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Publications Committee. AdCom August 15, 2011. Outline. Co-sponsored Publications: SSCS Representatives – An Appeal Design and Test Update RFIC Compendium Update. Co-sponsored SSCS Publications. For the past several years: Trans. on VLSI Systems (w. CASS, CS)

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Publications committee

Publications Committee


August 15, 2011


  • Co-sponsored Publications: SSCS Representatives – An Appeal

  • Design and Test Update

  • RFIC Compendium Update

Co sponsored sscs publications
Co-sponsored SSCS Publications

For the past several years:

  • Trans. on VLSI Systems (w. CASS, CS)

  • Trans. on Display Technology (w. Photonics)

  • Trans. on Semiconductor Manufacturing (w. CPMT )

    Beginning early 2012:

    4. D&T Magazine (w. CASS, CEDA)

    5. RFIC-VJ (w. MTTS, CASS, EDS, APS)

  • Want to begin (in February) an explicit semi-annual reporting protocol to this committee via SSCS representatives, particularly journals 1, 2, 3 above.

  • Need your help in identifying the best technical SSCS representation for 1, 2, and 3.

Sscs reps for co sponsored pubs
SSCS Reps for Co-sponsored Pubs

  • Trans. on VLSI Systems

    • open

    • open

  • Trans. on Display Technology

    • Tayo Akinwande, MIT

    • open

  • Trans. on Semiconductor Manufacturing

    • Robert Dutton, Stanford

    • open

  • Design and test magazine
    Design and Test Magazine

    • Opportunity – SSCS has been asked if it would like to be an equal financial+technical sponsor (w/ CASS + CEDA) of the IEEE Design and Test of Computers Magazine.

    • IEEE Computer Society wants to drop its sponsorship of the Magazine due to budget constraints;

    • Past annual operating budget = $63K/yrloss total

      • $21K annual loss for each of 3 sponsor societies

      • Gross Annual Income = 140K

      • Expenses can be reduced: CS Press infrastructure charge, + others …

    • 85 papers/year; 6 issues/year

    • 80K Xplore downloads/yr

    • Subscriptions: 755 (2009/2010)

    Design and test magazine1
    Design and Test Magazine

    • SSCS Vision: Expand Scope to include RF, mixed signal, analog test through special issue mechanism.

    • SSCS Vision: Title change: “Design and Test of Computers” to “Design and Test _____”.

    • Jan. 2012 handoff from Computer Society.

    Design and test magazine2
    Design and Test Magazine

    • Feb. Motion: To proceed via Task Force participation in creation of an MOU, Scope, Editorial Board and Budget of the newly defined “Design and Test Magazine”.

    • Update: Task Force has been created:

      • Irith Pomeranz (CASS)

      • Rajesh Gupta (CEDA)

      • Glenn Gulak (SSCS)

      • Yervant Zorian (TTTC)

    • First teleconference was July 29th and will occur monthly thereafter until January CS handover.

    Design and test magazine3
    Design and Test Magazine

    • Feb. Motion: To conditionally approve a budget of up to $30K / year for the “Design and Test Magazine”, conditioned on the equal participation of CASS and CEDA, and on a jointly signed MOU.

    • Update: MOU was signed June 25 at IEEE TAB meeting in Bellevue, WA.

    Design and test magazine4
    Design and Test Magazine

    • Projected 3yr budget (2012-2014) shows:

      Yr1=$4K / Yr2=$8K / Yr3=$14K surplus.

    • The six issues for 2012 are defined and in-flight.

    • Current EIC (K. Chakrabarty) has agreed to stay on for 2012 term, while a search for a new EIC starts soon.

    • Change of Title & Impact Factor statistics: Thomson OK.

    • Annual Print and Electronic ($51 Society / $81 IEEE) subscription. No Electronic only option at the moment.

    • Too late to be listed on SSCS product subscription list – will handle this with a special subscription code.

    • Deadline for 2013 product changes is Dec. 15, 2011.

    Rfic virtual journal
    RFIC Virtual Journal

    • An all-Electronic publication.

    • Sponsors: SSCS, CASS, MTTS; Assoc: EDS, APS.

    • Value-adds of a comprehensive and commented repository of previously published RFIC related papers:

      • Create a “push” TOC

      • Thematic Organization of papers.

      • Editorial comments

      • Quarterly updates.

    • Audience:

      • Existing readers within the member societies

      • Potentially new readers (with subscription fee).

    • Does not disturb the existing journal domains and brands

    Rfic virtual journal current status
    RFIC Virtual Journal Current Status

    • MOU has been signed by presidents of the sponsoring societies (SSCS, MTTS, CASS,+ EDS, APS) this past Nov. 2010.

    • Also in Nov., P2 proposal approved by TAB, Budget and Publications Committees of IEEE  green light.

    • Steering Committee Guidelines signed by presidents of the sponsoring societies this past June 25.

      Voting SC=<Gianluca Setti, CASS; Luciano Boglione, MTTS; Glenn Gulak, SSCS>

    • Prof. John Long (TU Delft) has agreed to be the EIC.

    • Next to finalize membership of editorial board.

    • IEEE will accommodate a first issue date in Q1 2012.