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WEATHER. By: Shanya Funderburk For: Mrs. Robles Due date: Oct 30 & 31. Tsunami.

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By: Shanya Funderburk

For: Mrs. Robles

Due date: Oct 30 & 31


A tsunami is a very dangerous weather condition. It can destroy many things. A tsunami is really a big wave that comes crashing really hard onto land. Tsunamis form by undersea landslides. This is a picture of a tsunami, and what it destroyed in the time it occurred.


A hurricane is also a very dangerous weather condition. A hurricane is a storm with violent winds. In particular, it’s a tropical cyclone in the Caribbean. This tremendous amount of strong wind is very dangerous also. They are also lots of types of hurricanes. Hurricanes form by really warm ocean water like 80 degrees. Here’s a picture of a hurricane.


Tornadoes are violent winds that has an appearance of a funnel shaped cloud. These storms have strong winds. They’re very strong and fast. They move up to 74 miles per hour and will destroy everything in it’s path. Tornadoes form by thunderstorms, and lots of humidity. This is what a tornado looks like..


Floods are caused by lots and lots of rain. Anything that’s in it’s path, it will destroy it and burry it under lots, and lots of water. Humans even drown during a flood, and die. Look at the picture below and imagine being in this condition, just like these people are.


A drought occurs when they’re no precipitation. The most countries that have droughts in the world are Afghanistan, Albania, Antigua, and many more. Droughts form by no rain to moisture land with water. A Drought is the lack of precipitation for a long period of time. Usually when a drought occurs, and it rains afterwards, the rain isn’t enough to absorb into the land.This picture shows how a drought looks and how it affects human beings and other things also. Here’s a picture of it.

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