Introducing the qps company
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Introducing the QPS Company PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introducing the QPS Company. Updated April 1 st 2012. Objectives. Introduce QPS and Peter Kung Introduce Fiber Grating technology Our platform Technologies Our current business model Our business strategies Where we are going. Q Quality: attention to details

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Introducing the QPS Company

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Introducing the QPS Company


April 1st 2012


  • Introduce QPS and Peter Kung

  • Introduce Fiber Grating technology

  • Our platform Technologies

  • Our current business model

  • Our business strategies

  • Where we are going

Q Quality: attention to details

P Performance: Develop state of the art technology

S Satisfaction: truly understand customers’ needs and fulfill them

QPS Photronics and Peter Kung

Company Expertise

  • Invented The phase mask Technology

  • Continue to develop Fiber gratings technology , product and process with emphasis on automation

  • Developing platform technologies around fiber optics innovation and work with partners to solve difficult problems in the hostile environment

  • Applications in the power industry , Generation , distribution and transmission.

  • Working on distributed sensing of temperature, strain, pressure, flow and vibrations

  • Extending to Non contact index, extreme temperature and flatness measurement

Network of partners

  • R&D partners McGill University ,Ryerson University , Queens University, Ottawa University, University New Foundland , Concordia University

  • R&D partner in China HIT Shenzhen U, Shenzhen U

  • Engineering partners: KeyOptics and Bandweaver

  • Manufacturer partner: Bandweaver ISO9000 certified




Period, Λ

Fiber Bragg Gratings


Measurand Induced Shift



Transmitted Signal

Reflected Signal






What is a Fiber Bragg Grating?

Phase masks , tooling to make fiber Bragg gratings

Phase Mask technology


  • FBG is small in size and light in weight

  • Long operating life, immune to radiation

  • Ideal for remote and distributed sensing

  • FBG sensor is passive, draws 0 power

  • Immune to RFI and EMI

  • Can work in hostile environment, like extreme temperature

Twin gratings Cavity

FBG Cavity Reflection Spectrum showing all the fringes

Fringe pattern generated by the air-gap sensor



Packaged to protect against dust oil and humidity

Packaged SEW vibration sensor

VibroFibre™ Installed on Generator

Radial Sensor capsule glued to end winding cap

VibroFibre™ Installed on Generator

Tangential Sensor capsule glued to side of end winding cap

Twin cavity sensor provides temperature compensation

A DBR fiber laser sensor is a Vibrofibre with Active fiber cavity

Top view of the designed PD sensor actual unit will have both an input and an output

Stress relief

Optic fiber

Dimensions are in mms connectors will come out of both sides and the length will be shorter

PD Emulator

It features high signal to noise ratio

This signal to noise is generated by the optical gain of the special fiber cavity

Working principle of the air gap sensor


FBG collimator

Air gap

Hybrid cavity

Measure small displacement as fringe movements



Mounted on an optical paltform

Measures broad range of vibration non contact

Low frequency vibration






Distributed temperature and low frequency vibration measurement

  • Use of FDM technology

  • The interrogation unit is a separate subsystem

  • Sensing elements consist of an FBG array

    each element has an identical center wavelength

  • The array can be up to 200 elements each

Each sensor box contains 2 fiber coils


Fiber loops

FBG, l

Distributed Vibro Sensor Box

D > 5 m

Vibro Sensor Box

Distributed Vibro Sensor Array

FDM Technology: Generating a Chirped waveform by scanning the laser current

The various frequencies act as labels on all the FBG sensors

The sensor array (sensor spacing does not need to be regular)

The spectrum of a single sensing element.

Design of the broad band triangular grating for demodulation

Shift in center wavelength due to vibration and temperature, vibrations will be periodic

Output voltage amplitude change can be related to temperature or strain

Sensing Fiber Cable

FDM Module

(Opt. + Elec.)

DFB, l



Distributed Vibro Sensor Array

(Total Sensor: <= 200 or L < 1 km )


Sensing Fiber Cable

USB cable

User interface

Illustration of FDM Distributed

Vibration Sensing System Module

System Module

QPS competitive advantages

Co-development with customer

Seasoned Management Team


financing by a factor of 6 to 10

Leveraged Industrial Technology Development

Agile R&D and Engineering Team

Technology Advantages, at least 10 years ahead of competition

QPS will leverage every invested $ by a factor of 6 to 10

Leveraged Commercialization



Financial Leverage Angel funding government programs






R&D Tax Credit

Canadian & Quebec

Development Team

Leveraged Technology Development

Where we are

  • Condition monitoring solutions for power generators Known as TG Guard

  • Co-development Projects: Monitoring solutions for the transformers and Gas insulated substations , Solutions for the hydro Power plants (pressure, low frequency Vib, air-gap)

  • On-line monitoring of High voltage arrestors and switch gears by monitoring loss of vacuum

  • Other Potential collaboration areas: Border security, perimeter security, landslides, bridge deflection, condition monitoring for mining equipment and tunnels safety

Please contact Peter Kung to discuss your idea of collaboration

Telephone 1-514-697-4728

Cell phone 1-514-578-6766


SKYPE: peter.kung.qps

Thank you for your time

vibration measurement with fiber gratings


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