Deb based body mass spectra
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DEB-based body mass spectra. Bas Kooijman Dept theoretical biology Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam [email protected] /. Marseille, 2007/01/17. Body mass spectrum. Derive it from:. Primary scaling relationships.

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Deb based body mass spectra
DEB-based body mass spectra

Bas Kooijman

Dept theoretical biology

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

[email protected]

Marseille, 2007/01/17

Body mass spectrum
Body mass spectrum

Derive it from:

Primary scaling relationships
Primary scaling relationships

assimilation {JEAm} max surface-specific assim rate  Lm

feeding {b} surface- specific searching rate

digestion yEX yield of reserve on food

growth yVEyield of structure on reserve

mobilization v energy conductance

heating,osmosis {JET} surface-specific somatic maint. costs

turnover,activity [JEM] volume-specific somatic maint. costs

regulation,defence kJ maturity maintenance rate coefficient

allocation  partitioning fraction

egg formation R reproduction efficiency

life cycle [MHb] volume-specific maturity at birth

life cycle [MHp] volume-specific maturity at puberty

aging ha aging acceleration

Kooijman 1986

J. Theor. Biol.

121: 269-282

maximum length Lm =  {JEAm} / [JEM]

Metabolic rate 8 2 2
Metabolic rate 8.2.2

slope = 1

Log metabolic rate, w

O2 consumption, l/h

2 curves fitted:


0.0226 L2 + 0.0185 L3

0.0516 L2.44


slope = 2/3


Log weight, g

Length, cm



(Daphnia pulex)

Feeding rate 8 2 2
Feeding rate 8.2.2

slope = 1

Filtration rate, l/h

Mytilus edulis

Data: Winter 1973

poikilothermic tetrapods

Data: Farlow 1976

Length, cm

Inter-species: JXm V

Intra-species: JXm V2/3

Intra inter specific scaling
Intra -  Inter-specific scaling

Spectrum definition
Spectrum definition

  • individuals follow standard DEB model in homogeneous environment

  • kM = kJ; no reproduction buffer

  • max lengths represent random trials from exponential distribution

  • individuals eat other individuals in length-range linked to own length

  • background mortality has constant hazard rate

  • individuals with length below threshold feed on producers (constant)

  • individuals with length below threshold feed on producers+consumers

  • with a linear preference shift between the two thresholds

Trials from exponential distribution
Trials from exponential distribution

Suppose that mean = 1, else multiply result by mean

Expected value of the i-th ordered trial from a sample of size k

Canonical community 9 4
Canonical community 9.4

Short time scale:

Mass recycling in a community

closed for mass

open for energy

Long time scale:

Nutrients leaks and influxes

Memory is controlled by

life span (links to body size)

Spatial coherence is controlled by

transport (links to body size)