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Migrant Information. ESEA Directors Institute October 2014. Key Players in TN. Paula Gaddis 615-741-3262 [email protected] Tennessee Opportunity Programs - TOPS Statewide Program. Who is an Eligible Migrant?. Between 3 and 21 without HS/GED diploma

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Migrant information

Migrant Information

ESEA Directors Institute

October 2014

Key players in tn
Key Players in TN

Who is an eligible migrant
Who is an Eligible Migrant?

  • Between 3 and 21 without HS/GED diploma

  • Moved in the preceding 36 months from across school district lines (county or state)

  • Seasonal or temporary employment in agriculture, dairy or fishing

  • Economic necessity

Qualifying arrival date qad
Qualifying Arrival Date (QAD)

  • Determined by date of last qualifying move

    • 36 months of service

  • Think of it like a clock

Coe and eis

Certificate of Eligibility (COE)

  • Official federal confirmation of migrant status

  • Sent to District migrant contact

Education Information System (EIS)

  • LEA flags in local data system

  • State flags students in EIS

  • Once in EIS, always in EIS

Free lunch
Free Lunch

  • Categorically eligible for free lunch

  • Migrant contract prints, signs and dates EIS list

  • Purge

  • Add any COE’s not in EIS

  • Provides list to food service

Secure transmission of data
Secure Transmission of Data

  • Personal information such as student ID, social security number, or other personally identifiable elements must be exchanged using the secure web site.

    • NO email

    • NO hard copy

  • http://tn.msedd.com

Occupational survey
Occupational Survey

  • Where it begins

  • For students new to district

    • At start of year

    • During year

  • Not for every child every year

  • “Yes” response

  • Send to address/fax on survey

  • Keep for 1 year

Monthly reports
Monthly Reports

  • September count

  • Monthly

    • Melissa: TOPS

  • Student moves or other change of contact information

  • TOPS reports to State

  • State uploads migrant list into EIS

Individual student reports isr
Individual Student Reports (ISR)

  • Required National Data Base IN ESEA

  • 77+ data elements

  • During year as student(s) leaves

  • End of year for every migrant student still enrolled

Migrant student information exchange msix
Migrant Student Information Exchange (MSIX)

  • National Data Base for migrant students

  • Mandated in ESEA

  • Training

    • Jessica Castañeda at TOPS, 30 minutes

  • District may have as few or as many persons trained as it chooses



  • In-home tutoring

    • standards driven, contests, pen pals, hands-on science

  • Summer camp

  • Leadership Institute

  • RTI support in LEA

State assurances
State Assurances

  • Distributing the Migrant Occupational Survey to all families new to the district and forwarding to the State as directed

  • Indicating migrant status in the LEA’s data system

  • Submitting completed Individual Student Record (ISR) forms (within 14 days) as the student withdraws from the district mid-year or at the end of the school year for migrant students who remain enrolled on the last day of school.

Contact information
Contact Information

Paula Gaddis

TN Department of Education


[email protected]

Jessica Castañeda

931-273-4050 (mobile)

[email protected]

Melissa Schelah

615-459-3600 x202

[email protected]


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