The a b c strategy for writing a timed essay
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THE A-B-C STRATEGY : For writing a timed essay - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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THE A-B-C STRATEGY : For writing a timed essay. ELA CAHSEE: March 12th. A ttack the Prompt B rainstorm Possible Answers C hoose the Order of Your Response. THE A-B-C STRATEGY : For writing a timed essay. A ttack the Prompt. Circle “to do” action words.

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THE A-B-C STRATEGY : For writing a timed essay

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THE A-B-C STRATEGY:For writing a timed essay

ELA CAHSEE: March 12th

Attack the PromptBrainstorm Possible AnswersChoose the Order of Your Response

THE A-B-C STRATEGY:For writing a timed essay

Attack the Prompt

  • Circle “to do” action words.

  • Unwrap the question by re-writing it in a “Do/What” chart.

  • Attack the prompt either verbally or graphically, identifying the “to do” words.

  • “To do”/action words include: choose, write, describe, discuss, explain

  • It’s what they want you to do in your essay!

Brainstorm Possible Answers:

  • List ideas in bullet form

  • Bubble map

  • Outline

  • Line clusters

  • Columns


Choose the Order of Your Response

  • After brainstorming, quickly choose the order in which you will discuss each idea of response.

  • Your cousin learned his lesson

  • The police took your cousin to jail

  • Your cousin got into trouble as a child

  • He was caught with drugs

  • The whole family was worried about him

    *Remember: ✔ your paper by reading it before you turn it in!

Don’t forget!!!!


HBIT = Hook, Background Info, Thesis

  • Hook (get reader’s attention)

  • Thesis (subject/opinion or claim, or what are you going to prove in your essay)


  • include details + transitions!

    CONCLUSION: Re-state thesis, summarize, end strong


    • Read the prompt- underline the important parts to address!

    • Your introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion paragraph should always relate back to the prompt.

    Hooks- What to do!

    If you’re doing an on-demand essay and you’re stuck on a hook:

    • Rephrase the prompt

    • Use a general beginning such as “Everyone has…” or “Imagine being…”

    • If you’re REALLY stuck, then use a question… but that’s only if you’re desperate!

    Sample A-B-C

    Attack the prompt:

    • Some activities are fun and more interesting than others. Some people like to play sports, others like to read, while others like to play an instrument.

      Think of an activity that you enjoy doing more than anything else. Discuss the three main reasons you enjoy this activity & provide examples and details to support each of your reasons.


    • Think: activity you enjoy doing more than anyone else

    • Discuss: 3 main reasons I enjoy this activity

    • Provide: examples and details to support each reason

    Okay, so now it’s your turn!

    • Try the A-B-C Strategy out with this prompt:

      Due to parent complaints, Santiago High School is considering a school uniform policy.  

      Write a persuasive essay to the principal explaining whether you feel a school uniform policy should be enforced at Santiago. Be sure to include details to support your claim, address counterarguments, and provide a call to action.

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