The Teaching & Learning Academy (TLA)
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The Teaching & Learning Academy (TLA). Led by the TLA Consortium - a partnership of Higher Education Institutions with a strong commitment to Continuing Professional Development. What is the Teaching & Learning Academy?

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The Teaching & Learning Academy (TLA)

Led by the TLA Consortium - a partnership of Higher Education Institutions with a strong commitment to Continuing Professional Development

What is the Teaching & Learning Academy?

A professional membership organisation which offers a flexible professional development framework for the wider school/academy/college workforce

Where does the TLA originate from?

  • It was launched as a pilot scheme in 2004 by the General Teaching Council of England (GTCE), working in partnership with local education authorities and universities in Birmingham, Manchester and Sheffield.

  • At the time it was known as the Teacher Learning Academy. As the name suggests, it was aimed at teachers and focused on providing learning opportunities to support their professional development.

  • The TLA became embedded in hundreds of schools throughout England and had in the region of 17,000 enrolments.

Change of ownership

In June 2010 there was a change of ownership following the Government’s decision to bring forward legislation to abolish the GTCE.

Who leads the new TLA?

It is led by a consortium of higher education institutions. The consortium of 8 universities and colleges has a long-standing commitment to teacher education and professional development.

The TLA Consortium comprises of the following Higher Education Institutions:

  • University College Plymouth St Mark and St John

  • University of Chester

  • Leeds Trinity University College

  • Newman University College

  • University of Chichester

  • Canterbury Christchurch University

  • St Mary’s University College

  • Bishop Grosseteste University College

What does the TLA offer? Education Institutions:

A flexible professional learning framework which provides all staff with the opportunity to engage with small-scale practice-based projects and either gain national recognition and/or credits for the work undertaken.

How can the TLA be used in schools and colleges? Education Institutions:

  • To provide a coherent framework for CPD

  • To personalise professional development

  • To establish a learning community

  • To support school priorities and targets

  • To support performance management

  • To develop coaching and mentoring

  • To embed and support induction programmes

  • To share best practice

What does the TLA’s Professional Development Framework look like?

  • 2 stage framework- Recognition and Accreditation

  • Flexible

  • Bite-size learning

  • Practice-based learning and research

  • Personalised

  • Something for everyone

  • Small-scale Action Research

  • Collaborative working within learning communities

Individual* look like?

Accredited Learning



4 modules

Recognition Project 1

Total of 60 credits at each level


4 modules


4 modules

Recognition Project 2


2 modules

* Any member of Wider School / College Workforce

Individual becomes an Associate after completing a Recognition project

Individual becomes a Member after completing 30 credits of TLA Accredited Learning

An individual can move from Recognition 1 to either Recognition 2 or one of the accredited levels (depending on previous qualifications / credits)

An individual may choose to only complete Recognition.

Levels refer to levels on the FHEQ.

How can individuals engage with the TLA? look like?

  • Undertake own practice-based research leading to either Recognition and/or Accreditation

  • Support others in their professional learning by training to become a TLA School Lead

  • Assess Recognition projects from staff in other schools by training to become a TLA Verifier

What are the benefits of engaging with the TLA? look like?

  • Helps to fill the knowledge gap

  • Encourages reflective practitioners

  • Promotes lifelong learning

  • Supports performance management objectives

  • Provides opportunities for professional dialogue, coaching and mentoring

  • Supports a more personalised approach to professional learning

  • Encourages risk taking/trying out new techniques and approaches

  • Provides a structure for reflecting upon and evaluating learning

  • Fosters independent thinking

  • Supports small-scale projects that can have a huge impact on practice

Want to know more? look like?

  • Visit our website:

  • Contact your local Regional Centre:

  • Email: [email protected]