The importance of recycling
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The Importance of recycling. Daniel Walsh Cas 100 A Penn State Hazleton. Introduction + Main Points. Recycling is the Solution to Pollution Americans are not fully aware of pollution Recycling should be enforced more strictly

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The Importance of recycling

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The Importance of recycling

Daniel Walsh

Cas 100 A

Penn State Hazleton

Introduction + Main Points

Recycling is the Solution to Pollution

  • Americans are not fully aware of pollution

  • Recycling should be enforced more strictly

  • Criminals should have to clean up trash during their time in prison

America has to become more aware of pollution

  • Some cities like San Diego for example use direct mailers, TV ads, and interactive web sites, to increase public awareness.

  • Americans should understand that it is morally and ethically right to recycle.

  • It can improve our overall health.

  • It is a required by law in Philadelphia that every building recycles.

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Counter Arguments against pollution awareness

  • Some might argue that people should be allowed to manage their waste w/o interference of the law


    If humans produce trash they should agree that it is morally and LAWFULLY responsible to clean it up !

Recycling should be enforced more strictly

  • Stronger fines should be made for dumping and littering.

  • In some cities, like Philadelphia there is a minimum fine of $300 dollars for littering

  • The fine for dumping in Philadelphia is $50000 for first time offenders, double for second time offenders.


Counter arguments against enforcing recycling

  • People are hard headed and complain that the fines are high enough already


    It really is a major problem and that if fines were raised most people would think twice about littering.

Criminals in jail have should have to clean up trash during time in prison

  • In rare occasions some criminals might be seen on the side of the road cleaning up trash, this should be put into practice more often.

  • Instead of a 6 month jail sentence Chris Brown opted to clean up trash and graffiti for his conviction of assault on his girlfriend.

  • This is a very constructive way of paying back society for committing their crimes.


Counter arguments of criminals cleaning up trash

  • A possible argument might be that criminals still have rights and should not have to pick up others trash


    If someone is in jail b/c of a crime they committed they should have to repay society by doing constructive things like recycling trash

Recycling Statistics

  • Since 1980, the generation of municipal solid waste has grown by 60%.

  • almost half of the paper used in the USA is now being recycled into new paper products.

  • The largest category of recycled paper goods was newspaper at 89%.

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Conclusion - Why Recycling is Important

  • Recycling should be taken very seriously.

  • Its not hard to clean up trash and dispose of it after a person creates garbage.

  • Some ways to do this is to just hold on to your trash until you see a trash can, or keep a small bag in your car for trash.

  • People should also use recycling containers instead of trash containers for plastic and glass objects.

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