Communications networks and internet
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Communications, Networks and Internet PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Communications, Networks and Internet. Communication. This growth in communications technology has revolutionized the way the businesses work and keep in touch with staff and customers. Method of communication. Telephone Internet- Facebook , Twitter,Tumblr,Gmail Skype Flair MSN MySpace

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Communications, Networks and Internet

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Communications networks and internet

Communications, Networks and Internet



  • This growth in communications technology has revolutionized the way the businesses work and keep in touch with staff and customers

Method of communication

Method of communication

  • Telephone

  • Internet- Facebook, Twitter,Tumblr,Gmail

  • Skype

  • Flair

  • MSN

  • MySpace

  • Letter

  • Sonar

  • Sounds

  • Facial expression

  • ICQ

  • Text message

  • BBM

  • Mix it


  • Speech



  • A network consists of two or more computers that are linked in order to share resources e.g. exchange files, communicate

  • The computers on a network may be linked through cables, telephone lines, radio waves, satellites, or infrared light beams

  • There are 2 types: WAN


Local area network lan

Local area network (LAN)

Supplies networking capability to a group of computers in close proximity to each other such as in an office building, a school, or a home

  • A LAN is useful for sharing resources like files, printers, games or other applications


  • Software and data files can be shared

  • Users can work together on a single shared document

  • Users can communicate e.g. Messenger

  • Users can stream media, so they can view video and play audio

  • It saves time and money, to install the software on one main computer

  • You can share hardware devices and internet connection

Types of lan

Types of LAN

Client networks:

  • For those available to you to use

    Server networks

    Peer-to-peer networks:

  • Allows every computer to communicate directly

    with every other computer in the network

  • A user can access data from any computer on the


  • Is limited to about 10 machines

  • Found in small businesses and departments

Cabled lan vs wireless lan

Cabled LAN vs. Wireless lan

  • All computers and other peripheral devices on the network are attached to cables that transmit data between them

  • A network cable is required

  • Usesses a wireless link to connect to the network

  • Slower transmission speed

  • Has 3 sets of componets:

  • Wireless points

  • Wireless interface cards

  • Routers

Wide area network wan

Wide Area Network (wAN)

  • A large geographic area

  • In a state, province or country

  • WANs often connect multiple smaller networks

  • The world's most popular WAN is the Internet

Difference between stand alone and workstation

Difference between stand-alone and workstation

  • A stand-alone PC works on its own

  • A workstation is connected to a network, you can freely share your files and databases to other PC.

How can you tell whether a computer is networked to other computers

How can you tell whether a computer is networked to other computers

  • It allows you to send messages to a friend who is working on another computer

  • A message will tell you that you are entering a networked system when you logon

  • You have a choice to chose your printer

  • You have a file server

A file server

A file server

  • Is a powerful computer that runs the network operating system and allows resources to be shared over the networked by other devices and computers connecting to it

  • These devices could include printers, disks,drives,CD-ROM drives, camera,etc

  • Must be kept in a cool temperature room

  • Has to be in a dust free room

  • Has to be in a secured room

Print server

Print server

  • Coordinates printing on the network

Bluetooth vs wi fi

Bluetooth vs. wi-fi

  • 10 meters

  • Mobile phones, mouse, keyboards

  • Simple to use

  • Low cost

  • Developed in 1994

  • Notebook, PC, desktop

  • 100 meters

  • More complex

  • High cost

  • Developed in 1991

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