Cell Organelles
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Cell Organelles. Created by: Ashley Brook Proffitt. Nucleus. Court House. The nucleus is known as the control center of the cell. . The Court House is the control center of a city. . Cell membrane. Police Station.

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Cell Organelles

Created by: Ashley Brook Proffitt


Court House

  • The nucleus is known as the control center of the cell.

  • The Court House is the control center of a city.

Cell membrane

Police Station

  • The cell membrane is responsible for controlling what goes in and out of the cell.

  • Police officers enforce laws and controls what goes in and out of a city.

Cell wall

Water Levy

  • The cell wall is responsible for the structure of the cell. It also supports and protects it.

  • A water levy protects a city from being flooded.

Endoplasmic reticulum


  • This organelle is responsible for providing passages for proteins to move through easily.

  • Trains provide passages for the people in a city to get from place to place.

Golgi apparatus

Post Office

  • This organelle is responsible for packaging and sending out proteins to other parts of the cell.

  • In a city the post office is responsible for sending out packages to the citizens.


Power Plant

  • Also known as the power house of the cell, it is responsible for producing energy.

  • A power plant in a city is responsible for making sure that the area has electricity to keep things running smoothly.


Grocery Store

  • Storage is the main duty of this organelle. It stores waste, food, water, etc.

  • A grocery store stores all types of things in a city. You can go there at any time and purchase food or water.



  • The ribosome of a cell is responsible for producing proteins in a cell.

  • The food that is prepared in a restaurant contains proteins for people to eat on a daily basis.

Plant Cells

Animal Cells

  • Have a cell wall (on outside)

  • Have photosynthesis and cell respiration

  • Green due to chlorophyll

  • Have chloroplasts

  • Square due to cell wall

  • 1 large central vacuole

  • Have cytoskeleton (on inside)

  • Does cell respiration only

  • White/pink/red due to blood

  • No chloroplasts

  • Can be any shape

  • Many small vacuoles