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Vet Tech Instruments. Alligator forceps. All in one castrator, docker , ear marker. Ambu bag. Artificial vagina. autoclave. Automatic dose syringe. Backaus towel forceps. Balling gun. Barnes dehorner. Bone-plate bender. Castroviejo needle holder with catch. Cornell teat curette.

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All in one castrator docker ear marker
All in one castrator, docker, ear marker

Olson hegar needle holder scissors combination
Olson-hegar needle holder-scissors combination

Polansky canine vaginal speculum
Polansky canine vaginal speculum

Vetamatic dose syringe
Vetamatic dose syringe

Black brangus
Black Brangus

Red brangus
Red Brangus

Santa gertrudis
Santa Gertrudis


Yes ladies and gentleman that is the one and only famous scott moseley behind that andalusian horse


Scott as a female


Scott in natural habitat

Dutch warmblood
Dutch Warmblood

Paso fina
Paso Fina

Chow chow
Chow Chow

Lhasa apso
Lhasa Apso

Barbado sheep
Barbado sheep

Dorper sheep
Dorper sheep

Mata mata
Mata Mata