aee annual expo 2005 buena park february 16 2005
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AEE ANNUAL EXPO 2005 Buena Park, February 16, 2005

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AEE ANNUAL EXPO 2005 Buena Park, February 16, 2005. Debenham Energy LLC [email protected] 619-334-9541. Renewable Technologies Update A Progress Report. AGENDA. Wind Energy Wind Technology, Market and Regulatory Trends California Opportunities for Distributed Generation (DG)

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aee annual expo 2005 buena park february 16 2005

AEE ANNUAL EXPO 2005Buena Park, February 16, 2005

Debenham Energy LLC

[email protected]


Renewable Technologies Update

A Progress Report

Debenham Energy LLC

  • Wind Energy
    • Wind Technology, Market and Regulatory Trends
    • California Opportunities for Distributed Generation (DG)
    • Local Success Story – Victorville Federal Prison
    • Innovative New Products

Debenham Energy LLC



1.5 MW

Debenham Energy LLC


A Typical Large Turbine has

Multiple Subsystems and Controls

Debenham Energy LLC

world wide market share
World Wide Market Share

Debenham Energy LLC

cost of energy trend
Cost of Energy Trend

1979: 40 cents/kWh


4 - 6 cents/kWh

Increased Turbine Size

R&D Advances

Manufacturing Improvements

NSP 107 MW Lake Benton wind farm

4 cents/kWh (unsubsidized)


3 - 5 cents/kWh

Debenham Energy LLC


Wind Cost of Energy




Bulk Power Competitive Price Band

Low wind

speed sites

COE (¢/kWh [constant 2000 $])




High wind speed










Motivation for Low Wind Speed Technology R&D

  • Current Situation
    • Wind viable at higherwind speed sites(Class 6 – avg. 15 mph @ 10m)
    • Limited high wind sites
  • Subsidies important
  • New Focus Needed
    • Shift to future industry needs
    • Broaden range of competitive opportunities
    • Eliminate the need for subsidies

Debenham Energy LLC

acquiring wind least cost size matters
Acquiring Wind Least-Cost:Size Matters

Assuming the same wind speed of 8.08 M/S, a large wind farm is more economical

Source: AWEA

Debenham Energy LLC

world wide growth
World Wide Growth

Debenham Energy LLC


Tehachapi Area Wind ResourceCalifornia’s Largest Plausible Wind Energy Resource345 MW Connected to 66 KV SCE Grid380 MW Connected to 230 KV Private Transmission4,000 MW Plausible New Resource Stranded by Lack of TransmissionExpectation is SCE will now Build Major New Transmission

Debenham Energy LLC

california dg wind
California DG Wind
  • Pro’s
    • Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP)
      • $1,000 or $1,500 per kW?
      • Size increased to 5 MW? (1 MW eligible)
      • Moved from Level 1 to Level 3-R?
      • Funded $125m in 2005. Program through 2014
    • Net Metering Law (1 MW)
    • High Electric Rates
    • “Progressive” State
  • Con’s
    • Limited Number of Large Loads in Windy Locations
    • Regulatory Environment (No Green Tag Sales!)
    • SGIP Funding for Wind affected by PV Funding

Debenham Energy LLC

why does wind power make sense for distributed generation applications
Why does Wind Power make sense for Distributed Generation applications?
  • Technology improvements have dramatically lowered costs and increased reliability
  • US State and Federal incentive programs are making wind projects economically attractive
  • Much more economical than other renewable technologies in most places
  • Increasingly positive public perception is making siting and permitting easier

Debenham Energy LLC

implementing wind power for distributed generation
Implementing Wind Power for Distributed Generation
  • Suitable Sites
    • Good Wind Resource
    • High Utility Power Cost
    • State Incentive Program
    • Permitable (allowed with zoning variance)
    • Connectable (Utility Interconnection Agreement)
  • Mid-Size Wind Turbine Availability
    • Mid-Sized wind turbine production in decline
    • Manufacturers are too busy with large projects

Debenham Energy LLC

mid sized wind turbines for distributed generation applications
Mid-Sized Wind Turbines for Distributed Generation Applications
  • Located at facility “after the meter” where retail power can be displaced
  • Reduces facility monthly utility energy bill
  • Sells excess power back to utility during off-shift and/or during windy periods.
  • May provide additional benefits: Visual evidence that the facility generates and uses green power

Debenham Energy LLC

city zoning permitting
City Zoning / Permitting

Debenham Energy LLC

in summary
In Summary
  • Mid-Sized wind turbines can be economical in distributed generation applications given the right combination of factors:
    • Windy Location
    • State and / or Federal Economic Incentives
    • High Power Cost
    • Good Load Match with the Host Site (Net Meter)
  • Other benefits may be available as well
    • Green Image
    • Green Tags (REC’s/TRC’s)

Debenham Energy LLC

federal correctional institute victorville california
Federal Correctional InstituteVictorville, California

A Hybrid Renewable Energy Efficiency Success Story

Debenham Energy LLC


Victorville Federal Prison

Debenham Energy LLC

challenges and solutions
Challenges and Solutions
  • Challenge:
    • Accurately Assessing the Wind Resource.
  • Solution:
    • Assessment Confirmed Independently by a Private Meteorologist and NREL. Installed 2 MET’s to Determine Optimal Location.
  • Challenge:
    • Risk Responsibility – Wind Resource, Turbine Performance/Availability
  • Solution:
    • Agreed on TMY for Wind Energy.
    • Used Independently Verified Performance Data Less Expected Degradation.
    • Availability Independently Estimated. Response Times Written Into Maintenance Subcontract.

Debenham Energy LLC

challenges and solutions29
Challenges and Solutions
  • Challenge:
    • Operational Costs for a Single Turbine
  • Solution:
    • Scope of Operations Responsibilities Shared Between Developer and Owner
  • Challenge:
    • Funding Long Term O&M
  • Solution:
    • Sinking Fund in Place for ‘Expected” Maintenance and Repair Costs in Order to Assure that Availability is as Predicted.
  • Challenge:
    • Tax and Environmental Benefits are Substantial but Hard to Incorporate
  • Solution:
    • Production Tax Credits, Accelerated Depreciation and REC’s (Green Tags) were not Included.

Debenham Energy LLC

wind turbine o m
Wind Turbine O&M

Vachon, W.A., “Long-Term Costs of Wind Turbines Based on Failure Rates and Repair Costs”

Debenham Energy LLC

Page 5 of 6

annual o m cost
Annual O&M Cost

Vachon, W.A., “Long-Term Costs of Wind Turbines Based on Failure Rates and Repair Costs”

Debenham Energy LLC

probable repair fund components
Probable Repair Fund Components
  • Tip Hydraulics Pump
  • Brake Hydraulics Pump
  • Generator Bearings
  • Blade Repair
  • Oil Pump & Cooling System
  • Yaw System
  • Control Panel Components


Power Poles – Cross Arm Repairs


BOP Electrical Maintenance

Miscellaneous Repair Parts

Nuisance Failures

Debenham Energy LLC

victorville accomplishments
Victorville Accomplishments
  • First Utility Scale Wind Turbine under Net Metering
  • First Wind-Solar Hybrid Project under California Incentive Program.
  • First Utility-Scale Wind Turbine in High Desert Region.
  • First ESPC Wind Turbine Project
  • Proved that Marginal Wind Regimes can be Financed with Alternative Financing.

Debenham Energy LLC

interesting wind products
Interesting Wind Products

Debenham Energy LLC


Gossamer Albatross

Designed by Paul MacCready

Debenham Energy LLC

2 4 kw system

Can be customized to match building color

Modular and scalable – 4 feet per side, 100 Watts per linear foot

Mounted from behind parapet – no damage to building

Specially designed blades minimize noise, vibration

2.4 kW System

Debenham Energy LLC

architectural wind a wind energy solution for urban environments

Modular and scalable

  • High efficiency components
  • Low noise, vibration
  • Visually impactful architectural enhancement
  • Easy and rapid installation
  • Attractive ROI
  • Operates in low winds
Architectural Wind – a Wind Energy Solution for Urban Environments

Debenham Energy LLC


Wind Harvest’s turbines located in Palm Springs.

Wind Harvest

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

George Wagner (415) 663-8565

Debenham Energy LLC



Special Thanks to:

  • Henry du Pont / Lorax Energy Systems
  • Hal Romanowitz / Oak Creek Energy Systems
  • NREL

Debenham Energy LLC

[email protected]


Debenham Energy LLC