The crash dust bowl and depression
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The Crash, Dust Bowl, and Depression - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Crash, Dust Bowl, and Depression. America in Crisis. Economic Boom!. Values changing Excessive, pleasure seeking Entertainment and fun key Credit on the rise Consumerism having a hay day, for now Business up, wages barley increasing Bust soon to come. Crash.

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Economic boom
Economic Boom!

  • Values changing

    • Excessive, pleasure seeking

    • Entertainment and fun key

    • Credit on the rise

  • Consumerism having a hay day, for now

  • Business up, wages barley increasing

  • Bust soon to come


  • Effects of the Stock Market

    • Middle class folks hit hard

    • Great losses trickled into society

    • Impact felt across the nation and beyond

  • Start of the Depression

    • Consumers can’t keep up with production

    • Mismanagement in banking industry

    • No regulations of market activity

      Really only a symptom of a seriously diseased economy

Dust bowl
Dust Bowl

  • 1932-1939 most severe weather activity in nation’s modern history

  • Drought followed by dust storms destroyed farms and towns

  • Exodus to follow

  • By 1940 2.5 million left Plains states

    • Most off to California

    • Rude awakening

This t oo s hall pass
This Too Shall Pass……

  • Herbert Hoover saw Depression as a bump

    • Natural part of business cycle

  • Minor adjustments would get economy back on course

  • Trickle down economic plans failed

  • Miscalculations and underestimations brought about his presidential ruin

    • Smoot-HawleyTariff1930

    • RFC: seen as aid to business and not the people

General prosperity general despair
General Prosperity, General Despair

  • Hoovervilles established

  • Bonus Army

    • Group of WWI vets and their family, seeking bonuses

    • Hoover sends in the troops, Gen. MacArthur takes his own approach

  • Election of 1932

    • Hoover vs. Roosevelt


  • Background:

    • Man of privilege

    • Life easy in the beginning

    • Assistant Secretary of Navy WWI

    • Charming, arrogant, sometimes brash

    • 1921 afflicted with polio

    • Different person after struggle

      • Charm still remained, determination and passions changed

1932 election
1932 Election

  • New look to campaign

  • In speech, called for “bold, persistent experimentation”

  • No real plan outlined

  • Exuded confidence

Fdr as president
FDR as President

  • Whirlwind in the first 100 days

  • Three major goals:

    • Industrial recovery

    • Agricultural recovery

    • Short term emergency relief

      Seen as a Symbol of Hope!

New deal
New Deal

  • CCC: Civilian Conservation Corps

    • Jobless youth sent to work

    • Forest restoration, park maintenance ect…

  • AAA: Agricultural Adjustment Administration

    • Lesson production of surplus items

    • Subsidies put in place to compensate farmers

    • Share croppers hit hard, pushed off of land


  • NRA: National Recovery Administration

    • Idea was to create “fair competition”

    • Codes put in place

    • Banned all child labor

    • Unions back in business

    • Depended on voluntary support of both business and public “We Do Our Part”

    • Bogged down in red tape

    • 1935: deemed unconstitutional


  • TVA: Tennessee Valley Authority

    • Better luck than NRA

    • Goal: improve living conditions in the Tennessee River Valley while supplying cheap electricity

    • Critics and Supporters

    • Had an attack of being unconstitutional, but survived

New deal on the decline
New Deal on the Decline

  • 1937 FDR’s “court packing” scheme fails

  • 1938 recession comes back around, still 17% population unemployed

  • Writers and painters assisted by New Deal programs, earlier cynicism changed in late 1930’s

  • Foreign threats began to shape cultural climate, patriotism on the rise