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The Orthodox Youth of Argentina. Our Youth is responsible of the christian education of our children . We meet once a year sharing experiences and learning how to improve our job . Meeting in 2008. Meeting in 2010. Meeting in 2011. Meeting in 2012.

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TheOrthodoxYouth of Argentina

OurYouthisresponsible of thechristianeducation of ourchildren. Wemeet once a yearsharingexperiences and learninghowtoimproveourjob.

Eachsummerwe prepare fortheman Spiritual Retreat…

TheOrthodoxYouth in Salta

20 hoursby car from Buenos Aires

Twochurches: one in Salta and otherone in Tartagal. OnePriest.

More than 200 children in SundaySchool

Three times a yeartheycollectclothes and foodtogiveforpoorpeoplearoundthecity

They are alsothechoir of theChurch!

Twoyearsagotheystartedthe Scout Movement of theParish

TheOrthodoxYouth in Tucumán

16 hoursby car from Buenos Aires.

ThreeChurches: one in the Capital city, one in Villa Mariano Moreno and otherone in Lastenia. OnlyonePriest

They are responsible of allchristianeducation in theParish

Theygivebreakfast and lunch for 100 poorchildrenfromMondayto Friday in a smallMisionoutsidethecity

More than 100 children in theParish living theOrthodoxfaith

TheOrthodoxYouth in Córdoba

8 hoursby car from Buenos Aires.

OneChurch and oneSchoolwith more than 700 students. OnePriestwhois 74 yearsold and a new Priestwhojustarrivedfrom Lebanon

Christian educationforalltheirlife!

Theyimitatethesistem of christianeducationthattheChurchdeveloped in theMiddle East

Theyhave a camp once a monthwithdifferentgroups

Theywelcomed a new Priestwhocamefrom Lebanon toservetheChurch and tohelptheParishPriestwhois 74 yearsold.

TheOrthodoxYouth in Junín

4 hoursby car from Buenos Aires.

OneChurch, oneSchool, onehouseforchildrenwhosseparents are in prison. OnePriest.

120 children in SundaySchool

Oneschoolwith more than 500 students.

OnePriest (65 yearsold) and hiswife: theyworkfromMondaytoMonday!

TheOrthodoxYouth in Pergamino

3 hoursby car from Buenos Aires.

OneChurch, oneSchool, onePriestfromtheCathedralwhoservesthem once a month.

100 children in SundaySchool. A lotto do there!

TheParishPriestslept in the Lord threeyearsagobuttheystillworkeveryweekforthechildren!

TheOrthodoxYouth in Mendoza

10 hoursby car from Buenos Aires.

OneChurch and anothercommunity 4 hoursfarfromthe capital city. OnePriestwhois 76 yearsold.

30 children in SundaySchool and 15 in theYouth. TheParishPriest (76) and hiswifeworkeverySaturdaywithall of them

Once a yeartheypresenttoalltheParishtheirchristmassplay!

And alsotheyhavetheirown camp!

Rightnowthey are working in collectingfoodforhungrypeoplewhogototheChurchtoaskforhelp

TheOrthodoxYouth in Santiago

12 hoursby car from Buenos Aires.

OneChurch and one kindergarten underconstruction

250 children in SundaySchool. 30 peopleworking forthem. OnlyonePriest.

A verybusycommunity, they are workingtohavetheirown kindergarten inordertogettheenoughmoneytosustaintheChurch

30 people in theYouth. Theyhavetotakecare of every single work in theParish.

TheOrthodoxYouth in Santa Fe

FiveChurches, OneSchool , onlyOnePriest.

ThePriest has totakecare of theSchool (600 students) and 5 parishes. 10 people in theYouth. TheygoeverywherewiththePriest and chant in everyLiturgy

ThemainParishis in Rosario wheretheyhavetheSchool.

Theygo once a monthto Esperanza (3 hoursfarfrom Rosario)

Eachthreemonthstheygoto Reconquista (6 hoursfarfrom Rosario)

Theyalsoserve a serbiancommunity in Venado Tuerto (2 hoursfarfrom Rosario)

Altar boys, choir, Sundayschool and a lot of travells!!

TheOrthodoxYouth in Buenos Aires

OneChurch, onePriestfortheCathedral, oneretiredPriest and onePriesttohelptheMetropolitan.

Welive in Buenos Aires. Weworkforallthe country!

Ouryouthwhowork in SundaySchooltheyalsohelptheMetropolitantosend material toall in the country

They are alsotheresponsible of theChoir!


Twoweeksagowehad a Priestordination. A lot of theyouth of the country cameto Buenos Aires toseeitforfirst time!

CoursesforourYouthby Internet


8 courses in fouryears





Lives of theSaints


BiblicalCourses of Balamand (CBB)

Ouryouthispresent in allcourses (75 % of allthestudents)




TheHolyWeek in theOrthodoxChurch

Theirfirst DVD! Theyhave a lot of projets!


Ouryouthwrite, print and spread theword of God!

Ourhands in theplow”


OurPriests: 12


And ourArchdiocese!