New opportunity for forecasting of the mobile market
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New opportunity for forecasting of the mobile market - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New opportunity for forecasting of the mobile market. Head of Information and Analysis Department Agency on innovation activitity Vladimir Zhulego. Istanbul , 2012 y. Forecasting based on the trends.

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New opportunity for forecasting of the mobile market

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New opportunity for forecasting of the mobile market

Head of Information and Analysis DepartmentAgency on innovation activitity

Vladimir Zhulego

Istanbul , 2012 y.

Forecasting based on the trends.

1. The simplest way to forecast is the trends forecdasting: statisticaldata on the number of subscribers, traffic volume, revenue allow us to constructshort-term forecasts. The more points of observation, the moreaccurate predictions can be built: if you have a two-point, you have linear forecasts,

If you have three points, you have the quadratic approximation

2. Disadvantages trends forecasting:a) such projections did not reveal the reasons for the changes in the market,b) do not allow to take into account long-term impact of significant factors,c) does not take into account the state of the market, its potentiald) do not create any impact on market mechanisms,

3. Task:

to construct model of companies interaction on the market,which will not have these disadvantages.


Setting of the problem.

It is necessary to construct the model of companies

interaction on the market,that will allow to receive long-term forecasts

of the market, will include significant factors of influence, would predictimpact on the market of control parameters.

Ability to make credible long-term forecasts creates for company

competitive advantage, and the ability impact on market for control

parameters allows company to build an effective strategy on the market.

The diagram of interactionof companies on the market

Competition on the oligopolistic market (5 companies)

One-parameter model of competition in oligopolistic markets.


The model takes into account the saturation of the market, the flow of customers caused by exposure to advertising companies (the share of spending on advertising for different companies is different)

The model takes into account the stabilization of ARPU (each company has your level)


Disadvantages of a one-parameter model of competition.

A one-parameter model does not take into account the difference

in rates companies and customer segmentation: in practice

marketing policy may be very different in the segments.

Diagram illustrates the transition to a two-parameter model of competitionwith segmentation


Two-parameter model of competition in oligopolistic market.

To eliminate this disadvantages was constructedtwo-parameter model, where we have introduced the segmentationcustomers.

The model takes into account:saturation of the market,flow of customers caused by advertising,flow of customers caused by the difference in rates,saturation of ARPU of each segment in each company


New opportunity for forecast of the mobile communications market

The proposed extended model of competition in the oligopolisticmarket can effectively control the position of the companycommunications market. The model allows to calculate the optimal

companystrategy. For axample, calculation shows that the cost of

an increase in advertising offset by growth in market share or are

even significantly lower than the additional revenue

(advertising embedded in a Dollar brings $ 4 in revenue).

In conclusion, it should be emphasized that the above model

could be extended by taking into account someparameters such as QoS or others, but in such a model is proposed,

in our opinion, may have very practical application.

Projected costs for the development of these approaches will

be significantly lower than revenue growth due to the optimization strategy.

"Market forces" at first glance it seems unmanageable, but in fact, new approaches

provide powerful new tools for forecasting the market and the challenge

of management the company is that would have to learn how to use them.


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