An  Overview of Performance Standards

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11 Critical Components of CSR. Effective, research-based methods and strategiesComprehensive designs with aligned componentsProfessional developmentMeasurable goals and benchmarksSupport within the school. 11 Critical Components of CSR. Parental and community involvementExternal technical ass

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An Overview of Performance Standards

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1. An Overview of Performance Standards By: Alicia Derin Rochelle Herring

2. 11 Critical Components of CSR Effective, research-based methods and strategies Comprehensive designs with aligned components Professional development Measurable goals and benchmarks Support within the school

3. 11 Critical Components of CSR Parental and community involvement External technical assistance Evaluation strategies Coordination of resources Support for teachers and principals Strategies that improve academic improvement

4. Standards: Build and Sustain What have we done already? Phase One- Scope and Sequence Development Phase Two- Performance Assessments and Rubrics Phase Three- Backmapping. Instructional Strategies, and Differentiation of Instruction

5. Standards: Build and Sustain Throughout: Dynamic process!!! Effective instructional practices and strategies including differentiating instruction Beyond: Sustainability! Georgia Performance Standards

6. Performance Standards Content standards Work sample Commentary Suggested lessons

7. Not all standards are the same A piece of work or a performance Conceptual understanding Skills and tools An accomplishment based on efforts

8. Reading Performances 25 books per year 4 books by a single author or on a single topic Informational texts, functional texts and public documents Reading across the curriculum

9. Writing Performances Report Response to to literature Narrative account Technical Writing Persuasive essay Reflective essay

10. Speaking, Listening and Viewing Performances One-to-one conferences Group meetings Individual presentations Informed judgments about TV, radio and film Listens and analyzes speaking performances

11. Mathematics Performances Problem-Solving Reasoning and Proof Communication Connections Representation

12. Social Studies Performances The Study of the Past The Study of Physical Processes and Human Activities on the Earth’s Surface The Study of How People Organize Themselves to Live Together in a Society and Interact Within that Structure

13. Social Studies Performances The Study of How People and Societies use Limited Resources to Meet Needs and Wants

14. Science Performances Characteristics of Science Habits of Mind Nature of Science Use of Scientific Tools Asking quality questions Graphing Writing clearly

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