Hng Dn Download Video T Youtube
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Hướng Dẫn Download Video Từ Youtube Và Những Webpage Tương Tợ. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hướng Dẫn Download Video Từ Youtube Và Những Webpage Tương Tợ.

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Hướng Dẫn Download Video Từ Youtube Và Những Webpage Tương Tợ.

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Presentation Transcript

Hng Dn Download Video T Youtube V Nhng Webpage Tng T.

Knh tha qu bn, cu chuyn download video t Internet hin l nhu cu rt nhiu ngi. Trc nay c nhiu ngi email n hi, v ti cng by nhiu cch. Nhng cch c hiu qu trc y c th khng cn p dng c cho hin nay. Do ti lm ci slide show mi ny, nu ngy kia n v dng th lm li na (ch bit tnh sao by gi).

C rt nhiu cch download video t Internet ni chung hay t Youtube ni ring. Nhng cch ny thay i ty cch cu to ca webpage. Thng thng chng ta dng software download.

1. Gii thiu software free c hng triu ngi xi v chm im khong 4/5 (rt tt).

2. Hng dn download software free YTD.

3. Hng dn install (setup) YTD.

4. Hng dn dng software ny download video t Youtube.

5. Hng dn convert video download c thnh format video khc.

6. Hng dn extract ring phn m thanh, loi b hnh nh trong video file.

Xin nhn space bar c t t.

C ba bn nhc.

Hunh Chiu ng 25-Jun-2012

Trc tin ti chn mt software dng gip chng ta download video (free).

y l software free, c 108 triu ngi dng v cho im gn 4,5/5 d dng v rt hiu nghim.

a ch ca n y, trong CNET: Downloader-YouTube-Downloader-and-Converter/3000-2071_4-10647340.html

Nhng cc bn khng cn copy n b vo browser u, click ngay tm nh di y n s a vo ni download.

Khi cc bn vo webpage download l CNET xong s thy hnh ging trn, click ch Download Now, download Youtube Downloader

Click download now xong cc bn thy windows ging th ny hin ra:




V cui cng cc bn click Save File, nh coi cho k l save vo ni no trong hard disk. Hnh trn ly t FireFox.

Ni thm, nu computer ca cc bn dng Internet Download Manager (IDM) th s thy Windows download nh hnh di:

ng no th cng ch a ti kt qu l save ci file YTDSetup.exe vo hard disk ti nh m thi.

Vic k tip l chng ta tm ci file va save. Sau l run n gi l setup (lm mt ln duy nht thi). Sau khi setup xong (tc l install software YT D xong) th vic cn li l dng n download Youtube v c nhng video ni khc trong Internet.

Vi FireFox th ci file download c nm ni y: (Hnh mt phn FireFox)

Click ngay hnh tam gic

Hnh ny khng ging trong computer ca qu bn

n y


Sau y chng ta install Youtube Downloader

Double click



Ghi ch: Khi cc bn click ch finish hay khi run software, c th ci webpage ca Youtube Downloader t ng load, cc bn c th close n i.


V software ny nh nn cc bn click xong, ch mt mi giy l ci windows finish hin ra.

n y l xong phn install (ch lm mt ln thi).


Khi cc bn click ch finish xong th coi nh software c install v trn mn nh (desktop) ca cc bn s thy ci icon nh hnh bn cnh. Mun run software ny th click ci icon.


Mun download video th b hng address ca ci video vo y.

Khi run Youtube Downloader th cc bn s thy nh hnh trn. By gi chng ta sang cch dng n download video bt c noi no.

Chc cc bn thc mc ch ci a ch l g. Tha n l ci link a vo ni xem mi video ca Youtube hay ca Internet ni chung. Th d c email ca bn b gii thiu ci ny hay tuyt vi (xem xong c khi thy n d t).

Hng ch mu xanh l address hay ci link a vo ni xem ci video lin h. Tuy nhin, c khi cc bn copy hng ny b vo ch trng cp trang trc vn khng download c. S ch mnh cc bn trang k.

Cc bn b hng a ch vo ni ch nh xong click ni y:


Khi s thy ci video ang c download nh hnh sau:

ang download

c lng cn li 1 pht 30 giy l download xong

ln ci video

Ti y 2%

Video bao gi cng rt ln, vi trm MB ti vi GB l thng

Thi gian ny ty ng giy Internet nhanh hay chm, ty video ln hay nh.

Th d qu bn ang coi ci video trong Youtube th ny, cc bn thy thch th lm sao m ly link ca n?

Tha trong FireFox th right click ngay video, nh mi tn .

Right click


Hay click ni y

Khi click mt trong hai ch trn th ci link copy vo clipboard ri, cc bn khng thy chi c, nhng c th paste n vo YTD.

Right click ngay ch trng



Nh vy l ci video ang xem c download v hard disk ti nh cc bn.

By gi chng ta xem vi chi tit khc.

Ti save vo desktop

Click ni y chn ch save

Cc bn nn save ci video file vo desktop cho d thy, sau mun di n i u th di.

Nhn li: Sau khi install (setup) software YTD xong ri th trn desktop chng ta c ci icon ca n, mun run software ny th click ci icon ny.

click run

Video file

Sau khi download xong th trn desktop chng ta c ci video file va download.

T video file ny chng ta c th bin n thnh ra mi dng video (format) m chng ta thch (th d nh WMA, MOV, MP4, FLV, AVI).

Cng t video file download c chng ta c th loi b hnh nh i m trch ra phn m thanh di dng MP3. Nh vy mt ci video nhc ln 40 MB nh y, sau khi loi b hnh ch ly nhc th s c file audio (MP3) ln 4 MB m thi.

Mt iu cc bn nn lu l m thanh trong cc video file compressed rt nhiu, do vy trch ly m thanh ca n ch c nhng bn nhc phm cht hng ba m thi, Nu chng ta coi audio CD l hng nht, MP3 trch trc tip t audio CD (loi commercial) s l hng nh, audio trch t cc video file c phm cht hng ba hng t.

C khi qu bn mun i format ci video va download c, c khi qu bn mun trch phn m thanh thi, b hnh i th lm sao. Tha vi software ny th chuyn tr thnh rt d, n c phn convert:

Click ni y

Chn dng convert

bng cch click hnh tam gic ny.

Chn dng convert cn thn, c khi cc bn chn n dng cho iPad, cho iPhone, cho cell phone th ci video file s thu nh frame li, hnh nh l m hn, file video thu c nh bytes hn.

Cn vi th linh tinh:

Version chng ta ang xi free, n gii hn t xu. Cc bn mun mua version Pro th click ni y v tr tin cho n. Ti xi free.

Nu m thanh ca ci video nguyn thy nh qu th chng ta c th tng n ln t xu ni y. Khng tng khng gim nm 100.

Sau khi convert xong, file mi c save vo desktop. Chng ta set c.

Chn thng s xong click ni y bt u convert

Cc bn lu , y l file audio dng digital, cc bn tng volume n qu nhiu (qu 0 db) th n s sai ging i.

Li thm vi th na:

Nu chng ta chn ci manual, th chng ta c th set thng s ca ci video s convert theo mun. Dnh cho qu bn kh v video file, ti khng bn ti.

Chn ci ny loi b hnh, ch ly m thanh MP3

Click ni y chn ci video cn convert

Convert xong n save vo ni y ( y l desktop

Ci software ny cho php cc bn convert tt c nhng video cc bn ang c trong hard disk, khng ring chi video download c. Nh l thi gian convert lu lm, v nh gi li bn chnh. Bn convert bao gi cng km hn bn chnh d cho set cch no i na.

Trc khi dt li, trc khi qu bn v tay, xin biu thm cc bn v cc resolution ca video file hin nay. Con s cng cao th hnh nh cng mn. Con s cng thp th hnh nh cng l m.

C ny hnh ngang vi DVD 800 x 480

C ny hnh nh l m kiu VCD 320 x 280

Full HD TV

1920 x 1080

Con s 1920 x 1080 c ngha l mi frame nh c s pixels nh sau:

1920 x 1080 = 2073600 = 2 Mpix

So vi my nh d r tin my i na th cng 8 Mpix. Digital camera thng dng khong 16 Mpix. Ci my ti ang xi Canon S100 c resolution l 12 Mpix, nhng thng ti ch set chp 5 Mpx.

C ny hnh sc nt s mt 2560 x 2048

Knh tha qu bn, hai lnh vc video v m thanh rt rng. N bao la lm, nhng g ni ti y ch l mt thong qua. Mt git nc so vi ao nc.

Nhiu ln ti nhn c qua email li dn: Xem ngay i k chng delete, xem ngay i ko chng ly xung. Lc hn nhng bng hu gi ci email ny ao c phi chi c th save c on video xem ngay i ny vo computer th hay bit my. Ci slide show gip cc bn lm chuyn .

N cng p ng c nhu cu hin nay, v cng ngy cng nhiu, ca a s bn gi chng ta: l lm sao download c nhng video c gi tr k nim xa xa, hay nhng video a thch v lu li lm ca. Trc y th ao c save li c hnh nh, nay th save video clip.

hay, khng ng sao? Ci tt ca ngi gi m bn tr thy k cc, l hay tom gp lu li mi th k nim phi khng, hnh nh ti cng vy na. C khi no cc bn hi ch nhng hnh nh, nhng video k nim, nhng vt qu m cc bn su tp xa nay s ra sao khi cc bn mt i khng. Liu con chu c trn qu, liu chng c th gi ng qua khng? Liu mt ngy kia nhng th ny s ri vo thng rc khng?

Ti a vi chnh mnh cho vui, nu bn no c tt ging ti th ci tr nghe. Nu thy c ch th gi ti ly c ph qua email, ng gi tr Tu, ti k n. HCD

Ti y chm ht.

Click ngay tm nh n a vo CNET download software YTD

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