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Machiraju Family Tree. Machiraju Family. MACHIRAJU FAMILY. The origin of Niyogi community is descending from their Bramhin ancestors originally from Northern as well as North Western geographical region of present day India.

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Machiraju Family Tree

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Machiraju Family Tree

Machiraju Family


  • The origin of Niyogi community is descending from their Bramhin ancestors originally from Northern as well as North Western geographical region of present day India.

  • Niyogi = a derivative of word 'Niyogimpabadda' in Telugu which means appointed). Niyogin in Sanskrit means "employed" or "appointed" and it is quite probable that "Niyogi"s were given this name because they accept secular employment.



  • Many theories exists about the origin of Aruvela Niyogis

  • About six thousand (6000) exceptionally intelligent, extremely capable of administration, management with high degree of skills of warfare were chosen to help Kshatryias in desperate need in defending the country

  • Hence the name of Aruvela Niyogis.


In the later centuries they migrated to various parts of the country and the world in pursuit of better and Green pastures. They belong to the brahma-kshatriya group who took secular duties like the military and administration


Another Theory is

Some part of Krishna Dist,Guntur Dist and the surrounding areas was called as "AAru vela naadu".As these people belong to that area,they were called so as Aruvela Niyogis.

(Recently we learnt that a village habitat by name Machirajukunta exists in Pedaravidu mandal of Prakasam district. We have to explore this for more details.)

  • Another belief is that 6000 brahmins once left out some area in and around "vishakhapattanam and the surrounding Samsthanams". So they were called as Aaruvela niyogulu.


Another theory asserts that 6000 Brahmins left drought- and famine-stricken regions of present-day Maharashtra and traveled to coastal and riverine regions of Andhra.

These Brahmin settlers and their descendants, who adopted secular vocations, were termed the 6000 (or Aruvela) Niyogi. Many surnames among Maharashtra Brahmins and Aruvela Niyogis are common (or similar): this fact is considered by many to support for this theory of migration.


According to Narasimha Shastry Nori, 6000 Brahmins were appointed as village heads and accountants and training imparted to them, way back in 13th or 14th century AD

Among Aruvela Niyogis, Machiraju is the biggest group having four Gothrams.

Though we are not able to get historical records of Family trees, an attempt is made to record the existing information for the posterity’


  • Initially, we started building up the family tree Bhradwajasa Gotharm of Amalapuram branch.

  • Later we found that Machiraju families of Bhradwajasa Gotharm also originate from Thatikona, Mummidivaram, Ommangi and Peruru of East Godavary district.


  • We have organized the First Machiraju family meet at Hyderabad on January 18, 2009.

  • About 30 members representing Ommangi, Amalapuram, Peruru, Thatikona branches attended.

  • After the meet, detailed family trees are prepared for Amalapuram, Peruru, Tahtikona branches


  • A website ‘Machiraju Family’ was created and the family trees of three branches were uploaded in Yahoo groups- Machirajus.

  • However each family tree is able to go back only four generations ie. from around 1830 onwards.

  • Members from Sandliyasa, Kashyapasa, and Harithasa have contacted us through the web and most of them expressed that the web should be expanded and include all the four Gotharms.


  • We are yet to receive the detailed family trees of Kashyapasa, Sandilyasa and Harithasa.

  • We found recently that Machiraju families of Bhradwajasa Gotharm also hail from Krishna district.

  • With the available family tree information , we find that many names are common among different families of Machirajus.

  • Our endeavor is to get the connection between different groups and the roots .

  • The available information is presented now.


  • MACHIRAJU FAMILY TREE has four main branches - four Gothras –Bharadwajasa, Sandilyasa, Kashaypasa and Harithasa.

  • Each main branch is further divided in to sub branches based on their location.


  • Based on the presently available information:

  • Bradawajas has 7 sub branches- Amalapuram, Thatikona, PerurAgraharam, Mummidivaram of Konaseema, Ommangi (near Pithapuram, East godavari district),Nidumolu, Vijayawada (Krishna ditrict)


  • Sandilyasa gothatm branch has two sub branches- Guntur, Gonaspudi

  • Kashyapasa gotharm branch has one sub branch- Kowluru (Krishna district)

  • Harithas Gothram branch has one sub branch- Prakasam district.


Machiraju Family Tree

- Bhradwajasa Gotharm

Amalapuram sub branch


Nine leaves( Charts)

Bhradwajasa- Amalpuram BranchChart-1

Bhradwajasa- Amalpuram BranchChart-2

Bhradwajasa- Amalpuram BranchChart-3

Bhradwajasa- Amalpuram BranchChart-4

Bhradwajasa- Amalpuram BranchChart-5

Bhradwajasa- Amalpuram BranchChart-6

Bhradwajasa- Amalpuram BranchChart-7

Bhradwajasa- Amalpuram BranchChart-8

Bhradwajasa- Amalpuram BranchChart-9

MACHIRAJU FAMILY-Bharadwajasa Branch


(East Godavari district)

Sub branch

Bhradwajasa- Mummidivaram BranchChart-1

MACHIRAJU FAMILY-Bharadwajasa Branch


Sub branch

5 Leaves (Charts)

Bhradwajasa- Thatikona BranchChart-1

Bhradwajasa- Thatikona BranchChart-2

Bhradwajasa- Thatikona BranchChart-3

Bhradwajasa- Thatikona BranchChart-4

Bhradwajasa- Thatikona BranchChart-5

Machiraju Family Bhradwajasa- Branch

Ommangi Sub branch

has 3 leaves

Bhradwajasa- Ommangi Sub BranchChart-1

Bhradwajasa- Ommangi Sub BranchChart-2

Bhradwajasa- Ommangi Sub BranchChart-3

MACHIRAJU FAMILY-Bharadwajasa Branch

PERURU Agraharam Sub branch

Has 10 leaves

Bharadwajasa Branch- PerururAgraharamChart-2

Bharadwajasa Branch- Perurur AgraharamChart-3

Bhradwajasa Branch- Perurur AgraharamChart-4

Bhradwajasa Branch- Perurur AgraharamChart-5

Bhradwajasa Branch- Perurur AgraharamChart-6

Bhradwajasa Branch- Perurur AgraharamChart-7

Bhradwajasa Branch- Perurur AgraharamChart-8

Bhradwajasa Branch- Perurur AgraharamChart-9

Bhradwajasa Branch- Perurur AgraharamChart-10

Information to be provided for preparing the family tree with more useful details for posterity

Information to be provided for preparing the family tree with more useful details for posterity

An example is given below

Information to be provided for preparing the family tree with more useful details for posterity

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