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Document Solutions SMARTi Document Processing Solutions July 2009 Company Overview FileMark Corporation – software developer, direct professional services provider, founded in 1989, based in Millbury MA

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Document Solutions

SMARTiDocument Processing Solutions

July 2009

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Company Overview

  • FileMark Corporation –software developer, direct professional services provider, founded in 1989, based in Millbury MA

  • Technology Focus – transactional document processing, document submission, report archiving, records management

  • Industry Solutions – Distribution, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Financial Services, Higher Education, Publishing, Local Government.

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Why Manage Documents?

  • Paperless business process efficiency

  • Cost avoidance, cost displacement

  • More responsive customer service

  • Improved document search, security and control

  • Business risk mitigation and regulatory compliance.

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  • Document Imaging – batch scanning & indexing, barcode/OCR, workflow, application integration, fast search and retrieval

  • COLD/ERM– computer output report archiving, distribution, presentment, data mining

  • Records Management – classification, rules-based record retention, migration and disposition, audit logs, WORM storage

  • SaaS – on-site or off-site, document submission via fax, eMail or FTP, web-based search and retrieval, PDF view

Business applications l.jpg
Business Applications

  • Invoice processing (Accounts Payable)

  • Proof of deliveries (Accounts Receivable)

  • Customer service, vendor management (Call Center)

  • Paperless computer output archiving, distribution and presentment

  • Unattended document submission archive

  • Document linking and transaction processing (workflow)

  • Long-term document and eMail archiving, records management compliance (FRCP, SOX, SEC 17A4, HIPAA, GLB, etc.)

Paper document capture l.jpg
Paper Document Capture









Images + Indexes






-Manual Fill

- Assisted Fill

- Zone OCR

- Point & Shoot OCR

  • Rules-based OCR

  • Barcode

    - OMR

Batch Scan

Simpleindex l.jpg

Automatic Zone OCR

Pont and Shoot OCR

Intelligent Forms Processing

- Free form indexing

- Pattern matching

- Dictionary lookups

Automatic Barcode


Simpleindex features l.jpg
SimpleIndex Features

  • Zone/template OCR indexing –for structured forms and office documents

  • Point and shoot OCR indexing – for unstructured forms and office documents

  • Unstructured forms processing – OCR pattern search and dictionary lookup matching, fuzzy logic

  • Auto-indexing – barcode recognition, OMR, auto-fill from external SQL database, pick lists, default values, auto-incrementing values, auto-date, auto-complete

  • Document separators – bar-coded coversheets, tick marks on all 1st pages

  • SimpleCoversheet – create/print barcodes for automatic processing

  • EZ Barcode Generator – free

  • SimpleSend – manage distributed scanning operations

  • Required documents audit

  • Bates stamping, software imprinting, auto-page numbering

  • Full-page OCR to MS Word format – for text editing, interactive correction option

  • Media Wizard – create searchable CDs or DVDs for physical distribution.

  • TWAIN or ISIS USB scanner support

  • Simplex, duplex, magazine scan

  • SimpleQC – thumbnails, re-order, split/combine pages, de-speckle, de-skew, auto-rotate, rescan, redaction

Email and fax server l.jpg
eMail and Fax Server






[email protected]





Subject: index1; index2; index3


Subject: index1; index2; index3


Document submission / retrieval

Metadata extraction

Image OCR for content search

Conversion to PDF

Confirm or Reject via eMail

On-line user registration

To:[email protected]


Subject:index1; index2; index3

Date / Time:

Attachment:file name

CC or Fwd eMail

Remote document capture l.jpg
Remote Document Capture


Save As


Local Shared





-Manual Fill

- Assisted Fill

- Zone OCR

- Point & Shoot OCR

  • Rules-based OCR

  • Barcode

  • OMR

  • Auto-Fill


Send or Forward directly to SMARTi

[email protected]

SimpleSend Batch to SMARTi

[email protected]

Office Applications

Distributed Scanners

Computer output archiving l.jpg
Computer Output Archiving

  • Report Bursting

  • Auto-Indexing

  • Barcode Insertion

  • Auto-Distribution

  • Data Mining

  • Full Text Search

Print Streams



Capture 

Reports, Invoices, Statements



Smarti cold overview l.jpg

COLD – Computer Output to Low-cost Disk

High-volume, automated computer output capture and archiving

Eliminates printing and manual distribution of internal reports

Saves the cost of printing, paper, ink, microfilm, copies, multi-part forms and postage – ROI in less that one year

Instant access to exact replicas of printed reports, statements and invoices from anywhere

Reports from reports – exports selected report data to spreadsheets or databases for sorting, reformatting, charting or data mining.

SMARTi COLD Overview

Slide16 l.jpg

Insert Barcodes and Print

OM Plus Spooler



PCL Print Data

PCL Print Data with Barcodes

Smarti adept suite l.jpg

“All Points Addressable” COLD/ERM capture and indexing

APA printstreams – IBM AFP, Xerox Metacode/DJDE, Postscript

Produces exact soft copy replicas of data, fonts, forms and graphics

Input data stream preview

Visual, interactive drag and drop creation of index extraction rules

Visual font mapping

Fast multi-threaded batch transforms

Output files can be filtered or split into individual documents

Searchable PDF final format

SMARTi Adept Suite

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Legacy Computer

OM Plus Spooler

Slide19 l.jpg

Built-in document/work routing – simple to set up, simple to use

Many applications – transaction processing, approvals, collaboration, report distribution, eForms processing

Document-centric – work items are SMARTi documents with case notes (images, COLD reports, office docs, eMail, etc.).

Secure work item routing – pre-defined users, roles, groups, states

Optional notifications via eMail – reminders, timed escalation

SMARTi Workflow

Slide20 l.jpg











Mail Room


Accounts Payable



Invoice Approval Workflow


Slide21 l.jpg

Case Notes

Workflow View Administration Windows Help

Case Notes


Shipping / Receiving


√ Accounts Payable





Smarti web l.jpg

  • Log-in, password, 128-bit SSL encryption

  • Browse, Simple Query, Smart Query, Advanced Query, Full Text Search

  • Search - Boolean, relational operators, wildcards, partial keywords, date/day ranges, file -extensions, includes/excludes, delimited search, hit list sub-search, save query, auto-run

  • Full Text Search – COLD, OCR’d images, MS Word, PDF and text documents

  • Image OCR option - for full text search of images

  • View and scroll thru multiple documents of any type in a single PDF

  • View multiple documents side-by-side

  • View as PDF or XLS (COLD only)

  • Up/down sorting of drawers, folders, documents and index fields

  • Workflow, searchable case notes and annotations

  • My Cart - Checkout, Export selected data to Excel, PDF batch print, save or email

  • Add or change index values

  • Change user password

  • Email notification with URL link to SMARTi Web to view documents and workflow

  • Automatic session termination, support for authentication cookies

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Desktop Application Integration

  • Easy desktop application integration – makes SMARTi an extension to any line-of-business application

  • Automates document indexing and search – no re-keying of data

  • Shows documents side-by-side with line-of-business applications

  • User defined templates and user preferences – multiple document/folder retrieval options, multiple auto-indexing options

  • Simple, quick and safe –no code modifications required to line-of-business applications

  • Support for client/server, browser or terminal emulator applications

  • Screen OCR

  • URL APIs.

Slide50 l.jpg

Integration Toolkit


Slide51 l.jpg

SMARTi Records Management

  • Record classification

  • Rules-based record retention, migration and disposition schedules for each class

  • Activity and audit logs

  • Non-rewriteable, non-erasable storage management (WORM)

  • User/group document access control and functional permissions.

Worm hard disk archive l.jpg
WORM Hard Disk Archive

Adaptive – WORM software that works with any brand of storage hardware

Secure Encryption – prevents any modifications

Retention Support – strict file retention and disposition enforcement, configurable policies for compliance

Secure Erasure – supports transparent file shredding

Integrates with MS Active Directory – supports single sign-on

Affordable – best price performance

Transparent – works with all applications, networks and databases

High Performance – faster than EMC Centera and NetApp SnapLock proprietary storage solutions

Robust and Scalable – capacity growth from terabytes to petabytes

Automated Archive – enables automatic Disaster Recovery, can automatically create copies on removable optical media

Slide56 l.jpg

Enterprise Security

  • User Authentication

    • Log-on, password,128bit SSL encryption (web client)

    • LDAP option, authenticates against MS Active Directory for single sign-on

    • Support for authentication cookies (auto-log-on)

    • Support for CAS (Central Authentication Service)

    • Log-on/password bypass (special URL API call from integrated application)

    • Automatic log-offafter user-defined period of inactivity

  • Document security

    • User and group metaphor

    • Allow or restrict document access by specific applications, drawers, folders, documents, pages or record classes

    • Allow or restrict document access by database query value and operator (like, not like, is, is not, begins with, ends with, between, =, ≠, >, <, >=, <=)

  • Functional security – grant or restrict access rights to specific functions by users or groups (70+ functions)

  • File storage – network file system or BLObs in database tables

  • Back-up, Disaster Recovery – database/BLOb replication, KOMpliance network

Filemark services l.jpg

SaaS – Software as a Service, offsite hosting

AaaS – Administration as a Service

Hybrid SaaS – on-site hosting, local document storage

On-site installation and configuration

COLD form overlay design, web conversions

LoB application integration

Annual maintenancesubscription– technical support, periodic product updates

Data migrations– OS, DB, legacy systems

Training– user, admin, on-site or on-line.

FileMark Services

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Document Solutions

Transforming Business Documents into

Organized Information Assets