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Church Governance. Is there a need for a change?. Areas where change is needed. Elders: We are not getting visits done? We are dealing with official matters (Profession of Faith interviews; baptism; meetings (6); accountability meetings (FC-8 and Congregation-2)

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Church governance

Church Governance

Is there a need for a change?

Areas where change is needed
Areas where change is needed

  • Elders: We are not getting visits done? We are dealing with official matters (Profession of Faith interviews; baptism; meetings (6); accountability meetings (FC-8 and Congregation-2)

  • Admin: Too time consuming for both elders (3) and deacon (1). (An additional 12 meetings).

  • Note: Total meetings for Admin elders: 28/yr

Are we still committed to our family and singles visitation
Are we still committed to our family and singles visitation?

  • Yes: Demonstrates a commitment to serving the Body of Christ

  • No: Family and work commitments make visits too time consuming. (Track record is poor)

  • Would like to but ……….

    • Feel inadequate: Single female, marriage issues?

    • Burn out.

    • Too many other matters to deal with in church.


  • Six person admin council: 4 elders and 2 deacons. No District visitation responsibilities.

  • Eight person elders board: (Current mandate except drop expectation of family visitation. Only special event visits.)

  • New: Nine person pastoral visitor team made up of men and women trained in visits and providing supports. Meet with elders bi-monthly.

Positions administration
Positions: Administration

  • Chair of Council: Oversight, Pastor, Ad. Assist, sets FC and Admin agenda

  • First Vice-chair (elder): Personnel, Worship Committee, Classis

  • Clerk (elder):Minutes, Committee Mandates, Correspondence

  • 2nd Vice-chair: Districts/Care Groups/ Elders/Pastoral Care.

  • Deacon Chair: Oversight of Deacon’s work

  • Deacon Treasurer: Finance Oversight/Budget

Elders board 8 4 admin
Elders Board (8 + 4 Admin):

  • Attend 6 Full Council meetings

  • Attend 6 elders meetings

  • Attend 2 Congregation Meetings

  • One all day workshop-seminar

  • Coffee Provision once every 8 months.

  • Visits: Special events (Baptism, funeral, illness, special need)

  • Shared responsibility for pastoral visits with Pastoral Workers.

  • Other: See website for other …..

Deacons board 4 2 admin
Deacons Board (4 + 2 Admin)

  • No change needed except with the addition of two additional administrative deacons.

  • Deacons also included into the coffee serving schedule for Sunday mornings.

  • More accountability-oversight with Adult and Youth Mexico Trips.

  • Admin Deacon #1: Budget oversight planning and implementation. Keeps track of where the money goes.

  • Admin Deacon #2: Oversight of deacon services.

  • Meet 8 times a year as deacons Board

  • Attend 6 Full Council Meetings and 2 Congregational Meetings

Pastoral care workers 9
Pastoral Care Workers (9)

  • Identified for their gifting in hospitality, pastoral sensitivities.

  • May be able to draw in those with special skills and training.

  • Play a supportive role for the elders and deacons in providing care to those who are in the church and community.

  • Meet regularly with elders (4 times per year) and deacons (2 times) to consider how to handle challenges

  • Will require time to prepare for this ministry by having a workshop. (Perhaps LDN can help here)

Structural changes needed
Structural Changes Needed

  • Create 8 Districts. (25 max. per district)

  • Each District gets one elder and one pastoral visitor. (Admin Deacons will assign deacons to special cases as needs arise.)

  • Affirmation vote needed for all names solicited. Including pastoral workers.

  • Admin elders and Admin deacons will be selected as a separate group.

  • Give a closer look at how we assemble districts.

  • Less meetings

Planning for change
Planning for Change:

  • Full Council discussed the plan. (January 27, 2014)

  • Full Council formulated a Motion to adopt (Feb. 24, 2014)

  • Introduce the change to the congregation for their support on April 14, 2014

  • Commence Implementation as soon as possible.

    • Require letters for openings with job description and time lines.

    • Aim for at least three pastoral visitors. (Phase in over 3 years.)

    • Affirmation required for 4 Admin Elder positions; 2 Admin Deacons; Eight Elders; 4 Deacons. This followed up with drawing of lots and installation.

    • Affirmation required for up to nine pastoral visitors. No need for drawing of lots. May want a special induction ceremony.

    • Will need some training for Pastoral Visitors