Vsep implementation for program administrators
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VSEP Implementation For Program Administrators . 2005-2006. Implementation. Year long administration Collection of student work as evidence Based on Blueprints Use posted Blueprints from online All materials managed by DDOT. VSEP Specifics. Distribute materials

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Implementation l.jpg

  • Year long administration

  • Collection of student work as evidence

  • Based on Blueprints

  • Use posted Blueprints from online

  • All materials managed by DDOT

Vsep specifics l.jpg
VSEP Specifics

  • Distribute materials

  • Receive actual Course Work Compilations (CWC) from submitting students

  • Verify use of DIS stickers throughout all CWCs

  • Manage physical storage of CWCs

  • Ensure proper documentation is contained in EACH VSEP CWC

  • Submit VSEP CWCs for scoring to the DOE

  • Resolve alerts, record changes, etc.

  • Manage appeals process

Vsep intent to submit and evaluation plan forms l.jpg
VSEP: Intent to Submit and Evaluation Plan Forms

  • MUST be approved by DOE

  • Submitted directly to the Division of Assessment and Reporting (See Administrator’s Manual)

  • Upon approval, maintain copy with DDOT until receipt of actual VSEP

  • Confirm Evaluation Plan is addressed in CWC

Vsep submissions l.jpg
VSEP Submissions

  • Check VSEP CWC prior to shipment for scoring that it contains:

    • A completed and accurate Student Demographic Information Sheet (SDIS)

    • A SIGNED and DATED Affidavit of Student Performance

    • A completed Course Work Compilation Form

    • ALL referenced evidence containing in the CWC

  • Ship all materials after May 1, 2006 and prior to May 31, 2006 to DOE

    • Shipping instructions to be provided to DDOT

Vsep student demographic information sheets sdis l.jpg
VSEP: Student Demographic Information Sheets (SDIS)

  • A SDIS will be provided prior to May 2006

  • Complete the SDIS and ensure accuracy

  • Submit the completed SDIS inside the CWC VSEP for each student

  • A separate SDIS sheet is required for any and all VSEP entries.

  • SDIS for the same student with multiple VSEP entries (I.e. Algebra II and Biology) may be photocopied.

Vsep scoring event l.jpg
VSEP: Scoring Event

  • The VSEP scoring event will be conducted beginning June 2006 and ending when all VSEP entries have been scored and entered.

  • Each VSEP entry will be scored twice by two different VSEP scoring teams.

  • DDOTs should be responsive to communication from the VSEP scoring event to clarify or provide any required documentation needed during scoring.

  • Failure to provide necessary documentation or information may result in a VSEP entry be non-scored and assigned a score of “0”.

Vsep shipping l.jpg
VSEP Shipping

  • Shipping labels and boxes will be provided during Spring 2006

  • Materials will be based on Enrollment Form information

  • Additional materials may be ordered directly from Questar Educational Systems

  • Shipping labels will be pre-printed

    • Further information will be provided to the DDOT

Vsep reporting l.jpg
VSEP: Reporting

  • TWO Official VSEP Score Reports will be sent directly to the DDOT

  • DDOTs will be responsible for distributing score reports to schools/parent/students

  • Errors in reporting (i.e. demographics) must be resolved through the record change process

  • Unless special circumstances warrant, record changes will only affect data files and new student reports will NOT be reprinted or provided by DOE.

Appeals l.jpg

  • Appeals may be generated by parents, students, school personnel, and others

  • The DDOT is charged with examining appeals and using established procedures.

  • Procedures for appeals will be contained in the Administrator’s Manual for Alternate and Alternative Testing

    • Provided to DDOT as soon as available

Authority to proceed atp forms l.jpg
Authority To Proceed (ATP) Forms

  • ATP forms must be submitted prior to accessing summary reports online for the VGLA

  • VSEP summary reports will not be available from the DOE

  • ATP forms must be submitted AFTER all record changes have been made by the DDOT using the online system

  • Access to change demographic information will be denied after receipt of ATP

  • All changes AFTER receipt of ATP forms must be made using standard Record Change policy

Report codes l.jpg
Report Codes

  • Did Not Assess (DNA)

  • Student Data File Record Layout

  • Alerts

  • Record Change Forms