Chapter 6 section 4
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The fall of the roman empire - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 6 Section 4. The fall of the roman empire. Vocab. Inflation Mercenary Diocletian Constantinople Attila. A Century of Crisis. Rome’s Economy Weakens (3 rd century AD) Outlying tribes and pirates disrupt trade

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Chapter 6 section 4

Chapter 6

Section 4

The fall of the roman empire


  • Inflation

  • Mercenary

  • Diocletian

  • Constantinople

  • Attila

A century of crisis
A Century of Crisis

  • Rome’s Economy Weakens (3rd century AD)

    • Outlying tribes and pirates disrupt trade

    • Failure to continue expansion left Rome needing new source of gold and silver

      • Minted more money with same amount of silver, led to inflation.

    • Food shortages due to over worked and destroyed farm land

A century of crisis1
A Century of Crisis

  • Military and Political Turmoil

    • Over time the Roman government resorted to recruiting mercenaries, to defend the empire

      • Made less than a Roman soldier, had little loyalty to the empire

    • Citizens of Rome lost their loyalty

      • At one time would give their lives for the republic, now are indifferent to the empire’s fate….

Emperors attempt reform
Emperors Attempt Reform

  • Diocletian reforms:

    • Becomes Emperor in 284 AD

    • Strong ruler; limited personal freedoms and restored order to empire

    • Doubled size of Roman army; controlled inflation with fixed prices on goods

    • Claimed to be a direct descendent of the Gods

Emperors attempt reform1
Emperors Attempt Reform

  • Diocletian Reforms:

    • Split the Empire in two

      • Realizes the empire has become too large

      • Splits into the Greek and Latin speaking empires

      • Greek: Eastern(Greece, Anatolia, Syria,Egypt)

      • Latin: Western (Italy, Gaul, Britain, Spain)

      • Diocletian controls the East, much wealthier than the West

      • Diocletian retires in 305 AD.

Emperors attempt reform2
Emperors Attempt Reform

  • Constantine Moves the Capital:

    • Constantine gains control of the Western Empire in 312 AD

    • 324 he gains control of the Eastern Empire as well, restoring single rule to the empire

    • 330 he moves Rome’s capital to the Greek city of Byzantium

    • Sits on the Bosporus Strait, trade and defensive purposes

Emperors attempt reform3
Emperors Attempt Reform

  • Constantine Moves the Capital

    • Center of power in the empire shifted

    • New capital was surrounded with high walls

    • Took new name Constantinople

The western empire crumbles
The Western Empire Crumbles

  • Germanic Invasions

    • Germanic tribes have lived on Rome’s northern border in relative peace since the time of Julius Caesar

    • 370 AD Germanic tribes are pushing further and further into Gaul…..why????

Western empire crumbles
Western Empire Crumbles

  • Germanic Tribes

    • Group of Mongol nomads, the Huns, from central Asia came into the area and were destroying everything in their paths

    • Germanic tribes moved into Rome to get away from the Huns

Western empire crumbles1
Western Empire Crumbles

  • Attila the Hun:

    • 444 AD Attlia, unites the Huns and launches an assault on Rome

    • He attacked both the Eastern and Western Empires, in the East he destroyed nearly 70 cities

    • Unable to conquer Rome itself due to famine and disease, Rome’s troubles did not end with his death in 453 AD

Western empire crumbles2
Western Empire Crumbles

  • An Empire No More:

    • Rome’s last emperor was Romulus Augustus (14 yrs old)

    • 476 he was defeated by the Germanic tribes.

    • No other emperor would rule the Western Empire

    • However; the Eastern half which became known as the Byzantine Empire flourished for more than a 1,000 yrs after the fall of the west.