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Global marketing
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GLOBAL MARKETING. Marketing Strategy. Strategy is integrated action in pursuit of competitive advantage Offering unique value to customers that cannot be duplicated by competitors. Benefits of Strategy. Coordinates activities among functional areas of organization Defines resource allocation

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Global marketing


Marketing Strategy

Global marketing

  • Strategy is integrated action in pursuit of competitive advantage

    • Offering unique value to customers that cannot be duplicated by competitors.

Benefits of strategy

Benefits of Strategy

  • Coordinates activities among functional areas of organization

  • Defines resource allocation

  • Leads to a superior market position

Components of strategy

Components of Strategy

Statement of objectives

Establish general

direction of strategy

Selection of strategic alternative(s)

Selection of customer targets

Choice of competitor targets


Statement of core strategy

Description of supporting marketing mix



Description of supporting functional programs

Considerations for global strategy

Considerations for Global Strategy

  • Political risk

  • Market access

  • Land, labor, and capital costs

  • Shipping considerations

  • Country infrastructure

  • Foreign exchange

  • Product fit

International market entry

International Market Entry

  • Sourcing

    • Should the firm export or produce locally?

      • Licensing

      • Investment

        • Joint ventures

        • Sole ownership

      • Global strategic partnerships

Market expansion strategies

Market Expansion Strategies

  • Should the firm seek new markets in countries in which it already operates or seek new country markets for already identified and served market segments?

Global marketing

Market Segmentation



Narrow focus

Country focus








Stages of global development

Stages of Global Development

Generic marketing strategies

Generic Marketing Strategies






Competitive Scope

Cost Focus





Lower cost


Competitive Advantage

Broad market strategies

Broad Market Strategies

  • Cost-leadership advantage

    • Low-cost producer

    • Experience curve

    • Need to obtain largest market share to have lowest cost per unit in industry

    • Ability to offer lower prices and more value to customers in competitive stages of product life cycle

Global marketing

  • Differentiation

    • An actual or perceived uniqueness in product offering

    • Ability to command premium price

Narrow target strategies

Narrow Target Strategies

  • Focused Differentiation

    • Offers a narrow target market the perception of product uniqueness at a premium price

  • Cost Focus

    • Offers a narrow target market lower prices than the competition

Global marketing

  • Differentiation

    • adding a set of meaningful and valued differences to distinguish the firm’s offering from competitors’ offerings

    • Criteria:

      • important• preemptive

      • distinctive•affordable

      • superior•profitable

Global marketing

Differentiation Variables

Implications of product life cycle on marketing strategy

Implications of Product Life Cycle on Marketing Strategy

Introduction stage

Introduction Stage

  • Objective: Create awareness and product trial

    Product—offer a basic product

    Price—charge cost-plus


    Communications—target advertising to early adopters and dealers to increase awareness; heavy sales promotion to stimulate trial

Growth stage

Growth Stage

  • Objective: Maximize market share

    Product—product extensions, warranties

    Price—decrease prices to penetrate


    Communications—target advertising to mass market to increase awareness; reduce sales promotions

Maturity stage

Maturity Stage

  • Objective: Maximize profit while defending market share

    Product—diversify products and brands

    Price—match or best competitors’ prices

    Distribution—more intensive

    Communications—use advertising to stress brand differences and benefits; increase sales promotions to encourage brand switching

Decline stage

Decline Stage

  • Objective: Reduce expenditure and milk the brand

    Product—phase out weak models

    Price—cut price

    Distribution—selective; phase out unprofitable outlets

    Communications—reduce and target hard-core loyals; reduce sales promotions to minimal levels

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