Equipment names and uses
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EQUIPMENT names and uses. Mixing Bowls. Combine ingredients in. Pastry Blender. Used to cut fat into flour. Grater. Shred food into tiny pieces. Kitchen Shears. Cut up dry foods and herbs. Rubber Scraper. Flexible top to remove foods from the sides of bowls. Serrated (Bread) Knife.

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EQUIPMENT names and uses

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EQUIPMENTnames and uses

Mixing Bowls

  • Combine ingredients in

Pastry Blender

  • Used to cut fat into flour


  • Shred food into tiny pieces

Kitchen Shears

  • Cut up dry foods and herbs

Rubber Scraper

  • Flexible top to remove foods from the sides of bowls

Serrated (Bread) Knife

  • Cut bread and soft foods

Paring Knife

  • Make small shallow cuts

Chefs Knife

  • Knife used to dice and mince

Rolling Pin

  • Roll dough flat


  • Adds air into flour and other dry ingredients

Cutting Board

  • Protects counters while cutting


  • Drains liquids from large amounts of ingredients

Can Opener

  • Removes the lids of cans


  • Removes the skin of fruits and vegetables


  • Drains liquids from small amounts of ingredients


  • Whip, beat, and mix

Dry Measuring Cups

  • Measuring dry ingredients

¼ c.

1 c.

1/3 c.

½ c.

Measuring Spoons

  • Measure anything smaller than ¼ cup

¼ t.

1 T.

½ t.

1 t.

Liquid Measuring Cup

  • Measures all liquids

Custard Cup

  • Holds premeasured ingredients


  • Level off dry ingredients


  • For pan and stir frying


  • Pick up and turn over hot foods without piercing the skin

Wooden Spoon

  • For stirring ingredients together


  • For spooning up soups and stews

Sauce Pan

  • For boiling water and making soups


  • For turning over and flipping hot foods

Basting Spoon

  • Moving liquids to keep a food moist

Jelly Roll Pan/Baking Sheet

  • 4 sided baking sheet, prevents spills in the bottom of the oven

Pie Plate

  • Used to bake pies

Pizza Pan

  • Used to bake pizzas on

Muffin Pan/Tin

  • Used for baking muffins and cupcakes

Cookie Sheet

  • 2 sided baking sheet, easy to slide cookies off without breaking them

Cake Pan

  • Used to bake cakes in

Cooling Rack

  • Used to cool baked and warm goods on

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