Chip level EMC measurements and simulations
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Chip level EMC measurements and simulations Impact of Communications Technology to EMC , COST 286 Workshop Vladi - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chip level EMC measurements and simulations “Impact of Communications Technology to EMC“, COST 286 Workshop Vladimir Čeperić Hrvoje Marković Adrijan Bari ć Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb. Chip level EMC measurements and simulations.

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  • Chip level EMC measurements and simulations

  • “Impact of Communications Technology to EMC“,

  • COST 286 Workshop

  • Vladimir Čeperić

  • Hrvoje Marković

  • Adrijan Barić

  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing,

  • University of Zagreb

Chip level emc measurements and simulations l.jpg
Chip level EMC measurements and simulations

  • European research program ROBUSPIC (ROBUst mixed signal design methodologies for Smart Power ICs).

  • UZAG’s focus points:

    • Development of parasitic extraction procedures suitable for EMC (electro-magnetic compatibility) analysis

    • Identification and modelling of EME (electro-magnetic emission) sources and analysis of EMI (electro-magnetic immunity)

    • Methodology for full-chip smart-power EMC simulation

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• Integrating EMC simulations in design flow

•Extraction and influence of PWR/GND parasitics

•EMC measurements system (IEC 62132-4 and IEC 61967-4)

•EMC test chip

•EMC optimizations


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System level architecture design

& component spec.

Electrical circuit design

Physical pattern layout

Measurement & verification

PWR/GND lines/core of the circuit


RC extraction of the core (Assura, ...)

RC (RLC) extraction ofPWR/GND lines

Spice netlist

EMC simulations


Design flow

RC/RLC parasitic extraction & EMC simulations

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The influence of the PWR/GND parasitics on the the emission levels

Comparison of invertor module and invertor module with HFSS extracted PWR/GND structure

Influence of the package l.jpg
Influence levels of the package

SOIC8 package


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Cadence levelsInterface in Skill language

For conducted EME (IEC 61967-4)

- automatic generation of the Spectre netlist(s) with implementation of the 1 Ohm method

- transient simulations in Spectre

- manipulation of the results to determine the spectrum

- display of the results and automatic determination of the emission levels

For EM immunity (IEC 62132-4)

- Spectre analyses for defined

input power range

- determination of the inputpower

which causes malfunction

- display of the results

Iec 62132 4 for the measurement of em immunity with direct rf power injection method htvd lin l.jpg
IEC 62132-4 for the measurement of EM immunity with direct levelsRF power injection method - HTVD LIN

RC load of the BUS, R=1 kOhm (to VBAT) and C=1 nF to GND

Operating at 20.0 kbit/sec, VBAT = 13.7 V,

Input frequency f=1 MHz

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EMC measurement system levels

  • EME and EMI HTVD LIN interface measurement system

Htvd lin interface emc measurements l.jpg
HTVD – LIN interface EMC measurements levels

EME measurements-

Voltage over 1 Ohm

(IEC 61947-4)

  • Matlab measuring automatization:

  • EME_EMI_measure_GPIB.m script

EMI measurements - DPI method (IEC 62132-4)




Htvd lin interface 1 ohm method l.jpg
HTVD – LIN interface 1 Ohm method levels



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EMC test chip levels

Chip for EMC testing:

high voltage and low voltage parts - ams C35/H35


conducted EME testing structure (to evaluate the influence of backannotation)

LIN interface (conducted EME and EMI)


LC oscillator (conducted EME, package parasitics model evaluation)

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EMC test chip levels

Chip for EMC testing:

two different packages used to

evaluate package influence on EME

and EMI


(Ceramic Leadless Chip Carrier)


(J-Leaded Ceramic Chip Carrier)

Slide14 l.jpg

EMC test chip levels

Chip for EMC testing:

conducted EME testing structure


LC oscillator1, LC oscillator2

Slide15 l.jpg

1. levels

Independent switching of 96 blocks


Input of each block can either be common input signal or output of previous block


Different widths of PWR/GND rails


Different number of PWR/GND refreshes


Output buffers with different output currents can be enabled

Conducted EME testing structure

Conducted EME teststructure enables:

Quad lc oscillator and vco l.jpg
QUAD LC oscillator and VCO levels

  • High voltage (AMS H35 CMOS technology)

  • Cross-coupling increases significantly the precision of the oscillation frequency

  • Bond wires provide a resonant tank with high Q

  • conducted EME simulation and measurement

  • Bond wires used as inductance

    • package parasitics model evaluation


Lin interface l.jpg
LIN interface levels

  • LIN interface is design in high voltage technology (50V)

  • Design is tested for EM emission and EM immunity

    LIN interface from LIN2.0 standard ( Figure 3.1 )

Lin interface eme optimization l.jpg
LIN interface EME optimization levels

  • Matlab script: EmissionLeveloptimization.m

After optimization: C-12-m

Before optimization: C-10-o

Optimization parameters: voltage levels on BUS, emission level of LIN interface,

width, length and number of fingers of the high voltage transistor at TxD input

Lin interface ems optimization l.jpg
LIN interface EMS optimization levels

  • Matlab script: ImmunityOptimization.m

    • Psin source connected to BUS pin via 4.7nF capacitor

      • f1=150kHz, f2=1MHz, dBm=20

Without optimization:

max: td1=6.0755e-06, td2=5.691e-06

duty cycle min=0.4098

duty cycle max=0.4254

With optimization:

max: td1=5.2535e-06, td2=5.691e-06

duty cycle min=0.4278

duty cycle max= 0.42793

Optimization parameters: duty cycle and time delay (LIN 2.0 standard),

width, of the 10 transistors in Schmitt trigger

Conclusion l.jpg
Conclusion levels

  • EMC simulations can be incorporated into design flow

  • Package and PCB parasitics have to be considered

  • EMC measurement system according to IEC 62132-4 and IEC 61967-4 standards is being built

  • EMC test chip enables easy validation of EMC simulations vs. measurements

    • package model validation

    • comparison of 3D EM simulations vs. RC extraction simulations

  • Circuit optimizations wrt. EMC behavior are performed