Ocn 750 class 13 april 10 interviewing
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OCN 750 Class #13: April 10 Interviewing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OCN 750 Class #13: April 10 Interviewing. Interviewing 101 Mock interviewing Upcoming assignments/classes Questions? Announcements? Michele?. Assignment due today . Job ad of interest to you Cover letter specific to that job ad. Congratulations!!!! You Got an Interview.

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OCN 750 Class #13: April 10 Interviewing

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OCN 750 Class #13: April 10Interviewing

  • Interviewing 101

  • Mock interviewing

  • Upcoming assignments/classes

    Questions? Announcements? Michele?

Assignment due today

  • Job ad of interest to you

  • Cover letter specific to that job ad

Congratulations!!!!You Got an Interview.

Interviewing 101

  • Pre-interview preparation

  • How to dress

  • The interview

  • Follow-up

References: Brent Fujinaka, Manoa Career Center


Pre-Interview:Responding to the Interview Invitation

  • Respond promptly and professionally

  • Be flexible and cooperative

  • Follow all instructions carefully

    Goal: To make a positive first impression.

    Tip: Keep a job application summary sheet (and keep it handy).

Aloha! Thank you for your application to the C-MORE Scholars Program.  To further explore whether you will be a "good fit" to the program,  we would like to schedule a Skype interview with you.  If you're not already on Skype, you can join free of charge.The interview will last about 20-30 minutes.  Interviews will be held on 5/14, 5/15 and 5/16 at the following times: 10 am,

10:30 am, 11 am, 11:30 am, 12 pm, 12:30 pm, 1:00 pm, 1:30 pm.

Please let us know1) your Skype name2) your top 3 choices of interview times

Aloha,Jessica Ayau and Barbara BrunoC-MORE Scholars Program

Aloha Jessica and Barbara,

Could I please interview:

5/15 @ 11:00am?

My skype name is xx



Pre-Interview: Reflection

How does this opportunity fit with your

  • Qualifications

  • Current position/status

  • Career goals

  • Lifestyle

    What questions do you have? (write them down!)

    Consider keeping a job application journal

Pre-Interview: Research

  • Review organization’s websites and publications

  • Google the organization

  • Get salary information

  • Research your interviewers

    Goal: Come to interview prepared; Convey strong interest to interviewers

Plan what you will wear

  • Neat, clean, pressed

  • Classic and conservative

  • Proper fit

  • Closed shoes

  • Avoid perfume/cologne

    Goal: Give a professional appearance.


  • Pressed Pants

  • Local: Aloha shirts for academic/non-profit

  • Mainland/downtown: Jacket and tie

  • Avoid leather jackets

  • Match belt and socks to shoes


  • Pants or knee-length skirt/dress

  • Jacket (or at least covered shoulders)

  • Avoid loud, low-cut or frilly blouses

  • Minimal jewelry & make-up

  • Neutral hosiery

On the Day

  • Bring job ad, application materials and several CVs

  • Bring pen and note paper

  • Arrive 10 minutes early

  • Be courteous and professional to everybody

  • Shut off cell phone

  • Watch your body language

  • Observe other people’s body language

Interview Goals

Your Goals

  • To advance to next step in the recruiting process

  • To determine whether this job is right for you

    Employer Goals

  • To find the right person for the job

  • To sell the company’s strengths

What do employers generally look for in prospective employees?

  • Pair up

  • Take 2 minutes to come up with at least 5 transferable skills or personality characteristics

A Typical Interview

  • Warm-up

  • Employer(s) questions

  • Applicant questions

  • Wrap-up


  • Introductions

  • Handshake(s)

  • Small Talk

  • Transition to Employer Questions

Message: I am courteous, socially skilled and enthusiastic about the position

How To Answer Questions

  • Take notes during questions

  • Think before answering

  • Be clear and concise

  • Use specific examples

  • Avoid cliches or canned answers

Message: I am articulate, confident and stand out from other applicants

Skills and Accomplishments questions

  • Describe how you meet the job qualifications.

  • What is your research specialization?

  • What is your greatest ….?

  • How would you rate your skills in ….?

  • Have you ever.…?

    Message: I am highly qualified and competent (and can be trained)

“Right Fit” questions

  • Why are you interested in this position?

  • Why do you want to work for our ……?

  • What can you bring to our ….?

  • How are you hoping to grow in this position?

  • What is your ideal work environment?

  • Why should we hire you?

    Message: I am the right person for the job.

Behavioral questions


S – situation

T – task/role

A – action

R – results

Tell me about a time when you …

  • impressed your boss

  • disagreed with your boss

  • were creative in solving a problem

  • worked effectively with a difficult individual

  • worked with people whose backgrounds differed from your own background

    Message: I am high value, low maintenance

Applicant Questions

  • Bring at least 2 appropriate questions

  • Don’t ask dumb questions

Questions NOTto ask

  • What is the salary?

  • When can I expect a raise or promotion?

  • How many others are you interviewing?

  • Is there an inside candidate?

  • What is your flextime policy?

Illegal and Inappropriate Questions*

  • Religion

  • Politics

  • Height/Weight

  • Arrests

  • Health

  • Military discharge

  • Marital status/Spouse

  • Children/Pregnancy

  • Age

  • Race/Nationality

  • Citizenship/Birth Place

  • Gender-specific

    *unless you volunteer the information

At the end of the interview

  • Ask if you answered all of their questions

  • Restate your interest in the position (if true)

  • Thank your interviewers for their time

  • Shake everyone’s hand

Post-interview Follow Up

  • Send a thank you note promptly

  • Update your job summary spreadsheet

  • Consider keeping a journal

    • Reflect on how it went

    • Write down tough questions they asked

    • Include names of interviewers


  • Always be honest

  • Focus on your strengths

  • You’ll get better with practice & reflection

  • It’s fine to (gently) ask for feedback

  • Interviews over lunch or dinners are not social occasions.


Then Break

Next: Mock Interviewing

Mock interviews

  • Pair up with a partner & discuss job applications

  • Review interview questions (handout):

    • As interviewer: select 4 questions (include 1 behavioral)

    • As interviewee: plan 1 question to ask about your job

  • 10 min. per interview, then switch (2:15; 2:25)

    • “Warm-up” (hand shake, etc), then questions

    • Take notes

      • If interviewer: feedback for partner (handout)

      • If interviewee: make notes of what you said

  • 2:35 pm: discuss with each other, then whole class

Upcoming assignments & classes

Next week (4/17):

  • Teaching Philosophy

  • Upload online profile; email us the link

  • Looking ahead (4/24 & 5/1):

  • Class projects:

    • Presentation (8 minutes max, plus time for questions)

    • Reflection #4 (TBA; due on day you don’t present)

  • Course evaluation:

    • 4/24 departmental eval

    • 5/1 our eval

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