subject to disruption from outside influences

Natural disasters


Completely Scalable

From home generation to commercial power plants

Mge specific benefits

MGE specific benefits

  • Lowerdependence on fossil fuels

  • Zero emissions with nearly silent operation

  • Operable indoors, outdoors

  • Lower electricity cost by 50% or more

  • Allows ‘everyman’ to benefit from innovation

  • Price Stabilization

  • Significant reductions in support infrastructure requirements for commercial power plants

Mge s technology

MGE’s Technology

MGE has invented and patented a new power generation technology.

  • New means to control attract - repel forces generated by permanent and electromagnet interactions.

  • Developed proprietary algorithms to generate clean, renewable, energy and get better power conversion ratios than fossil fuels.

  • Developed proprietary, more efficient circuitry.

MGE has taken this technology and developed a working prototype home generator

  • The prototype delivers up to 500 watts of power @ 110/220 volts without using any gas and is completely scalable to meet any need.

Technology evolution 4 years

Technology Evolution – 4 years

Technology results

Technology results

  • Non-powered (free) energy is captured

At constant 110 RPM

Under load – (generator)

Conventional Motor:

41 V, 4.1 AMP = 164 watts

Using MGE technology:

21 V, 2.8 AMP = 58 watts

Efficiency Comparison:

333% greater efficiency in

current prototype

Means: make same shaft

output power using nearly

3 times less energy

0 volt ref.






Mge technology in the real world

  • Adding small amounts of solar, wind, or water may entirely eliminate bills


MGE Technology in the Real World

  • In-home central unit will reduce electric bills by at least 50%


  • Excess production can be sold back to power company for a profit

Technology viability

Technology Viability

  • MGE Technology Works

    • No smoke and mirrors, demonstrated running prototype

  • 3rd party independent study:

  • We acknowledge Laws of Physics and amplify a natural source of energy

    • Others claim “perpetual motion” or “over-unity”

Excerpt from report:

“This exercise also allowed for a “reverse-engineered” schematic capture of the electrical design. An industry standard circuit design tool may be utilized to capture this data and create design files ready for commercial production.”

“My conclusions are as follows; the circuits of the MagLev prototype apparatus are as depicted in the prototype schematics. There are no hidden elements, or circuits that would or could affect the measured outputs. Simply stated, the device operates as depicted.”

-Thomas Heath, BSET

Potential mge applications

Potential MGE applications…

  • Power for remote locations

  • Power for countries with erratic electricity supplies

  • Emergency power generation for critical facilities- hospitals, communications, data centers

  • Power for military outposts

  • Power generation and propulsion for electric cars

  • Emergency power generation for marine applications

  • Replacement of commercial electric motors

  • Co-located power grid supplements

Licensing status

Licensing Status

MGE’s technology is available for licensingNOW:

The company will consider:

A master licensing agreement

A single license issued to the highest bidder with the ability to issue sublicenses

Geographically based master licensing agreements

Individual licensing agreements

Hybrid arrangements

Mge pollution free electric power for an energy thirsty world

For additional information contact:

Jim Malmberg

I Buy Tech Patents, LLC

Under contract to MGE

(818) 728-1100

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