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Creative Spirit. Beginning/Intermediate Strategies for Writing. Examples/Ideas. Just begin with any word, or idea, for example: Distance… (Distancia) Word… (Palabra) Ocean… (océano, mar) Bread… (Pan) Silence… (Silencio)

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Creative spirit

Creative Spirit


Strategies for Writing

Examples ideas

  • Just begin with any word, or idea, for example:

    • Distance… (Distancia)

    • Word… (Palabra)

    • Ocean… (océano, mar)

    • Bread… (Pan)

    • Silence… (Silencio)

      Later, you can expand on that idea, just look at the word, and let the Creative Spirit guide you…

As a sample
As a sample:

  • Does anyone know the pain of distance?

  • ¿Alguien sabe lo que es el dolor de distancia?

  • Distance is an ocean when you are not with me…

  • La distancia es un océano cuando no estás…

Bread silence pan silencio
Bread/Silence (Pan/silencio)

  • El pan tiene sabor amargo si estás lejos

  • Bread tastes like tears if you are far away

  • Los silencios, todos están conmigo

  • All silences, all are with me…

Intermediate advanced strategies
Intermediate/advanced strategies

  • Journal entries

    At least once a week have students write about something not complicated that happened to them using the vocabulary they know.

    Work in groups and share the journal entries promoting a discussion to learn and to motivate each other for next assignment.

Journal entries
Journal entries

Teachers may ask students to focus on a specific theme (nature, travel, etc.) or to focus on using a specific grammatical structure (future tense, conditional, etc.)

Using metaphors analogies
Using metaphors/analogies

  • The use of metaphors/similes are very helpful to develop more vocabulary

  • Have them explain “why” they chose their metaphors/analogies

  • Include “fun” options to keep students engaged in the activity

  • Ask students to make connections

Examples with metaphors
Examples with Metaphors

  • The garden is sad…

  • The distance is heavy

  • Words seem soft and round

  • You are the bread of my days

  • El jardín está triste…

  • La distancia pesa

  • Las palabras parecen suaves y redondas

  • Tú eres el pan de mi día

For all levels activities
For all levels activities

  • Parts of Speech Activity

    • Review parts of speech with students

  • Goals:

    • To form more complex sentences

    • To think creatively/ to develop imagination

    • Challenge students to come up with the ‘craziest sentence’

Nouns adjectives verbs adverbs prep
Nouns Adjectives Verbs Adverbs Prep.

Beginning intermediate strategies
Beginning/Intermediate Strategies

  • When you write, do not force the intellect.

  • Rather, let the inspiration guide you.

  • It is a process.

  • Let the Spirit within express itself through you.

Karaoke poem the ideas word
Karaoke poem- The ideas/Word

  •     "This is the hour of ideas

  •     they come like butterflies

  •     like a rainbow over me

  •     Catch them... make them yours

  •   These are mine

  •   Leave them alone

  •   Find your own...

  •     You too, have many, many

  •     like flowers on the meadow..

    Karaoke website:

The garden is sad
The Garden is sad

  • The garden is sad since you are gone

  • Butterflies and bees fly no more

  • Even clouds do not want to come

  • And rain stops coming too.

  • Remember how much fun we had

  • When picnic and food we shared

  • Under the big apple tree

  • And you laughed and laughed.

  • Come back and bring the horse with you

    10. I am sad for him, too!

Reading and writing skills
Reading and Writing skills

  • Have students commit everyday to reading and writing, from the very beginning.

  • One paragraph or at least a couple of lines will be okay for beginners

  • Teach them how to use the dictionary, the old fashioned way or an online dictionary.

  • The themes for writing could be from what they had read; copying what they like most.

  • When they copy from a book it helps the student take note of sentence structures and reinforces vocabulary.

  • Ask students to read their work in small groups or partners

  • Another good exercise is to select a theme they like from a magazine, a novel or a poem and have them re-write it in their own words

Writing for creativity
Writing for creativity and ask them to summarize it in their own words.

  • Write for five or seven minutes per exercise

  • Once they begin do not stop writing until time is up

  • Do not re-read what they wrote and put it away

  • When they have about 10 pages written increase the time but not more than 20 minutes…

  • Students read through them and highlight anything that stands out

  • They pull out highlighted fragments and re-write the passages running three to five lines long, double spaced to give room for their own hand-written revisions.

  • They will end up with something new, maybe even a poem and with the satisfaction of having written it.