¡Llevamos la tercer edad en la red!
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¡Llevamos la tercer edad en la red!. Stefano Visentin [email protected] Querétaro - México. Something about México and Querétaro. Where is Querétaro?. Querétaro is located in the center of México. Around 300 km northen México City. It’s the capital of Querétaro state.

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¡Llevamos la tercer edad en la red!

Stefano Visentin

[email protected]

Querétaro - México

Somethingabout México and Querétaro

Whereis Querétaro?

  • Querétaro is located in the center of México.

  • Around 300 km northen México City.

  • It’s the capital of Querétaro state.


Mexico has a Total Population of around 112 milions


The population is

increasing with different rate in different states


The total population in Qro is around 1 milion 8 hundred thousand

Concentrate in the capital Qro


The houses with a pc are around 153 thousand

That’s means around 40% of the house

Cyber Café is still a reality (34% of connections)


Mexico has a young population:

Only around 8% is older than 60’s



Computer is a problem from 40 years old

Only 7% from 45 to 54 years old use a pc


ELDYMexican case

In Mexico




ELDYWestart in Qro

We start with few people…

… and soon we are growing

ELDYWestart in Qro

Eldy for all the people that can’t use a pc.

Young and old people with a common problem: the pc

ELDYWestart in Qro

The right method:

Young teach to elderly

ELDYWestart in Qro

  • We made a small experiment in Qro and…

  • we got:

  • Around 20 people each course

  • 8 courses

  • Total 160 people

But we still:

- Have to plan some courses for around 100 people



Happiness and satisfaction



“When you are planning the next course? Some friends ask me to invite them…”


“I never imagine that were so easy”…


“Many thanks to ELDY”…


“Now I can surf the web to see my daughter’s wedding photo album”…

PlanningEldy in México

ELDYin México: thefuture

We will still continue with Eldy course in Querétaro

We are looking for some area manager to increase the Eldy structure

We are promoting Eldy in some social event

Long period: we are contacting many public institutions in Querétaro, Durango, Guanajuato and Michoacan state to work with an Eldy proyect.

ELDYin México

That’s all for now from México.

Thanks for your attention and have a good day