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Smart [ er ] Economy | Governance | Education

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Smart [ er ] Economy | Governance | Education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Smart [ er ] Economy | Governance | Education. Case Studies. [ Indicators of Smart Economy ] . Innovative spirit Entrepreneurship Economic image & trademarks Productivity Flexibility of labor market International embeddedness Ability to transform. [ 1 ] .

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[Indicators of Smart Economy]

Innovative spirit


Economic image & trademarks


Flexibility of labor market

International embeddedness

Ability to transform



Smart Creative Industry

Almere, Amsterdam

Cisco + IBM + Liander


By strategically encouraging creative industry in the city, Amsterdam gained great regional economy growth.


Smart Shopping Business Model

Shoppers add items to their online cart by taking pictures of the corresponding QR code.



Smart Shopping

Tesco Homeplus + Google


Smart Shopping App

Apps lets you scan barcodes to get prices of products.



Mapping Real Estate Price



Mapping the Average Time, Amount and Likelihood US Houses Drop in Price

If you are in the market of buying a house in the US, TruliaPriceReduxcan shows several very valuable data attributes you typically like to know during the buying process, but are typically well hidden or kept secret by real estate agents.

The map basically reveals the average number of days a typical listing is on the market before sellers make the first price reduction, the average percentage of the original price lowered during this first price reduction, and to top it off, the likelihood sellers will make a second price reduction.



Tax-Free Retail Analysis Tool



Amsterdam Airport collects a huge amount of data of the usage of the airport, from flights, to parking, to baggage handling, and more. One of these data sets is about tax-free sales. The airport wanted to have a tool for visual analysis of tax-free sales data where they were able to see the data on a map of the airport.

The data set contained information of the gates that were used by people who had purchased items tax-free. This additional data allowed for the creation of a network between gates and shops based on sales data.


[Indicators of Smart Governance]

Participation in decision-making

Public and social services

Transparent governance

Political strategies & Perspectives




Case of Spain



Pilot project during the referendum on the European Union Constitution 2005

In the course of this pilot project, roughly two million citizens had the chance to cast their vote within a separate internet election prior to a actual referendum.

A PIN-based system and smartcards were used for the voter identification.

In spring of 2008, the Spanish Ministry of Internal Affairs developed a new e-voting platform by the name of P.I.V.E.



  • eGovernment Solution integrates the areas of Accounting, Tax management, Archiving, Records, Citizen Database Management, and integrates these aspects with the administration corporative portal, including formalities, negotiations and content and services oriented toward citizens and businesses. 

E-Service developments

New companies can be registered online.

Electronic identification

The Spanish Certification Authority CERES was created allow Spanish citizens to manage their communication with public institutions electronically through an online identification.



Close Votes

Jan-Willem Tulp


Close vote

Reveals the similarities of voting patterns between different cities in The Netherlands.

Based on the results of the recent national elections, the size of each city bubble can be configured to correspond to its population size or voting similarity, while its location on the map can be determined by either its geographical location or by relative distance in terms of similarity.



Mapping American

US Census Bureau


Mapping to represent racial groups, income, and education level.

Browse local data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, based on sample from 2005 to 2009. Because these figures are based on samples, they are subject to a margin of error, particularly in places with a low population, and are best regarded as estimates.


[Indicators of Smart Education]

Access to new data and information

New tools to analysis

Working simultaneously to innovate

Participate to contribute acknowledge



ennCloud Learning



ennCloud is a comprehensive platform-Cloud Computing "end to end”.

The Platform "ennCloudLearning” has been developed to meet the need for online education, taking advantage of cloud computing capabilities in providing universal access to this content.

The huge strength of the cloud is content online and opened resources, a lot of which are free. The cloud also allows students to interact and collaborate with an ever-expanding circle of their peers, regardless of geographical location.



GitHub Social Coding

GitHub Inc.


GitHubwas the most popular open source code repository site. It offers both paid plans for private repositories, and free accounts for open source projects. The site provides social networking functionality such as feeds, followers and the network graph to display how developers work on their versions of a repository.


GitHub Social Coding

GitHub provide web-based classes to help people learn GitHub and be more productive. In the class, student and trainer can collaborate to code in this teaching platform. There are also office hours to sign up; video, presentations and resources to share in the platform. Also, people can upload their video to teach and share solutions in this platform.



DuoLingo: Learning

Language for free



Learn a language and simultaneously translate the Web

Duolingo isn\'t so much a business to teach languages, it\'s a service to offer translations. The goal for Duolingo is to get 100 million people to translate the web into every major language for free.By crowd-sourcing translations they can translate text for a fraction of the traditional cost, while offering better quality than machine translation can do.